That was the honor magic book. That laptop was incredible. It has a slew of specs that is relatively powerful for its unbelievably low price of just 2299 ringgit, and the reason why we’re talking about that laptop today is because this is the new honor magicbook x15. That is also starting at the price of 2200 ringgit. So what’s new with the honor magicbook x15, and do i actually recommend it well let’s talk about it in this video here today when we first unboxed the honor magic book x15, we were greeted with a minimalist looking laptop, i would say it’s gunmetal grey in color And it looks beautiful just like its predecessor, the honor magic book from a year ago. It is also thin and lightweight, which is definitely appreciated. Now. Opening up the lid, though, reveals a 15.6 inch ips lcd screen running at 1080p in resolution and it’s pretty standard for a laptop screen. I would say the screen itself looks fine and i did want to take out our calorimeter to test its color accuracy, but i decided not to because this laptop isn’t going to be powerful enough to run production work. And i did notice that the screen is a little bit washed out and the yellows are a bit too intense, but it’s very minor, and i have trained eyes that looked at many other monitors, so i can spot that right away. However, there are a few minor changes that i need to highlight.

The screen bezels here are thinner on all sides, but the webcam is now on the keyboard instead and i personally just don’t like this webcam placement overall it’s the worst place for a webcam, and i have no idea why owner decided to use this webcam placement. The only thing that you can see properly with this webcam, though, is my huge nostrils. The hinge has also changed and it cannot go down to 180 degrees flat anymore, which was possible with the original honor magic bulb again from a year ago. As for the keyboard, i think honor did change the keyboards keycaps from a rather smooth surface to a rather roughier texture. I would say: it’s not gon na bother me that much, but the typing experience on this keyboard is decent. I would say, even though the travel distance is quite short, the trackpad is also decent, and i generally have no complaints about the trackpad at all. It tracks. Well enough and the gestures also work as expected since it’s using the windows, precision, touchpad drivers and yeah the pump rejection is also considered decent compared to many other laptops in the market. Right now now, one big difference, though, compared to the original magic book, is the speaker placement. They are now bottom firing, instead of top firing, which was located at the side of the keyboard. Well, i would say it sounds decent on the table, but it does not sound good if i’m gon na use this laptop on my lap, while i’m sitting on a couch or a sofa or my bed, those kind of situations, what’s identical as last year’s magic book, Though is actually the ports for this laptop on the left, we have a usb type c port for charging, a usb, 3 type, a and then another hdmi port.

As for the right side, we have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then yet another usb 3 type. A port and once again, i’m complaining that they should be two usb type cs, one for the left side, one for the right side, so i can plug in the charger on either side. That’Ll make cable management much easier and also. I still think that the selection of ports is adequate enough for day to day use so yeah it’s, quite good, okay, so the specs before we talk about the specs. I got ta highlight again that we worded this video in a very specific way. We said that the new honor magic book x15 is starting at the price of 2299 ringgit and the earlier part of this video. We highlighted the word starting at because this laptop comes in two different variants: for the price of 2299. Ringgit you’ll be getting the version with the intel core: i3. 10. 110. U, with 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of ssd, whereas this version that we have here comes with an intel core: i5 10 210u with 8 gigs of ram with 512 gigs of nvme ssd, and its price, though, is at 2899 ringgit, and we also won’t Talk much about its performance because let’s face it either you’re using the core i3 version or the core i5 version of this laptop. It won’t make that much of a difference. If you’re just going to go on facebook attend some video calls ultra netflix do some office work check some emails all of those stuff.

The intel core i5 only shines when you are doing some let’s just say huge. Excel sheet calculations and you’re gon na need a lot more processing power compared to the core i3. With all of that said, both variants of this laptop are still very low. In price, though, i don’t think that the huge price gap between the two variants is justified, and i think this laptop because it’s using the tangent intel core processors instead of the 11 gen processors. It really won’t make much of a difference at all, because you can’t run games on the tangent comet, like processors and as a quick mention. The honor magic box. X15 here comes with a 42 watt hour battery which lasts for about four to five hours. In our usual usage with heavy chrome browsing, some somebody find some youtube mixed in it’s decent, but the battery has shrunken down because last year’s honor magic book had a 53.6 watt hour battery, and we know this because we opened up the laptop to check last time. Okay, so, throughout our review of this honor magibook x15, i think it’s safe to say that honor cut a lot of costs in making this laptop happen. I’M. Okay, with most of the cost cutting but hey, the laptop has a large area that is unused and that slot fits in a 2.5 inch hard disk perfectly, but for some reason, it’s not utilized there’s, no mounting hardware or any pins available on the motherboard to utilize.

This extra space and owner could have just used a bigger battery to fill in the gap, but they didn’t, but with all of those said, though, we are back to the original question at the top of this video. Do i recommend this laptop i’ll still say? Yes, while it’s not that good of a deal compared to last year’s order magic box, i would still say that it’s one of the best budget laptops that you can buy right now, let’s just face it. We do need laptops to work from home study from home. All of those stuff, so this honor magic box x15, is perfect for those use case and that’s it that’s all. We have to share with you about the honor magicbook x15.