This is a game that has stood the test of Ages and is pretty much a household name, its mocked, its reference, its parodied its pop culture. At this point, lets be completely honest, but its a game that I thoroughly enjoy and one that I really want to share with you all because of boy. This game has such a history with me. I used to play this an awful lot when I was at University and college. I was raiding. I was in a raid guild at the time that was getting server firsts through burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King cataclysm and into early Pandaria. When I quit the game because of real life goings on now 12 years since I quit Ive jumped back into World of Warcraft, and I want to talk with you all today about whether or not I think its worth playing this game in 2023 with the brand New dragonflight expansion out now as well. This was the expansion that I thought you know what this one looks cool. Let me jump back in give it a try, download it by the way the download on Zimbabwean internet took me three freaking days to do, but we got there in the end. Now, ultimately, Ive been worried about World of Warcraft being a totally online game, with Zimbabwean internet being the way it was, but Ive had no problems at all and believe me, I have really been pushing the limits on that one.

So what is World of Warcraft then? For the uninitiated, World of Warcraft is an MMO RPG, massively multiplayer online role playing game and when I say its an MMORPG, I kind of mean its the MMORPG, its the one most people. Think of when you say those words or letters if youve shortened it. Essentially, you are going to create a character step into the mythical world of Azeroth and go on massive Adventures. Now a lot of of it can be played solo, but there are a lot of opportunities to group up with people, whether thats running through Dungeons and raids, and all these big experiences where a team of 5, 10 or 25 players team up in order to achieve Massive goals together or whether youre going to be going into Battlegrounds, whether those are the actual full scale battlefields or they are things like. The 3v3 Arenas player versus player, combat very much a thing in World of Warcraft. Of course, if you dont want to be going out there and getting social, there is still an absolute time to be doing solo as well, because of how the game works. Its actually really easy to run through old content. And if you missed something like I did. Its dead easy to go back and experience all of it now, if we jump onto my character screen here, ultimately, the way the game now works is that a character is created at level, one usually sometimes at level, 10 or 8, and then you level them up By progressing through quest lines and Dungeons and various different encounters, you gain experience, youll level up and eventually you hit Level 60.

That is the end game of the base version of World of Warcraft. If you were to just pick it up free download And subscribe, if you do want to go into dragonflight, however, that is an additional cost expansion. It increases the level cap to 70 and adds a whole load of new stuff, but well come to that bit later. I want to talk about the basics first today now considering that level 70 is the cap, have a look at the character creation screen here. My original blood elf warlock from back in burning Crusade, is my main again here. We have Celeste Soul binder because I was big on RP level. 70 warlock. I have my level 60 Paladin or level 60 Hunter level. 60 Demon Hunter level. 66 Hunter. Yes, I have two: I actually have three a level 60 Druid: 27 Shaman, 62 Rogue, 60 Mage, 31 Warrior 27 priest 61. I think um evoko, which is the new class added in dragonflight 60 Hunter theres, my third one: 53 Shaman 10 Paladin 25 warlock, one Rogue. Just as a name holder and a warlock there again, just as a name holder, ultimately that should give you an idea of how absolutely addicted to this game. I am, and Ive been going through and unlocking all of the different achievements. I am big on raiding. I like to get to the end game and go through all the big dungeons with a group of people, but equally Ive just been having fun going through 12 years of missed content, taking my Paladin through the shadowlands expansion.

Taking my Demon Hunter here through all of the Legion expansion, an entire expansion that I completely missed there um this new Warrior down here – is currently running through the Warlords of Draenor expansion, and this is super easy to do, and Im gon na kind of show you How because thats, what I want to talk about today and Im going to do it here on this new Paladin that I created today now, in addition to all of your basic starting races and class combos, as you go through the game, you will eventually unlock these Different Allied races and thats what this particular type of draenei is. This is a light. Forged draenei and Ive been working really hard out to go through and make sure that Im unlocking all of these Allied races and if you guys enjoy World of Warcraft content or heck. Even if you dont. I think this is what Im gon na push in certain places. I want to do videos showcasing how to unlock all of those different Allied races, because it is just so cool. There is so much going on just with that. All these different new race and class combos that didnt exist before new storyline experiences and so on, but what, if youve, never played World of Warcraft before well thats? Why Im running through Stormwind, to show you something why I say this is probably the best time to get into this game, because if youve never played before getting from Level 1 to 60, which sounds like a daunting task is actually really straightforward and simple.

Beyond that, its a lot of fun, you see nowadays not when I used to play you had the Original Classic wow experience, leveled 1 through 60, then burning Crusade was 58 to 70. Then uh. The Wrath of the Lich King expansion was 68 to 70. Sorry 68. To 80., then cataclysm came along and increased the level cap to 85, and so you had those five levels there Pandaria added another five and so on the top level got so far away. It was really hard creating a new character meant you had to go through. Three or four expansions worth of content to hit end game. Well, they changed that a long time ago. We now have this thing here, called chromies cool where you can go in and or chromey time, and you can go in and actually pick what storylines youd like. So were gon na hit onward to Adventure here and Im just gon na run through, because once youve created a character, you have a level one to ten experience, and even that is now super fast and super streamlined. Thanks to the dragonflight expansion, you dont need to have bought it to get that experience, Exiles, reach every new character goes level 1 to 10 in an area called Exiles reach, and it really helps teach you the ropes now here. If I were to have a look at chromie time here this just is this boggled my mind when I first saw it there is every single expansion so having hit Level 10? Where do you go next? The sky is literally the limit.

You decide where you want to go if I open the map and showcase this. This blew my mind when I had a look through like for me. I was a blood elf, so I started an Ever song Woods. You can see it says level, one to Thirty, then ghost lands is level one to Thirty, but then Eastern play glands, which was like level 60 at the time level, 50 to 60. When I last left the game, it says 15 to 30 right what about northrend? Well, when you started Rafa the Lich King, you went to either borean tundra or towling Fjord and those were level 68 to 80.. You needed level 68 to get there. Basically – and here you can see level 10 to 30, what the hells going on even ice Crown Citadel its less than level 30.. Why? Because the entire Perth, you know the entire purpose of this is that you can pick whichever timeline you want to go through pick a timeline. Do you want to go through the original cataclysm experience? Then your level 1 to 30 will be through those zones portal to Outland that will be going through the burning Crusade, storyline and that will take you up to level 30 fall of the Lich King will take you up to level 30 going through the wrath of A Lich King expansion, Mr pandario, is the worlds of pandoria. The iron horde is the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

Legion invasion is the legion expansion and Realms of death is shadowlands. You can pretty much pick any expansion and just jump into it, and there is a quest taken from next to the board in whichever City you start in. That takes you through to uh through to the battle for Azeroth expansion as well, and you can choose whichever way you want to go rather than having to go classic burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King cataclysm, Pandaria, dranor and work your way up area by area. Now you can just kind of go well, I want to create this new character and I think this will be really cool to go through northrend for the rapper Village, King stuff. I want to create a character. Thats altered. You know very themed around the authors, thing: thats, brilliant. You pick and choose what you want. There has been no better time in my opinion than now to jump into World of Warcraft and yes, it is free to download. You can go from Level 1 to 20. Completely free, you do not need a subscription, you can get as many characters you as you like up to level 20 and thats pretty cool as well, because if we were to go into create new character, you can see all of these down. Here are the horde. All of these here are the alliance races. You can pick any race you like, so you want to be a human, a dwarf, a night, elf, a gnome, a draenei, A worgen or a Pandaren, or on the horde size you can go orc.

You can go Undead, you can go touren, you can go troll blood, elf, Goblin or pandarum. All of those races are available right from the start for free, and you can see all of the different classes along the bottom here Warriors which are get up in your face. Wear plate armor and hit you with axes. Swords and maces might have a shield if they want to be a tank Hunters, armed with guns, bows or crossbows, and a Pet Companion theyre ranged. Usually, although survivals a little bit different Mage doesnt require any explanation. You can be frost, you can be fire or you can be Arcane Mages and which have slightly different play. Styles. Rogue is your stabby stabby get up behind them? Lots of combos youve got assassination Styles. Youve got subtlety, youve got the outlaw style, which I absolutely love, which is basically just a thug, and you beat people with guns and stuff. Then youve got priests, priests are usually healers holy or disciplined priests, and but there is a shadow priest as well. That is all about the damage, dealing and tormenting peoples, minds, warlocks, again, arranged casters and damage dealers. They summon pets as well like imps and void Walkers and all other kinds of monstrosities. We have paladins now Im going to need to change class to Showcase Paladin arent. I Paladin Are Holy Warriors of the light Shields, maces swords, um or big, two handers, depending whether you want to go tank, DPS or heal, which they can do all three.

We have Druids and weve Got ta Love. Juries droids are just awesome, they can shape shift. They are Defenders of the wild. They can be. The cat form that you see on here to go kind of like a rogue playstyle bear it if they want to tank moonkin if they want to go big on DPS and spells and theyve got a healing Star. As well shamans, again all about the power of nature, you can pick these guys and use totems to heal or deal damage to your opponents with lightning and fire and Earth monks are well. These are, strangely enough tanks, healers and DPS and theyre all about punching things in the face really hard and really fast and doing all kinds of combos. On top of that, there are the new demon might say new new to me, demon, Hunters trained by Illidan stormrage. Those are either going to be night, Elf or blood elf and theyre all about these cool War glaves. They get a lot of really interesting abilities. Death Knights, the guys who are first killed and raised, who have been broken free and got their own free, will a lot of fun if you like, two handers and raising the dead, and if you did want to Pander up for the uh, the expansion. Of course you can go for Avoca. Now Avoca is exclusive to the dragon class. Here the drag fear evoka is either a ranged, Caster or a Healer lots of different versatility there to go through.

So your level 1 to 20 experience. You can be trying out all these different races. All these different classes. You can be going through exiles, reach and seeing the storyline of that area and understanding the game, its a brilliant way for first timers. But then, if you decide afterwards, you want to create a blood elf, you can go through ever song woods and learn more about the blood elves in their history. If you want to go for a tauren, you can start in mulgor and learn about bear history. If you wan na, no, not if you want to go for an undead for The Forsaken, you can start in the terrorist full Glades and learn about why there are Undead in this game or different priests. Different, like you know, the the dwarves the trolls. Oh, I could wax lyrical about this all day, but the simple point is completely free level: 1 to 20. You can download it. You can try some characters, you can give it a go with different races. Different classes see what you think once you hit Level 20. Yes, your character stops gaining experience. You can still play the game, but you cant go any further. That character will not ex it will not level up and therefore will not be able to achieve higher tier content. There are a few other little niggles in there as well, that you cant receive mail, Etc, But ultimately level 120, completely free.

If you enjoy that its about 10 to 20 bucks 10 to 15 bucks a month for the full uh access to the game via a subscription, you can also now earn that in game. Blizzard sells these new items in the shop here called wow tokens, and I need to see whether I think theyre under Services. Nowadays, I cant remember where they are. Oh, I dont remember no, I dont remember theres somewhere in here game upgrades special offers. Services. Nope cant see him anyway, you can buy these things on the store, perhaps in the actual website, store called wow tokens and those are about 17 pound to buy. Then you can sell them on the auction house in game and players can buy that with real gold. That with gold that theyve earned in gameplay um and use that to purchase a subscription. So if this is kind of like Eve online, if you are good enough to be grinding and getting a load of gold, you can buy your game time using the in game. Gold, which I think is incredible – and I just love this kind of stuff when they do that it means if you are good enough, if youre dedicated enough, you can eventually make the game free to play. Of course, Im gon na recommend at first just kicking back enjoying the experience leveling up and having fun making some new friends, because my goodness Ive been back what a month at this point and Ive already joined three new guilds on different characters, one of which is A RAID Guild Ive been running raids, Ive been running, dungeons, Ive, been meeting new people and talking its a great way to get out there and meet some new folks and socialize.

I will, of course, be opening up new stuff on my on my Discord as well. So, if youre into World of Warcraft come join the Discord and join in the chat there Id love to have, you is World of Warcraft worth getting into in 2023. Well, yes! Yes, it really is because all of my old characters that were dropped to level 30 because of where they were in the story lines basically having finished Pandaria um yeah Ive got all of them up to 60, which was basically celes, um, Mahaya, hey to hokun, and A couple of others like Penryn, then Ive just gone and created a whole ton of new characters and Ive even deleted some of them, because I was like okay. This is cool, but wouldnt. It be more fun if, like I had a blood elf Mage, but I thought nah, you know what Im enjoying this one more lets delete that and so on. Oh, my goodness, even to the point that, because of how that scaling Works, look because you can hit level 60 and, of course, all the burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King Pandora, its that kind of stuff scales, title 30.. It means all those raids scale to level 30, so you can just run through old dungeons, kill everything in one hit find a load of really cool old gear. Really cool old mounts, try and smug. Your gear, like here Ive, just been running through sunwell, repeatedly on all of my Hunters, to get this outfit here, including the cool looking bow there on the sides.

Ive just been its been crazy, its been crazy and Im having so much fun with this, I would love to stream this. I need to figure out how to get a second monitor for my laptop, so I can do so and maybe have a camera and talk to you guys properly. So if anyones into that kind of stuff and fantasy is hitting me up and telling me how you do that, please do let me know itd be a lot of fun to question with some of you guys. I am on European Realms, which I know is gon na, be a problem for some of you, Americans, um Im, also on Argent Dawn, which is one of the older servers, and I think it does still show full, but you can still create new characters on it. Just fine come join me come join me please. I would love to be questioning with some of you guys. Add me on Battle now Ill put the link in the description down below you can join me on Hearthstone join me on World of Warcraft and well have a whale of a time together. Let me know what kind of content you would like to see. First, things coming, I reckon were going to be having a look at talking about how to unlock the different Allied races like the volpera, the zandalari, the mag Harbor High Mountain, and I do know how to get the nightborne. I just havent finished it yet same with the void: elves, the the lightford shranai darkhine dwarfs cold, tyrans and mechanomes.

Again, I do have most of these. These ones are nearly done as well, its just finishing off those last few quests to get that to get them out of the door, so to speak, maybe some guides on getting started with the individual classes. As you can see, I have every single class, except for monk, most of which are at high to max level. I know most of the classes pretty much inside out, not you know to proper end game stuff, but enough to get you started. Give you an idea of what to expect and how to get going with it.