This seat is three whats going on average Tech guy here and today we are back more Tech, more reviews and right here in front of us today we got a brand new case now. This case is vying for favorite case of the Year. Already now before you tell me, I love Zulu so much. I do love the zuku case, but every year I try to find another case that is rival to the zoo and this one may be in the running. So lets talk about it, Music, all right. So we got a brand new case here. This one is from the company Tom talk. This is the Tom talk, try case now before you say this is this: is a brand new one theyve done a try case before this is a brand new one. Just came out on the market now actually has two separate pieces right here we got the inner or Im sorry, three separate pieces. You got the inner the back and you got the pencil part right here. So lets go ahead and put this bad boy together, because when you get it out of the box its already together, I just took it apart because Ive been using it for a couple of days, so I can tell you guys about it. So this portion right here is a magnetic backing on the back of it. You do get the tomtot logo right here at the bottom, so what were going to do is drop that on just like, so now this adds a back to your device.

I like it. I, like that, a lot magnetic it protects the camera, so no issues there now now lets finish. Putting this thing together so were just going to take this camera portion and drop it down on the back of that part. Just like so and were going to close it and watch for the auto sleep. Wake there we go. Auto sleep weight is on deck one of the first things we always look for, because you want to make sure that your device is auto sleep, weight, ready, and this one is check now for the final and last piece, this is a pencil holder. Remember this whole case is super magnetic everywhere you look around so if you turn it up like that, it magnetically attaches and just like. So so you have pencil protection on here and then you notice, you do have some little Groove patterns on the front of it. As well, so we always we like Groove patterns, because they have little secrets so lets just go ahead and talk about the little secrets that the groove patterns on this one has so first things. First, this thing has three standing angles. Now we already know we got really good camera protection on the back thats. First and foremost, all of our buttons are already exposed and all of our cutouts for our speaker, grilles and our charging port. All that stuff is wide open, so youre not worried about that. We are worried about standing angles, so if you take this thing and you fold it over, you get your first mode, which is going to be a landscape mode.

So if we can unhinge it, it goes up and it goes right down in that first Groove landscape mode, and you can come up up and up so this is mainly for entertainment. Things like that, just watching a movie watching YouTube, maybe watch a little bit of me. You know whatever you feel like doing now. Lets talk about second mode. Second mode on this thing is going to be a real portrait mode, so what youre gon na do is youre gon na stand it up just like so, and the magnet is really strong and youre going to fold this flap back right down behind it and then Youre gon na take this piece and magnetically attach it, and it stands up just like so now. This is going to give you another entertainment mode. Just like that, you unlock your iPad, you do what you need to do. You can scroll on it. You can draw on it, you can do whatever you need to do pretty much and then in lets talk about the third and final mode, which is going to be your sketch mode. Now you want to put it in sketch mode. Basically, all youre going to do is let it all the way back out once you get it lit all the way out, youre going to fold it over on itself, and now this is where the little grooves and stuff play into this groove in the back flap Down here, what youre going to do is youre going to take this flap, bring it up to match that Groove lay it down turn it around, and you got your sketch mode now in sketch mode.

You can bear down on this as hard as you need to. If youre, drawing, if youre doodling, if youre sketching – and this is just a little sketch that I was doing earlier but um if youre sketching or doing anything, you can change it, rearrange it bear down on it and with the apple pencil, you know you got pressure, Sensitivity built in so you are good to Bear down as hard as you need to whatever you want to do, and then this is an official apple pencil. The skin is a dbrand scan. I do not have an official link to it, but it came from dbrand. If you got a question about it, I will see if I can find it and see if they still have it and drop a link below and the tip. I know this you, I know you can see that this has a clear tip on my apple pencil on this apple pencil. It is a switch easy paper like tip, so the tip you dont even have to have a paper like screen. The tip makes it feel like you are writing on paper, so this is a little combo that I got and a lot of people always have questions about it, but the three different modes. You got the landscape mode, you got the portrait mode and then you got the sketch mode. You have a really nice protective case made out of a leather like material but its, not officially leather um.

You do have a magnetic piece in the back and the cool thing about that. Magnetic piece is, you can actually take it out of this case and take it with you and its going to protect the back of your iPad as well. Also for those who are wondering Im going to go ahead and put it out there, if you have a magnetic stand from like the company Banks, the one that I showed you, the one that is being dropped right in the video somewhere right now, you can take Advantage of that Batman on there and you can latch it onto the back of that as well, so it will hit your ride on those magnetic stands. So just keep that in mind so quickly becoming one of my favorite cases. I know the years just in, but I do have a few cases already that have been sent out and this is quickly becoming one of my favorites now. The good thing about this magnetic flap behind here is: it will stick on itself, so you dont have to worry about it. Flapping around it will stick on itself or you can just take the whole thing off like Ill be doing, and it does slap onto the back of the iPad, its not really really truly magnetic back there. But it will stick and stay out of the way for a little while so thats pretty much it uh. This comes in two colors right now you can get like an off white color and you can get this black color, but go by and check it out Ill, be sure and drop a link below.