This is known as the game stick light and i’m guessing. They also offer a pro model, but i haven’t seen it for sale and basically, what we have here is a plug and play emulation console that comes with two wireless controllers and they claim there’s 3555 games on this thing. If you take a look at the amazon listing, they state that this does support dreamcast, psp and 64., but unfortunately, on the box itself. It says nothing about those consoles and there’s no games preloaded for any of those mentioned consoles. What we have here, some maim snes sega genesis, playstation 1 game boy, gameboy advanced and atari and i’m sure that listing will get a lot of people interested in this, but unfortunately it’s just not going to support those higher end systems. This comes in at around 55. On amazon and inside of the box, we get the game stick itself, which is basically a little hdmi dongle over. Here we have one usb port micro usb and an sd card slot. We also get two inexpensive, 2.4 gigahertz wireless controllers. These are like ps3 clone controllers. I’Ve used these in the past on other systems and they’re, really not that bad. If you’re looking for something super cheap for around 15 for both of these controllers – and you need something for let’s, say your raspberry pi running retropie and you don’t want to break the bank. These do work out really well, but just note they’re not high end controllers.

They’Ll get you by in a pinch, and they do run on two aaa batteries under here. I believe we have some more stuff, like the user manual. One side is in english. One side is in chinese. We also have a micro, usb cable for powering the stick itself. You just need five volts one amp. For this thing, we also have an hdmi extension and our micro sd card, which has all of our games. This is a 32 gigabyte card and, like i mentioned, they claim there’s 3555 games. So, as you can see on one side, we just have that full size hdmi out. We have a micro sd card slot over here on this side and, on the very end, a single usb, 2.0 port and micro usb there’s, not much information online about this so i’m, not exactly sure about the internal specs, but on the box itself it says we Have 256 megabytes of ram and the cpu is a gb2 which i’ve actually seen before and cheaper handhelds that you can pick up on ebay and amazon, so it’s not going to be a high end machine by any means. Let’S go ahead and get this thing started up. I got that micro sd card inserted and the dongle for the controllers go ahead and plug this power in and i’m just powering from one of the usb ports on the monitor i’m. Using here put some batteries in this looks like it automatically detected it.

This actually booted up way quicker than i thought it would, but yeah i’ve definitely seen this kind of interface in the cheaper handhelds that you can pick up on ebay and amazon. It does say 4k, but this is outputting n720p i’m. Pretty sure of it might be 1080, but i’m leaning towards 720. there’s, not much here in the settings. We can change the language. We can change the key tone setting. We can completely remove it if we want to. We can reset the unit and that’s about it. There’S no, like performance settings in here whatsoever, let’s see how many games are on here, not quite 3555, but it’s close enough i’m going to give them that we can choose from maim, famicom game boy, game, boy, advance, game boy, color, mega drive, super famicom, ps1 and Atari there’s no n64, psp or dreamcast whatsoever on this device. We also have a history section. So if you play a game and you want to go back to it, it’s going to be listed here – we can also search – and i want to see how this works, because sometimes it’s just here and it doesn’t work but uh type in the send looks like You found all the sonic games on the console, so they have tried to make it a little easier to navigate this whole interface but uh. You know what i’m really worried about is performance, so let’s go ahead and get right into it.

We’Ll, go with king of fighters, 99 get a little bit of a loading screen and uh yeah. Hopefully this does load in the past on these lower end systems. I have noticed that it does take a lot longer to load arcade games, specifically neo geo and but i’m really hoping this isn’t stuck here. Okay, there we go. I was getting a little worried there, but uh yeah. It looks like it takes a while to load these arcade games up before we jump right into some gameplay. I did want to mention that with each of these emulators or any game, you’re running just press start and select and it’ll bring you to the main menu. We can resume restart, save slot i’m, not sure how many they have here, but uh looks like we definitely have more than ten save state load state. You can also map the controls differently or turn on your analog. Stick if you want to so. There are a couple settings here, but nothing to do with performance. It doesn’t look like they’re using much smoothing if any at all. We still see that pixelation, which is something i love. Some of these consoles come preset with the smoothing on and you just can’t turn it off, and it does look horrible with these older games. I really do want to see those pixels, but it looks like we’re getting decent performance here out of neo geo. I know that there will be some arcade games that are harder to run than this, but for the most part i think they’ve kind of gone through and pick and chose what they were going to put on this sd card.

So we should get decent performance out of all of the arcade stuff that’s on here, let’s test, one more here’s, marvel’s super heroes and performance is pretty decent. Now, there’s no way to go in and change this to 4×3 we’re going to be stuck at 16×9, with basically all of these games. So if you don’t like stretched out games, i would definitely stay away from something like this, but that’s just how it is. I also wanted to go through and test some nes. This is one of my favorite games and i can tell you right now that this is running a little faster than it would natively on an original console, but it’s not as bad as i’ve. Seen on cheaper handheld consoles, this is something you could get used to: Music moving over to sega genesis, otherwise known as mega drive in other parts of the world gun, star heroes, absolutely amazing game, and when it comes to mega drive and genesis, emulation it doesn’t. Take much to do it, and this is doing it just fine. Now one system that these lower end chips, kind of struggle with is game boy advance, believe it or not. They are using a lot of frame skip here, to get it to run at full speed and once you do get up to faster speeds on screen with a game like this, you will notice it lagging out. So it’s really not running this at full speed because we do have that frame skip going and once i get moving really fast, you’ll see exactly what i’m talking about.

You can kind of see it skipping over frames, so it’s not doing too well with game boy, advance, Music and moving over to the highest end system that this supports, which is playstation. One i’ll tell you again, just like with game boy advance. They are using a lot of frames here. With these easier run, games like crash bandicoot, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but when we move over to something that’s a little harder to run like tekken 3, you really really notice it, and even with the frame skip on the game, is not running At full speed, we’ve got some crackling going on with that sound and overall it’s, just not a great experience round two fight, so it’s really unfortunate that we were getting bad performance with gba and ps1, because taking a look at the internals of this thing, it’s, actually Not as low end as i thought it would be now as arm chips go in 2021. The rock chip 3128 is still considered a low end chip, but for emulation it should be able to push game boy advance and ps1 at full speed, with no issues really. What it comes down to is unoptimized emulators for this little chipset here, because the rockchip 3128 is an arm. Cortex a7 quad core cpu running at 1.3, gigahertz with a maui mp400 gpu, and with this unit here they were correct with 256 megabytes of ram and yeah. In 2021, it’s still considered low end, but for the emulators that this thing supports, we should be seeing some better performance and with custom firmware.

It could definitely get there. We could run gba and ps1 with no frame skip on this thing at full speed.