This is the Keystone Pro Music were all aware of the recent FTX collapse, which led to over a billion dollars worth of customer funds Vanishing. That means anyone who wasnt able to withdraw their money from The Exchange now lost their funds, and this is just one example from a handful of cases were leaving your fund on a crypto exchange led to a loss and its not really safe. To trust your hard earned money with any exchange for that matter about your keys, not your crypto, and this is where a hardware wallet can come in handy Hardware. Wallets are an essential tool for anyone, thats looking to get involved with crypto in any way shape or form, theyre known for protecting digital assets from hackers and, more importantly, ensuring that users have full control of their assets. Keystone is a hardware wallet company that offers a Sleek looking wallet with a large touchscreen for easy navigation, which is 100 air gap, and what I mean by air gapped is that theres no connection from the device to the internet whatsoever. That means no Wi fi capabilities. No Bluetooth and no USB cable Port, but instead Keystone Wallace, use QR technology to communicate and verify transactions and Ill be going over. How all of this works and review all of the other security features in this video Ill be doing an overview of the Keystone. Pro Hardware wallet and answering some important questions, including what is the Keystone Pro? How does it work? What are the security features and how much does it cost Ill also share my personal opinions on the wallet having used it for over a week now.

Thank you Keystone for sending me the proto test, though Ill also be teaming up with Keystone to do a device giveaway, so stay tuned for more info now something to keep in mind before I start you should only ever purchase Hardware wallets directly from the company website. Never ever purchase wallets from third party Sellers as its possible for the device to have been tampered with if you do decide to purchase a keystone device and want to support my channel check out my affiliate Link in the description below before we get down to business. For those of you that are new to the channel, my name is Summer and Id like to welcome you to fire hustle with my mission, to tell you everything you need to know about crypto in the shortest amount of time possible. If you find that my videos add value, please hit that, like button and dont forget to subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications to can take advantage of all the work Ive done. It really helps the channel, and I would also really appreciate it now. Lets talk about the Keystone Pro so, as I said before, the Keystone Pro is a completely air gap, cold wallet that gives you control every digital assets. The wallet is protected by a eal5 plus secure element and a fully Open Source Hardware and firmware designs which are publicly available and with no connection to the internet or even other devices.

All assets are completely offline, so in other words, this wallet keeps your crypto safe from hackers and exploits thanks to all of the security features on board which Ill go over later on. The Keystone Pro supports over 5500 cryptocurrencies across more than 200 different blockchains theres over 15 different software wallet Integrations, including polka dot, Soul flare, xrp toolkit and more, and not to mention theyre the first Hardware wallet to partner up and integrate with metamask, but more recently Keystone. Actually integrated with sub wallet, which is built on top of polka dot, the Keystone device supports nfts, and you can actually display your favorite nft on your lock screen screen theres. Also. The ability to create multiple different addresses for each cryptocurrency in terms of the hardware features theres a four inch touchscreen thats, designed to function as smooth as a high end smartphone, and the back of the device features a camera and a fingerprint sensor. Each Keystone Pro device comes with two different battery options: either you can use AAA batteries or you can use the rechargeable battery that comes with the Keystone. When you receive your Keystone Pro, the Box will be completely sealed to ensure that theres no device tampering theres. Also, a number of Security Seals when you unbox your device so make sure that these are still in place and untouched. The box contains the Keystone Pro device, along with two battery options, a USB charging wire for the rechargeable battery three recovery phrase cards, a device, warranty card and a security manual AAA batteries are not included, theres.

Also, a five percent discount card provided in the box. For your next purchase, but whats better than that, is that Ill tell you how you can get 35 off of your order, so stick around to find out now lets go over the security features of the Keystone Pro when you first set up your wallet on the Keystone Pro device youll be given a 24 word secret recovery phrase. This phrase serves as a security backup for your wallet and is randomly generated for you. So if you ever lose access to your wallet or lose the device itself, this passphrase is the only way for you to gain access back to your crypto youll need to copy this phrase down and store it in a safe place in case its ever needed. The phrase can either be written down on the cards provided with the device or you can use something like the Keystone metal tablet, which safely holds your passphrase, and this is sold separately from the Keystone Pro now. One of the biggest advantages of the Keystone Pro is the fact that its completely air gapped and offline theres no connection at all between the device and the internet. So you might be wondering how would you charge the device with the connecting wire but its pretty cool, because the wire is directly plugged into the battery itself? They even designed it so that the battery has to be taken off before it can be plugged in so theres no way of connecting the cable while the device is in use instead of using something like Bluetooth or a USB cable.

The Keystone Pro uses QR technology to interact with real life transactions, and this is what creates a link between the online data and offline device. The way it works is that youll need to use the Keystone wallet alongside the Keystone mobile app, and you request to send cryptocurrency from the wallet has to go through a verification process as follows. First, the transaction needs to be requested on the mobile app, which will create a QR code for the request. This QR code is then scanned by the Keystone device using the back camera after scanning the QR code. The device asks for approval of the transaction and displays information on how much crypto is being sent and which wallet is being sent to verification is completed by entering the password set by the user or a fingerprint scan using the built in sensor once approved. The device will create another QR code to confirm the transaction which needs to be scanned by the mobile app after the final scan, the transaction will be accepted and the crypto will get sent out to the receiver having to verify transactions between the mobile, app and device Adds an extra step just to confirm a single transaction, but what this does is that it helps ensure that you have full control over your assets and only approve what youre aware of, unlike other Hardware, Wallets on the market. Theres no blind signing when it comes to approvals now without the knowledge of smart contract coding, its difficult to point out the potential risk, but the Keystone device.

Deciphers, smart contract transaction data in a readable format for the user, and this actually eliminates the possibility of blind signing and creates transparency for every single transaction that occurs on the wallet now. The Keystone Pro device also features a self destruct mechanism that gets activated when it detects a physical breach. The wallet is actually designed to erase all data and become bricked as soon as someone tries to pry open the casing. Of course, this will completely wet the device, including the private keys and access to All Digital assets, and the only way to restore access will be to purchase another device and import your original wallet using the secret recovery phrase. Other security features include multi, sig support for teams using Bitcoin or ethereum, and the option to create a shammer backup for your recovery phrase. This basically splits your mean backup seed into multiple backups, and you can specify how many of these backups are needed to restore the wallet and this sort of functions like a multi sig wallet, except this is setting the number of backups needed to restore your wallet. Instead of the number of signatures needed to verify a transaction, so how much does a keystone Pro cost? Well, the Keystone Pro will cost you 169 USD, which includes the rechargeable battery, along with everything else that I described in the Box. Theres also the option to buy the previous gen model, which is the Keystone essential for 119. However, the older device doesnt have a fingerprint sensor and theres no self destruct mechanism on board and it doesnt come with a rechargeable battery option and the company website actually suggests that the Keystone Pro is intended for high frequency users that plan on conducting regular transactions.

So the Keystone essential is more for long term hodlers that wont be using the device on a regular basis. Now, if youre interested in getting your hands on a keystone device, there is a Black Friday sale coming up. You can use the promo code, fire hustle during this event and receive 35 percent and off your entire order. So what are my opinions on the Keystone Pro? Well, I actually had the chance to use the Keystone for the past week and I have to say that Im pretty impressed, I really like the touch screen and how smooth it works and its actually pretty comparable to the latest smartphone screens, unlike other devices, that feel Kind of slow and clunky the large screen actually makes it easy to navigate the device and see all of your transaction data together. Unlike The Ledger, small screen that displays transaction details in pieces and another thing that I personally like about the device is the haptic feedback. While typing it just makes the device feel more responsive and nice to use now in terms of actually doing its job as a cold wallet, I can say that so far, Ive had no issues and can confirm that my transactions with this wallet are secure. There are actually a few extra steps involved having to like bounce back and forth between the mobile app and the device. This can be a bit tedious if youre doing too many transactions in a day, but the trade off is definitely worth it for that extra layer of security.

Now I will continue to use the device and Ill provide you guys with an update later on, to address the durability with long term usage. Now. One thing that I will say is that I wish the device came with an SD card. This SD card is actually required to do the firmware upgrades and its recommended to do an upgrade during the initial setup to ensure the device is up to date. So personally, luckily, for myself, I did have an extra SD card laying around and adapter for my laptop. Otherwise, you would need to purchase one separately, but obviously this isnt a deal breaker for me personally, and I think the benefits of this wallet outweigh this one aspect so now that you guys made it to the end of the video lets. Talk about the big giveaway. If youre interested in entering the contest follow me and Keystone wallet on Twitter, like and retweet my latest tweet about the giveaway and tag three friends in the comments, you can also find a link to the giveaway contest in the description below and Thats all folks, you Can learn more about the Keystone product by visiting the Keystone website, which is linked in the description below if you are interested in seeing a full setup tutorial for the device leave a comment below and if you like. This video please give a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel here on fire hustle. I make a commitment to telling you everything you need to know about crypto in the shortest amount of time possible and remember.

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