I wanted to review a tablet that was sent to me by zen slabs. Correct me. If im saying their name wrong sense, labs sent me their medium tablet. Bundle with the quick keys. Try it out see if i liked it recommend it to you guys if i enjoyed it. This is just gifted for an honest review. This is not a sponsorship im, not paid to say anything nice about this tablet. Im just going to tell you my honest opinion. As somebody who is a freelance artist and has been digitally painting for over 10 years now, right now, this tablet is on sale instead of 359.99, so 360., its on sale for 305.99 on their website for a spring sale and right off the bat. I have to talk about the price point because it is a lot higher than a lot of other tablets that you could be getting at this size. Im not saying its not worth it or you know its overpriced. But if youre looking to buy a beginner tablet and definitely something to keep in mind its 300 on sale, i know that quick keys, the way that this tablet has often times are pretty expensive. I know that the tour box neo is a hundred and fifty dollars, and so, while the quick keys arent exactly the same as the tour box neo, i think its worth mentioning that it does come with a quick keys. And if this is something youre really interested in its probably a cheaper alternative to purchase this medium bundle with a quick keys rather than to purchase a tablet and then buy a tour box neo, this tablet is very well made well packaged.

I really like the way that it comes when it arrives its very professional, very luxe feeling a lot of thought has gone into the packaging as well as the tablet design. A couple of things that i do love about this tablet. I one love that it comes with a case thats protective for when you travel or take it out and about thats. Something thats very important to me with the tablet is being able to carry it around with me, my regular drawing tablet. I cant do that. I cant carry it around with me, and so i generally just carry my ipad if i plan on doing any kind of digital work, because its a lot more practical, so something to keep in mind if youre at college university – or you know you work with an Actual drawing tablet like this out of the house, often it is a really good size for portability, and the case that it comes with is really durable. It holds everything well. A second thing that i do love about. This tablet is the two pens that it comes with: theyre both battery free, which is fantastic. They have 60 degree tilt support. I love that they included the two pens, because i personally prefer the thicker bulkier grip pen. The other kind i feel, starts to hurt my hand after a lot of painting, while ive tried a ton of pen tablets in the past. Not a lot of them create pens with this kind of grip and so thats a big deciding factor for me.

If im going to like a tablet, is the grip and the type of pen that it has, i, like the thicker pen, i think, its more comfortable to hold its nice. How there is a pen case to hold both of the digital pens, and it also includes a ton of nibs, which is always good. I think a lot of its pretty standard for drawing tablets to come with a lot of nibs. This also comes with a drawing glove. If you use a drawing glove its great because you dont have to like purchase one, i dont use a drawing glove. I tested it out, but im not a big fan. Im not used to it. So im not going to use it. I think the biggest feature of this pen tablet bundle is the quick keys. It allows you to create up to 40 shortcuts per application that youre using im going to be completely honest with you guys i dont use quick keys. I dont ever use on tablets the custom functions. I dont use any of that im just so used to working with my laptop and toggling between the shortcuts that i have on the keyboard, its not something i really use or care about so its good. This whole bundle is high quality, but i wouldnt purchase this bundle for the quick keys. If i was going to put my own money into it, because i dont use it, you know your workflow and if its something that you require in your workflow, if it is, i recommend it.

I dont think that or including the quick keys and the two pens and the quality of the tablet. I dont think its a bad price necessarily, but if youre a beginner im, not sure, i would recommend this tablet to you, because it is a lot more expensive than other tablets. I could recommend to you that i think function just as well. I can recommend it to you for the quality of the tablet performance while it has no lab. I didnt have any problems with installation on my computer and i didnt have any problems with the painting process itself. Youre asking me if im personally, going to continue using this tablet. The answer is no because i dont need a smaller tablet for travel, as i said before. Ill just use my ipad whenever im out and about and because i digitally paint quite a lot on my computer and on like a drawing tablet. I need something that is much larger than this one. This is not a con of the actual tablet itself, its just. What my preference is and what i need to use it for. So if i was in college right now and i needed to travel with it, i would definitely have this be my one tablet that i use, but i personally dont need it and its not going to be impactful in my process. So all that to say this tablet ive been using it since december, be having it up on my patreon if youre interested in receiving it you can head over to my patreon.

Any patron here will be able to enter im very, very happy to give this tablet to one of you guys, because i think its a high quality tablet, and i know that somebody else could make really good use of it. I didnt actually talk about the painting for this piece at all, but it is a still from the show true detective season. One episode, four: i love the show its great its gory and kind of graphic. So if youre not into dark elements like that, you shouldnt watch the show, but i really enjoy it and ive been in a rut with my digital paintings and my subject matter. So ive decided to do a couple, more studies to learn more about lighting and facial structures, theres more about the process for this piece on my actual patreon, i break down my struggles and my inspiration and all that stuff break it down on my patreon. But if you want to go check it out, everything will be linked down in the description. If you like this video give me a thumbs up subscribe.