I mean it wasnt that long ago, when we had like the Nintendo 3DS, but you know the Nintendo switch took that route of handheld gaming and it seemed like something that would be lost due to uh. You know, like cell phones, Mobile gaming, a lot of people play games on their phones, so it seemed like Sony and all these other companies were kind of like bowing out of the Standalone, handheld consoles right and then you know we got stuff like the steam deck And other companies uh out of China, making the handhelds theres tons of them out there right, but like big name stuff, the valve steam deck is definitely huge and a lot of people have been digging this thing myself as well. I mean I love this, damn handheld. So you know its a its a PC in handheld form and they actually have bumped up their uh production by quite a bit like if you reserve one now boom. It says, between September to December that theyll have your order available, thats nuts man, its still September right now so like within weeks. You may be able to grab one of these and I think its a decent deal. But yeah I mean sweet stuff. You know a lot of a lot of cool things going on and not too long ago. This thing had leaked and I didnt really talk about it. I think I may have mentioned it in a live stream, but I was trying to keep my eyes on this thing as it looked interesting, but with stuff like the steam deck I was like man.

The pricing on this is going to have to be extremely competitive. So what is this thing? Well, Xbox, here, theyre telling you hey, you could play Halo, infinite death, Loop and more with Xbox cloud gaming on the Logitech gcloud handheld. Is it Logitech or Logitech? I hear uh, you know different ways, but yeah the Logitech G Cloud. So yeah its a new handheld, so this is cloud based, so youre mostly going to be streaming your games, but I would imagine, after looking at the specs, if people are interested in emulating games, I think this things going to be able to handle. You know GameCube up there like GameCube and Wii. You know somewhere around there fairly. Well, it doesnt have the most powerful chip chip set chip chipset, but it should be capable with a lot of emulation if you want to use it for that. But this thing is designed for cloud based gaming uh with like Nvidia now Xbox cloud and it launches on October 17th, thats right around the corner less than a month away, and the price is kind of weird what they got going on right now, but yeah Xbox Is promoting it hey? You could play sea of Thieves all this other stuff. You got to pay for the uh, the the services, though you know what I mean, Xbox cloud gaming beta with your uh. What you call it Game Pass Xbox game pass which Ive used it on my phone to test it out and the you know xcloud whatever Xbox cloud gaming.

It works out right its fine, but look at the price here. Normally 350 dollars, you buy it from the Xbox store for 2.99, which is not just the deal through Xbox anywhere. You go right now, its 300, its like its a special deal, pre, ordered it pre order this ish now and you save 50 bucks, but Im just like holy crap 350 dollars like what are the specs right. What do we got going on here? 350 bucks, but its on sale for three. What makes me want this over a steam deck now I could see a few reasons. People may pick this over a steam Deck with the steam deck. You have to have a steam Library. You have to have all those games purchased right If Youre Gon na Play that you can still cloud game and all that kind of stuff I mean its a PC, you could you could jump on Plenty of things on there right, but I could see this being Interesting to some people who have fully embraced the cloud life and they dont have like a powerful PC that they can, you know, play their games off of and they havent really invested in buying PC games, but maybe they have an Xbox. Maybe they use Nvidia GeForce. Now um Im sure, like stadio, will probably work on this thing, so theres going to be tons of that you could stream on here right, but okay lets move on to um the actual Logitech website.

As you see, um 300 as well or four interest free payments of 74.99 with karna specs wise here we go length dude, they got a freaking typo. Is this the official Logitech website holy crap? They got a typo right. There Link Link 10.11 inches with 4.61 inches height 1.3 inches so that thats like the thickness thats how thick she is right. So we got a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720g octa core CPU up to 2.3 gigahertz used in a lot of them, its always kind of tough Im. Not a big phone person like I have a pixel 6A, and this cost way more than like Im comfortable spending on phones, but it was a budget phone. You know like for what what was this? Like 450, like for a phone, some people spend like 1200. You know fifteen hundred dollars on a phone, but me this. This was difficult because when I look at like 450 thats like a Xbox, a PlayStation, its more than a Nintendo switch, but I kind of need a phone you know, but um, but its its. You know when you look at these these uh processors. You know at some points theyre like big, like theyre, big time, processors and theyre great for the time, and then they get kind of over. You know, period of time they get you know delegated to the budget. Phones, because new hotter, more powerful stuff is out – and it seems like same thing with that that 720g, when I looked into it a lot of uh budget phones right now, are using it and its fine.

But youre gon na be like using this for cloud gaming, but if youre looking at it to run certain applications, as this is an Android tablet, essentially its an Android system for 300 freaking dollars its like buying an Amazon Fire tablet for way more than than what You should but its got the controller built in so you know whatever right, but yeah, IPS LCD, 450 nits, brightness, uh, seven inch, diagonal, screen, 60 hertz, refresh rate and multi touch. You know, enabled okay, 16, 9 aspect ratio. What else do we got here? Stereo speakers um high voltage, smart. I dont know what these notifications keep popping off. I hope its not recording them. I dont know what all that is its interrupting. My video freaking, a but okay. You got auxiliary Jack, Bluetooth, 5.1 adaptive support USBC. I thought I read somewhere that you do okay yeah, you do have TF card support, so I believe there is like a Micro SD card slot um and what the hell are these like, what is that are those like dual micro SD card slots or those like Ventilation or speaker grills, I I dont freaking, know L2 L1. This thing is coming out like right around the corner: man um its also available on uh on uh Amazon right now, which is where I pre ordered it. Yes, I pre ordered the damn thing because Im a fool but its for Content. You know what I mean its business purposes.

You got to spend money to make money all right, so I did pre order. One um well see how that works out. 300 freaking dollars. Dude uh well be cloud gaming, but hopefully uh emulating as well. I think it said Android 11, but like Android 13 is out so I dont know. Maybe they can update this, but there you go. Let me know what you think. Am I a full for buying yeah its for Content, its business related if it was my everyday life and I wasnt producing gaming content and reviews? I wouldnt buy this because I have the steam deck and I love it. I have a Nintendo switch and I love it, but I find this interesting um. I have a feeling deep down within my innards, that this is not going to be successful and as its coming out October 18th, I thought it was 17th, but whatever its coming out mid october, um Im having a feeling this shits gon na be like clearanced out. Like after Christmas, youre gon na be seeing this thing, like 150 bucks, I I bet Im willing to bet, and at that point I would think like 150 would like this would be a bargain right here. People would be flocking to this thing at 150, maybe even pushing to 200, because when youre at 200, its still like its not 300 199.99 sounds a lot more enticing than 300 bucks. But I think that sweet spot like a hundred dollars would have been great, but who are we kidding that wouldnt have happened but like the 150 to 200? I think this would have been a home run for for Logitech, but at 300 350 ah well, see.

But well be testing it out appreciate you guys, bye.