So, if you’re at all interested in any of those videos links in the description below so does the m1 macbook air live up to its expectation after using it for three months or are we still beta testers, even after all, this time? Well, let’s find out so to start i plug my m1 micro air to my 4k 32 inch monitor and the first thing i noticed when i was checking my display. It actually doesn’t say 32 inch but 27 inch. I don’t know whether or not there are going to be any issues with that, but something i just want to note for those who may be looking for a monitor to pair with the m14 air. The other thing i came across is i’ve actually almost bricked. My m1 macbook air – i actually tried to reinstall mac os on the m1 macbook air, like i always do with any mac that i get i like to have a fresh install so going through the process of reinstalling it and actually deleting the base os. I couldn’t reinstall it by dialing the os from apple servers that isn’t something you can’t do anymore like the intel max. You have to have recovery mode, so i really hope that you have a backup or you have to use a secondary mac to download a base. Mac os through dfu mode now this is can be very technical. I’Ll leave a link in the description below if this is something you’re experiencing, but it was something i learned the hard way.

It took me two days to reinstall the mac os system on my macbook air, because i stupidly thought it was still going to be the same process, and the one thing that’s really been bugging me lately is that a lot of my applications that i typically use Cannot be used on the m1 macbook air like microsoft, office 2016. Yes, i do not want an upgraded version. No, i do not want to use max. I do need to use excel and i don’t want to pay for a subscription to use the latest version of microsoft office. One of the biggest things that really irked me was the omission of the brightness buttons. Now it’s been replaced by a dictation and a do not disturb button. Why that is even a thing or why is that more of a priority compared to brightness really gets me, because i use my brightness buttons, especially when i use my mac in low lighting environments. Am i crazy to think that replacing the brightness buttons with the dictation and do not disturb buttons are the last thing i would actually expect apple to do like as a company that is so focused on user experience? I feel like this is the flaw, but there is a saving grace and i will forever be grateful and it is the keyboard and not just that, but apple, never ever having to add a touch bar on the macbook error. I bought an m1 macbook pro and returned it.

I sold my 16 inch macbook pro and while it was great, i couldn’t live with using a keyboard with a touch bar because it was one infuriating and two. It was never useful. I actually had to use function. Keys more often than not so without a physical key, it actually impeded my workflow the speakers on the mac. Air are fantastic. Now a lot of reviews have said that they aren’t the best, but then they’re, comparing to other apple laptops like the m1 macbook pro or the 16 inch macbook pro don’t get me wrong. They aren’t as good as those two machines, but as a laptop that can produce the amount of bass and clarity and as someone who uses windows and apple laptops, i can say that with confidence – and let me be very clear: i’m speaking to premium windows laptops their Speakers cannot compare even to the m1 macbook air Music. Now the design is starting to feel a little bit dated yes, it’s, a true and tried design and it’s been a fantastic and still a very good looking laptop. However, when you compare it to some laptop manufacturers like razer and their recently released razer book, which i own, it looks so modern, and it is what you expect in 2021 and to see the m1 marble air to still sport still the old design. It starts to feel a little bit like apple is relying a lot on its fans of apple and banking.

On it now don’t get me wrong. I’M. An apple fan. I still continue to buy macbooks but i’m, not blind. So when you see windows, manufacturers innovating – and let me repeat that again – windows manufacturers, innovating in the design space, you start to feel this little apple. Can you know, pick up its pace and do something about it? Ports is very important. I appreciate the usb type c interface and the thunderbolt 3 protocol, because you can charge transfer data and, of course, display out of one single cable. You can extend it to a number of other peripherals that will expand your i o and those are fantastic advantages of usb type c thunderbolt 3.. However, there is a place for legacy, ports and again owning windows and apple laptops. I appreciate legacy ports because we’re still in the world, where a lot of peripherals that i hook up to still require a physical connection to the laptop and i don’t want to use a dongle. This machine is absolutely silent because there are no fans and i never thought i would have enjoyed having no fans on laptop as much as i do now having using it for a few months now, when i consume media on youtube, watch videos, stream, music, browsing and Such you know, of course, it’s absolutely silent and there’s. Something to be appreciated, especially i work late into the night, sometimes and having no noise, is a little bit nicer, especially when you’re just trying to plug away and just writing or for whatever reason, just watching movies and such this laptop will get hot.

If you push it, however, 95 of the time i’m either checking emails, browsing streaming, music watching a youtube video and, for the most part, the laptop really just doesn’t ever heat up the five percent of the time. I do edit videos or i play the occasional game and it definitely does get hot. However, it doesn’t get as hot as i have seen it in the past, compared to gaming laptops. So as a comparison, it’s, really not that bad. The power of the m1 is fantastic, because it’s optimized for a number of workflows and video editing on this machine is truly game. Changing for a laptop that can be dismissed as an ultra portable scrubbing through a 4k timeline with multiple tracks, videos, effects and color grading. Didn’T hiccup, it was smooth as butter, and this is comparing to my desktop pc, which has a very powerful cpu and gpu and scrubbing through that same timeline. Can’T even do it. It does hiccup and there’s. Some skipped frames. Having used the m1 macbook air after a few months now, i’ve come to really love this laptop, not because it’s, a apple computer, but because to have so much power like the m1. Is such a thin and light chassis with no fan to boot and to be able to do a lot of the things that i need to do in such an efficient manner does really make this the best macbook error since it’s, released in 2020, 2008.

Now, of course, if you’re in the apple ecosystem and you’re looking at what is the best laptop to get, i would always and would now recommend the m1 mappo air don’t get the pro it. The performance gain compared to the air is not much and the touch bar if you’re like me, it’s not worth it.