The 14 inch version here in the office to unbox and the reason we wanted to get our hands on this particular device is because a lot of times we’re, seeing it drop into a sub 200 price category, it’s, regularly 289 and i wouldn’t say to go, spend That kind of money on it, i wouldn’t think at least it’s powered by the same mediatek mt 8183 that powers the lenovo chromebook duet. But when chromebooks dive down below 200 bucks, it gets really intriguing to see if what’s in the box is actually worth. That kind of money – and so we had to find out so let’s check it out Music, but before we jump in the box, a big shout out to mediatek for helping make our on the run to 200k giveaway possible. In case you’re not aware, we are on the way to 200 000 subscribers here on the youtube channel and as a part of the celebration of that milestone, we have partnered with media tech to give away a bunch of cool stuff along the way. That’S all powered by mediatek and so there’s all kinds of different prizes. If you’re interested in getting entered to win some of that stuff go down hit the link in the description and you can get entered to win all right so without any further ado. Let’S just pop in this box and again this is not a real fancy chromebook that we’re looking at here, i want to say we caught it on sale for 160 bucks or something like that, which again is like 120 off its retail, and so that was again What caused us to to jump in and just see what it’s about, because again, when you get to that kind of price range, i mean that that’s really really intriguing chromebook areas there, because a lot of people are just looking for a quick chromebook um.

They don’t want to spend a ton of money and when we can find decent chromebook experiences for this kind of money, it’s a it’s, always a win win, no surprise here, usb type c charging, brick that’s a two piecer. I get nothing out of the ordinary here and i don’t really expect any crazy uh extravagant things to go on here. This is likely going to be an all plastic, build all that kind of stuff again we’re talking about the mediatek mt8183 processor in here. So same thing: that’s in the lenovo chromebook duet and honestly, this processor is getting on and age just a little bit and we’re expecting some really awesome processors to come from mediatek uh by the end of this year. So the 8192 and 8195 processors should both be really awesome, we’re tracking the 8192 to be better than the snapdragon 7c that’s currently available in a handful of chromebooks, and then the 8195 is going to be way better than both of those chips. So we’re excited for those and i’m excited to continue seeing arm based chromebooks and mediatek based chromebooks hit the market it’s just this chip’s getting on in age and at roughly 10 000 on octane it’s uh it’s not blowing the doors off for anybody. One design flourish, though right on the top, is really cool. Hopefully you can kind of catch that on camera and it’s actually textured here uh. This is all plastic. I can tell just from picking it up, but yeah there’s a nice little texture here, not really going to do anything but it’s, just a cool little design perk around the bottom again, a nondescript kind of plastic bottom here we’ve got a usb type c, usb type.

A headphone microphone jack and an sd card slot around the other side. Nothing uh, kensington, lock over there, so a little bit minimalistic when it comes to ports here so again, not really surprising, oop there’s a different piece of paper. So what is this that’s? The keyboard cover um lenovo services and check that out. Thank you for your purchase. You’Re going to love this 15 off your first services order, not really sure what that is um. I don’t know if they’re expecting you’re gon na have a service order or something so uh. But hopefully this means that if you, if you call up lenovo or there’s, actually like a a scan bar down here, uh, if you can see that there too i’m, not seeing that so support. Hopefully they have some support, ready, lenovo’s, a really big company uh. A lot of these companies don’t tend to have proper chromebook support when you call them, they don’t really know what to tell you when you start asking things about chromebooks. So hopefully the fact that they’re, including this means that they’ve got some stuff in place and they’re, ready to kind of help you out so a couple quick things here: i’m going to just power the screen off for right now. That is interesting. The color is really cool it’s, a very nice looking color, not just adorned in crazy amounts of stickers, which i always appreciate. I would assume i know the the energy star ones peel right off.

I would assume that one comes off pretty easily as well, but it’s a good looking chromebook. We have the upward firing speakers and i noticed as soon as i open this up you’ve actually got the sliding uh camera cover up here. So we’re talking a sub 200 chromebook. I know it’s, not retail, sub 200, but we got it for less than 200 bucks and you’ve got a camera a slide cover here. This just needs to be included on all chromebooks from this point forward. This is obviously not some crazy feature. This is very simple and i’d like to see this on just about every chromebook moving forward. We do know that this is a tn panel. Again it just comes with the territory 14 inches. It is 1080p, though so you’re getting a little bit better resolution than you see in some lower end chromebooks. It is not a touch panel, but it looks like it’s a little bit of an anti glare we’ll turn it on here in just a few minutes, but i would expect something in the 250 nit range and hopefully the viewing angles. Aren’T, just abysmal um tn panels tend to have bad viewing angles, so hopefully they’re not awful uh upward firing speakers so we’ll we’ll turn those on in a second test them out and then let’s uh give this keyboard a feel. Yeah lenovo’s been making really good. Keyboards of late and uh that one feels pretty good i’d like a little more travel.

Um could be a little yeah, just a little more travel. The click is really nice and it’s quiet, so you know decent keyboard again. We have to always think of these things. In in relation to how much the thing costs, because, ultimately, if if the device is super expensive, then i expect a really really nice keyboard. If it’s not expensive, i don’t expect a very good keyboard so to have a decent keyboard on a cheaper device. That’S kind of a win onto the trackpad let’s give it a feel, obviously not glass, but a decent click. It’S a little bit flimsy a little bit wobbly again. It kind of comes with the territory here of an all plastic chassis um. But you know not a ton of flex in the center of the keyboard um. So again the build just kind of feels good um, it’s sturdy, not a whole lot of creaking going on let’s. Give it a little give a little bit of a bend test here. Not too bad, not too bad, so again, like plastic, keyboards or plastic chromebooks. I’M. Sorry, a lot of times just when they’re all plastic there’s no metal to help support it, especially when it’s closed, can get real, flimsy, real, quick, so yeah that’s decently, put together all right, so we cut away and got logged in, and i can tell you after Doing that just spending the couple minutes it took to log into the device uh the tn panel here the screen here is actually not that bad.

So if you pull it back – and i kind of get this thing on angle with the camera – you can kind of see it didn’t take me forever to adjust it perfectly and even as i move it a little bit here and there you’re not going to completely Lose all the colors and that’s the problem with really cheap tn panels is that you almost have to have it just perfect to get the kind of viewing angle that will actually work. This one you’ve got some room to move it around it’s, not an ips screen. It’S not great but it’s workable, and even once you get it kind of on plane with your eyes. If you turn it to the left and the right you’re not going to completely lose colors either so again, it’s, not nearly as wide of a viewing angle. As an ips screen would be, but you know it’s not too shabby so that’s kind of a win again in a sub 200 chromebook. You got to take the wins where you can find them so i’m, going to crank on some music real quick. Let me see if i can find actually i’m going to go to one of our videos just to just to make sure, but i can tell you just in spending a couple minutes and logging in and doing the basic stuff to get going here. You know don’t expect wildly fast performance here. This is still again it’s the same chip that’s in the lenovo chromebook duet.

It didn’t get faster, it didn’t change it didn’t do anything different it’s, the same chip, and so you got to remember that you’ve got to expect that same kind of performance from this device that you’re going to get on it it’s still a 1080p screen it’s still 4 gigs of ram 64 gigs of internal storage, so a lot of the specs are the same it’s going to perform a lot the same ways now. That being said, even though i know it’s a slower chromebook going through the setup stuff and get everything up and running it, wasn’t terrible it’s, not like it’s an awful awful chip and if you’re going to run a couple android games, those are going to run pretty Nicely on here so let’s uh let’s get some audio going, have an android tv, something like a shield tv or something like that. That’S pretty good! This app works, we’ve tried it we’ve tested um. Let me get back to the intro music here jump in see how it works and hopefully it’s a great real thing. Today’S video is brought to you yeah and so thin, not real loud, so don’t. Let the upward firing! Speakers fool you they’re not going to blow you away, there’s, obviously, no back lighting on the keyboard here and the very standard kind of old school chromebook keyboard layout. So all in all, this is a halfway decent machine, especially again, considering that we got it for 160 bucks.

Now, if it’s not on sale, i would say i don’t know that i would go run out and grab this particular device there’s a lot of stuff. You can get for close to 300 bucks, that’s, probably going to be a little better. A little faster, maybe have a better screen. I mean heck, even the lenovo chromebook duet, with its fantastic screen. Yes, it’s a bit smaller, but you get a tablet. Convertible usi touch input all that kind of stuff. So uh you got to think about it if it’s the msrp we’re talking about here, but if we’re talking sub 200 bucks 160 170. This could be a nice little workstation for home for a student, something like that and i think again at that price range it could make for a decent chromebook experience, but guys that’s it for this one.