3 inch, android 11 tablet from chewy known as the ipad air, so this ones coming in at 179 dollars. Weve got that 10.3 inch. Ips display and 8 core 2 gigahertz, cpu and 4 gigabytes of ram the body on this is constructed of aluminum and its coming in at seven millimeters thin im going to go ahead and boot. This up and ive also got the keyboard attachment its a keyboard. Folio case for this, and unfortunately the keyboard itself only connects to the device over bluetooth, but it magnetically attaches to the tablet itself and it should get the job done. I wish it had a trackpad built in, but, unfortunately its just basically a folio case with that bluetooth keyboard attached to it. The tablet just attaches to the back half of this, and since we have that folding case itll protect the screen. While we carry it around and as you can see, it sits upright just like this now, along with the tablet, youre also going to get your charger, which is only 5 volt, 2.5 amp and a usb type c cable. So the screen on this is a 10.3 inch ips and theyre, claiming its dcp3 theres, a rear, 5 megapixel camera and a front facing 5 megapixel camera. But, as a lot of you already know, you dont buy a tablet for the cameras. I do like the fact that its constructed of aluminum and down here we have our usb type c charging port plus dual stereo speaker spell 10.

weve got a volume rocker over here on this side on the top. We have our power button and unfortunately there is no headphone jack on this tablet, but we do have a micro sd card slot which will support up to a 128 gigabyte card. As for the specs on the new chuwi hi pad air for the cpu, we have the unisoc tiger t618. This is an eight core arm. Cpu. We have two a76 cores running at two gigahertz and six a55 cores running at two gigahertz. The gpu is the mali g52 up to 850 megahertz. We get four gigabytes of lp ddr4, a 10.3 inch ips at 1920×1200, 128 gigabytes of onboard storage, ac wi, fi, bluetooth, 5.0 and the whole units running android 11. and as for the version of android, this tablets running its actually super clean. The only thing that was installed here were google apps and we do have access to google play, as you can see here, no problem getting online with that ac wi fi im connected to my five gigahertz network, but there is one thing that this has a lot In common with other, cheaper android tablets and thats, no widevine support now, if i head over here to netflix youll, see that our widevine level is level three, which is basically the lowest level we can go, were only going to get standard definition, content from our favorite Streaming apps like netflix, hulu, hbo, go and unfortunately thats just the way it is with tablets like this, when i initially booted this up and checked the widevine level, with a specific app from google play, i got excited because its stating that its level, one which would Allow us to do hd content, but unfortunately, this app is not displaying the correct widevine level.

If you go into netflix youll see youll only have standard definition. Now this doesnt mean we cant do hd content from youtube or your own videos. If you want to load them up on the internal storage or an sd card, you can play them at 1080p all day long. It just means that we cant get hd from netflix, hulu and hbo go and, as you can see here i mean it does 1080p youtube videos really really well. We definitely have more than enough power. I also wanted to run some benchmarks. So first up we have geekbench 5 coming in with a single core of 388 multi 1379 moving over to a gpu benchmark. This is 3dmark wildlife with a 725 and finally antutu with a 193 487.. Taking a look at these scores, its definitely not a high end device, but this is falling right in line with these 150 to 200 tablets that are on the market right now, now its time to test out a few native android games and first up, we have Asphalt 9. im actually really surprised at how well this is performing on these chips in the past, ive had pretty bad performance, especially in a race like this, with a lot of stuff going on, but, as you can see here i mean this is running really really Good, we have call of duty mobile and, with this im, using an xbox one controller connected over bluetooth where at low settings its running very well, and i expected it to ive tested the tiger t618 and other devices and ive never had an issue with call of Duty mobile so lets take it up just a bit to a harder to run native android games.

Applause thats going to be ginger impact with this one. Here i am set to 60 fps but im on the lowest settings. If you want to go to medium low mix at 30, its going to run great but running it at 60fps does take a toll on these lower end devices, and you will have to drop it down the low, but it will run as you can see here. I also wanted to test out some game streaming, since we have that ac wi fi built in as long as you have a decent network connection, something like xcloud or game pass game streaming, whatever theyre calling it nowadays. I think xbox game streaming does work pretty well. I still get some sound issues and i think that really comes down to my home network Music. Now its time to check out some emulation and first up, we have n64 conkers bad fur day im using the standalone version of move. Pin 64 fz from the google play store and im upscaled to 800×600 im, pretty sure youd be able to go a bit higher with this, but n64 does work well on these chips. Heres some dreamcast using the redream emulator at 1280×960 on the t618 havent, had any issues with this one either i mean dreamcast works amazingly on this device, Music and finally, for the emulation testing. Here we have psp using the standalone version of ppsspp tekken 6 2x resolution. Both and back in and with this one i could probably go up to 3x, but i just left it at 2, because the next game is a bit harder to emulate, but it does work pretty decently on this device chains of olympus 2x vulcan back in running Great recently, weve been seeing a lot of devices come to the market powered by this unisock t618 and for a budget device.

I think its a great little option. You know well probably see more of these devices with the t618 until something better comes along that they can afford to put in these lower cost tablets – and i mean theres just a lot of these tablets on the market with this right now, and the choices are Basically endless, but what i do like about this, but what i do like about this tablet is weve got a 7000 milliamp hour battery. We can get up to eight hours of battery life out of this, its only seven millimeters thin and its fully constructed of metal. As performance goes really, doesnt have any advantage over the other ones that have been released with that t618. So you really got to start looking at the design and the price at 180. It might be worth it to some people to pick this up and, if youre one of those people, i will leave a link in the description, but thats gon na wrap it up for this one. I really appreciate you watching.