No, no, no, no uh were here to talk about this. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Kindle scribe. It is. It is a Kindle, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve the trick really being uh this. This is the Kindle scribe pen. This is the Kindle scribe. Pen uh. This is the fancier version. Uh the premium Kindle scribe pen uh. My first review on YouTube was actually a Kindle 2 and it was terrible. It was a terrible review. Uh. The Kindle itself was actually pretty good for the time uh, but it has long been unlisted that video you cant watch it Im, not gon na make it prop on no, you cant watch it, but you can watch this video in which I talk about the Kindle Squad thats for the thumbnail uh. What is the Kindle scribe? You have here uh 10.2 inches of screen. You have a little bezel on the side here that you can use to hold it. Uh glass, matte glass on the top 300 PPI uh, which is like DPI, which is the PPI pixels per inch, makes everything look really good. Okay. So when you tap into a a book, youve got all kinds of good looking text to read so youve got your books, then you can tap up here and and make a bookmark, because I dont want to work. Uh tap up here, go back home. One thing I will say the Kindle scribe is faster than the other Kindles, even the Kindle Oasis that I have thats only a couple of years old this Kindle scribe is, is faster, which is good because Kindles have been kind of slow.

If you look up here, youll see that uh theres a notebooks tab where you can just hit that and then you go go to your notebooks. You can do all kinds of different things. So you see here. I have musical notation that I can write and and your race with this uh with the end of the pen, so musical notation, yeah, you, okay, you can say hi. My name is, and then this little button goes like this. When you press the button it highlights. Whatever you want to highlight, which is nice so thats, the difference between the premiere pen and the basic pen, there are three different uh models of Kindle scribe that you can get. There is the 16 32 and 64 gigabytes, the smallest stores, the 16 thats. What I have here starts at 369 dollars. Well, 32 gigabytes is 389 and uh. 64 gigabytes is 400 119. That is a lot of dollars for a Kindle, and I guess what youre paying for is the fact that you can do this stuff with it uh. The note taking and such is what people really care about uh, so youve got three different pens that you can pick from you. Can you can get you all your different brightnesses and warmths? This Kindle is the biggest Kindle that they have made since the Kindle DX, which I think came out in 2015., so 10.2 inch screen and you can see when you pull up a book.

You get a lot. You get a lot of text. You get a lot of text here. The next question might be: why is Amazon putting out a Kindle with a pencil or a pen or a premium pen? What? Why is Amazon doing this well, its in response to uh what has become a growing trend of e ink tablets? There are companies like remarkable and box, or books b, o o x and some other companies out there that have released e ink tablets that can act as nope notepads that can act as e readers. They can do a lot of different things. The the Kindle by comparison, the Kindle scribe, is very simple. It can do two things it can allow you to read books just like any Kindle and it does it really. Well, as long as you dont mind, the larger size uh, the size actually does kind of bother me in terms of just holding it to read its, not heavy, but its just its just big. It also doesnt have the physical buttons that the Oasis has, and I like that. I like the physical buttons, because that was something I really liked about Kindles and they took them away until the Oasis um. You might be asking yourself afterwards after you ask yourself. Why would Amazon want to do this? You might be asking yourself well what is the point of having an e ink tablet as opposed to an iPad or a Surface Pro or anything else that you can use a pen, a pencil like device and a screen? Uh youve got your Galaxy fold line.

Youve got your Galaxy Note line. There are a few others that have pen pen input. The one thing that I can say with the Kindle is see you have here. A bunch of different types of uh of lined paper that you can use youve got youve got, ruled youve got college rules, youve got fatter rules, youve got to do boxes, youve got dots, youve got graphs, youve got vertical rules, youve got calendar views, youve got all The different kinds of stuff using e ink as a way to write is a better experience than using an iPad or uh any of the other devices that are not eating this screen and the e ink below it really make for a very fluid and a very Nice kind of writing experience. It is the closest thing to the look and feel of writing on paper that I have had with a device that is not paper so thats good, the bad is sharing. These Kindle notes allows you to send it to your email, and then you can get it in your email and then its just basically an image you cant like then take it and keep writing once you get it to your email uh. You can also share it via another email thats, basically it you can only use this to write on inside of the of the Kindle scribe itself, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a fatal flaw for me because, when Im, using something like the iPad or when Im Using something like the Galaxy Note or if the Galaxy folds I can then have those things in Note Form elsewhere.

There are so many great note taking apps on the iPad. A lot of the iPad apps will allow you to recognize text, and then it will recognize the text and parse it into type, so that then your notes can be copied out and used elsewhere. You cant do any of that with the Kindle scribe and some of the other e ink devices out there can do that. The other aspect of the Kindle scribe the promise that maybe the Kindle scribe offers, and maybe the hope that many people had with the Kindle scribe would be that you could take the pen and you could mark up uh. You know you could say hey. I like this, but, as you can see all it does when you tap, it is Turn the page. So you cant write in line you cant write in the margins. You cant do any of that stuff. What you can do is put a little sticky note in there and say: you know, put it right there and then it pops up, and you say nice and that will be saved in that position. And so, whenever youre looking through you can you can go to that and it says nice right. You can also do a text note where you can type it in, but the handwritten note lives in this Post. It note that youve stuck in the book and I think thats, ultimately a big problem for the Kindle Squad, because when I first heard about this device, I thought oh, I will be able to write on the on the books and the books will then have all Of my scribblings in them they say that active reading with a pen in your hand, marking up the book as you go, is one of the best ways to retain the information that youre reading and to really sort of uh engage with the page.

But you cant do that with the Kindle scribe and I think that is ultimately the Kindle scribes Achilles heel. It is a great Kindle uh if you like. I said if you dont mind the larger size. It is a great Kindle. It is also a very good experience if youre taking notes or youre journaling or something like that. But you have to be okay with the fact that taking notes or journaling or storyboarding, or writing out a composition on musical notation paper as long as youre cool with those things living inside the Amazon ecosystem and not being able to exit other than to email it To yourself as long as youre, okay with that, it is a very simple device that performs well Ive, always loved the Kindle, because it was a single use device. The only thing you could do on it was read books and theres. No notifications on like on your iPad, theres, no, nothing its just books, and so when I get in bed at night or I sit down on the couch and I want to read, I can leave my phone and all the other stuff somewhere else and just read And I think that in a world of multi use devices where everything that you have is a Swiss army knife of all the stuff that you could possibly ever hope for a single use device like a Kindle is really really valuable. However, once you add the note taking aspect in its basically like you have a Kindle and you have a notepad, is it worth the price where that can go all the way up to 420 and then an extra sixty dollars for this premium? Uh leather case, I think this is what they call vegan leather Amazons case was the only one available when I bought this a few weeks ago, so I bought it and you see it has a little Loop here for the pencil and uh and thats great.

But this is supposed to be like the nice premium Amazon cover, and this is not nice. This is vinyl, it has some kind of leather like pattern on it. It just looks fake and you turn it around to the other side. It looks fake. You open it up and on the inside, its blue and I dont want blue, but it does serve the purpose. So if you dont care about that it does the job it shuts it down, it starts it up close it and then you open it close it, and then you open it well, its not doing it. At any rate, I cant really recommend the Kindle scribe. Unless you are okay with and excited about using it on the very limited basis that I described, I am going to be sending this back Im going to stick with my Kindle Oasis and taking notes on the iPad and on the other, various electronic devices that I Have that have much more feature, packed uh opportunities to get work done? This is not it if this video is in any way valuable to you. Uh hit that, like subscribe, Bell notification button come back and see me again. If you want to see videos about other e ink tablets, let me know down in the comments below otherwise. Once again, thank you for being here. My name is Jason, sometimes when theres the J2 supposedly on his tech, tech, so honest, it hurts until the next time.