Yes, the same industry. Changing m1 chip that comes in apples, 1300, macbook pro, is now packed into the brand new 600 ipad air, making it the absolute cheapest way to get the m1 chip even cheaper than the m1 mac mini, which doesnt even come with the display and trust me. We were all blown away last year when apple stuck the m1 into the ipad pro, but them now throwing it into the ipad. Air 5 made me almost jump out of my chair during the event, because i just couldnt believe it and now the question thats on everyones mind is if the ipad air 5 is now a much better value than the ipad pro. Since you get the same chip for 200, less cash and thats exactly what im gon na do in this video. By laying out all the differences and explaining my point of view on which ipad you should be buying. But before i get into all of those little differences, there is a question on my mind. That has been really bothering me. So let me go ahead and try to give you an answer for what the heck apple was thinking by throwing the m1 chip into this new ipad air. As you probably already know, the ipad lineup was even more messed up before apples march event, because late last year they updated the ipad mini 6 with a bunch of new features, while not touching the ipad air 4 at all, and the number one thing that put The lineup out of whack was the fact that the ipad mini 6 came with apples latest a15 chip, while the ipad air was still stuck with the a14, while also being a hundred dollars more expensive.

So for those who wanted to have the larger 10.9 inch display, they would have to pay a hundred dollars more just to lose performance with the air which made no sense at all. So, coming up to the march 8th peak performance event, we were all expecting the ipad air to get the a15 bionic chip so that it made sense within the full ipad lineup. But the problem with that idea is that it would just be playing catch up to the ipad mini, which already had the a15 and all of the other cool features like the 12 megapixel ultrawide selfie camera and the optional 5g cellular support. And in reality, we ourselves were expecting a pretty boring update to the ipad air. So one of the reasons i think apple tossed in the m1 chip instead was to basically blow everyone away and get some real attention back on the ipad air again making it actually worth the 600 price tag, because for the last year, even before the ipad mini 6 was released, the ipad air just hasnt really been worth it because it was in a really weird spot, where paying an extra 200 for the 11 inch ipad pro for 800 made so much more sense because of the sheer number of extra features. So we literally told you guys to either buy one of the lower end, ipads like the 10.2 inch budget model or go straight for the 800 ipad pro. But now, for the first time in over a year, the ipad air finally makes sense, and it actually feels like a substantial upgrade over the ipad mini 6, which is exactly what apple wants.

They want to make each ipad in the lineup tempting so that youll want to spend just a little bit more money, but that right there has become the new problem. The ipad air gets the m1 ship for only 600, which was a huge shock to me. So the big question is why in the world, would anybody pay the extra 200 for the 11 inch ipad pro and if they did, what exactly would they be getting for that extra cash? Well, for starters, the one drawbacks of the ipad air is that it only comes with 64 gigs of storage compared to the ipad pro, which starts with 128 gigs, and if you did want to upgrade the storage on the air, youve got to spend 750 dollars. Total literally putting you right into ipad pro territory, but in terms of the actual feature and spec differences, youll be surprised by just how much extra you get with the ipad pro first of all, even though the ipad air supports optional 5g, it does not come with Millimeter wave 5g, like the ipad pro does, and even though the ipad air comes with the same m1 chip, the ipad pro actually gets a full on thunderbolt 3, slash 4 port, which supports a bunch of other thunderbolt devices as well as transfer speeds up to 40 Gigabits per second compared to only 10, with the ipad air 5., and even though the ipad air comes with the same four speaker grilles.

It actually only comes with two speakers, one on the top and one on the bottom, while the ipad pro comes with an absolutely incredible quad speaker system, which is something thats really important to me, and this four speaker system was one of the things that was rumored To come on the ipad air, but we unfortunately did not get it and speaking of rumors that didnt come true, it was said that the ipad air would come with a new dual camera system on the back with a wide camera and an ultra wide camera like On the ipad pro, but we didnt get that either, which was very disappointing. But it looks like apple decided to just toss in the m1 chip for the wow factor, while keeping the same camera design, which is definitely the cheaper option for apple and then on top of the ipad pro getting the dual cameras. It also gets a flash and the lidar scanner which can be used for games 3d scanning and augmented reality apps and going further. The ipad pro comes with five studio quality microphones, while the air only gets two microphones and if you think, thats already a long list of differences, those were actually the ones that dont really matter that much so now lets get into the two major differences: the ipad Pro comes with apples face id system, which means that it unlocks automatically without you having to do anything but simply swiping up on the display, but with the ipad air youve got to use the touch id power button, which i personally find annoying because youve got to Reach for that sensor, which isnt nearly as reliable as face id, but the absolute biggest deal is the fact that the ipad pro has a much better display, and this right here is a game changer.

First of all, the 11 ipad pro display has thinner bezels, while also being brighter with 600 nits of brightness compared to 500 on the air. But the best part of all is that the ipad pro comes with 120hz pro motion technology, which means that the display refreshes at up to 120 hertz compared to 60 on the air, giving you a super smooth display experience where everything just feels super snappy. With less motion blur, which can make it easier to read while scrolling and overall much more enjoyable and in my opinion, the 120hz promotion feature is worth 200 dollars more alone. Even if everything else between the air and the pro was identical. And if you dont believe me, let me explain why. Yes, the m1 chip sounds amazing for the ipad air, but it is 100 percent overkill for the 60 hertz display, because it really doesnt help it feel any more snappy compared to the old a14 chip. In the last ipad air, which was also very fast and if youre, someone who wants to play games on your ipad, the m1 chip isnt really going to change anything because the old a14 could run almost every game at a perfectly solid 60 fps which matches the Ipad airs 60 hertz display, so the m1 ship really isnt giving you an advantage at all and then on the other hand, there are a lot of games that now support 120 fps on the ipad pro like league of legends, wild rift and even gentian impact, and The m1 gives you just enough performance to take advantage of the 120 hertz display, making it the best gaming tablet in the world, since even tablets like the brand new samsung galaxy tab.

S8 ultra dont support 120fps in many games. So the fact that the new ipad air still has a regular 60hz display basically ruins the entire point of apple, throwing in the m1 chip, especially since you dont even get the thunderbolt port. So with all that said, let me give you guys my recommendations. If you actually care about being able to put the m1 chip to use – or if you already own an iphone 13 pro, then absolutely spend the extra 200, because youre getting the 120 hertz display the extra storage, the thunderbolt port, the face id system, the quad speakers And much more, but if you just want a nice and fresh modern, looking ipad to use, features like the new 12 megapixel ultra wide selfie camera with center stage support and you care more about saving two hundred dollars than getting a bunch of extra premium features. Then simply stick with this ipad air, so there you go. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this comparison and if you did go ahead and click the circle above to subscribe, for our hands on full comparison between these two ipads, when we get it in our hands and definitely check out our mac studio coverage right over there.