Hey guys. Welcome back to the channel, if you’re new here my name is solomon: i’m, a software architect based here in london, i make videos about tech, entrepreneurship and helping students prepare for the real world and in today’s video. We will understand why the ipad pro is the best apple product out there and what makes it so popular and magical before we get started. Don’T forget tomorrow, night 8 p.m. Uk time we’re going to be doing the first ever live stream on this channel. So make sure you come up hang out and ask me any questions that you want. The ipad that we will focus on is the 2020 model, which is the one that i have, but other than specs is relatable to all ipads. So let’s, firstly, take a look at the specifications. The ipad pro 2020 comes with four different storage sizes: a 128 gig 256 gig 512 gig and a one terabyte of storage ipad pro. If you’re going to use your ipad for browsing the web replying to any emails or watching any videos, then any of these storage sizes will be sufficient. 128 gig is very powerful in itself, which is the one that i use, and that is enough for plenty of downloaded music movies and apps. However, if you want to use your ipad for any augmented reality games or like to edit any videos, then you probably will need a bit more storage, so go for the one terabyte.

I use my ipad mainly for personal project work like doing my weekly newsletter, replying to all of your youtube comments and replying to any emails, and if you haven’t, signed up to my exclusive newsletter, then make sure you do there’ll be a link in my description and You can check it out there, but i send out a newsletter every sunday night getting you ready for the week ahead, the ipad pro 2020 debuts with two cameras at the back, something unseen in any previous ipads. There is a 112 megapixel sensor, along with a secondary 10 megapixel, wide angle lens, which can take wider shots than ever before and it’s great for photography, and for someone like myself, who likes the point of view shot. The wide angle lens is perfect because you can get so much of your surroundings when you’re out and about the ipad pro also includes augmented reality feature, which is called the lidar scanner, which you can use to measure the distance between objects. The battery life for this ipad is incredible tested it can last up to 10 hours, which is great for people who like to use their ipad on their travels when there isn’t really a place to charge. With that said, the battery life is an interesting one. The duration of the battery life always depends on how you use it, what applications you run and for how long? If you use high intensive applications like gaming for 10 hours straight, then the ipad battery won’t last for that long.

But if you’re, an average user. Who does general browsing watching videos, then you can probably get up to the maximum of its capacity as the average ipad user that i class myself as sending a few emails doing. My blog on this ipad makes it effortless and if i could use my ipad to edit my youtube videos the same way as i could on a mac os, then i probably never use any other device again, and this ipad will probably be my main computer. Let’S talk about my favorite part of the ipad, which is the display. Nowadays, the ipad comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The pro comes in a 12.9 inch and an 11 inch display size. If you have been following this channel for a while, you will know that i used to own a 2018 ipad pro 12.9 inch. But last year i upgraded to the new 2020 11 inch model because i felt like the previous model and a bigger display, didn’t really fit with what i needed it for i felt like it was too big and wasn’t really that portable. When i was on a plane to san francisco, i couldn’t really use the 12.9 inch because there wasn’t enough room to take out that big ipad and put it in front of me. Whereas the 11 inch is a tad more usable and a little bit more portable. With that said, the screen is still big enough and you’ll be able to use it just as well.

The liquid retina display on the ipad pro 2020 is among the best screens on any mobile device, it’s bright, colorful and optimized with pro motion technology for automatically adjusting the refresh rate up to 120 hertz. The liquid retina display on this ipad. Pro 2020 is among the best screens on any mobile device. The display itself is magical, and i love using my ipad. Every single day, the experience of using an ipad every single day is fantastic, having a screen size that big, which is completely touch screen, but you can also use the apple pencil to take notes and type of a keyboard. It really makes the ipad pro the ultimate mini computer. Now let’s talk about ipad os. The ipad pro 2020 includes the ipad os an adapted, upgraded form of ios, but only for ipads apple is making the ipad a device that sits directly between the ipad and the macbook, whilst keeping the core ios scenes, but also making sure that the experience is unique. On each device, as we know, we used to have a single ios for both iphone and ipad, but now we have two distinct operating systems: ios for iphones and ipad os for ipad. This is, of course, a great move from apple, but a move that we expected to happen because when you’ve got a device of that screen size, you want to be able to use some custom features to improve the overall experience of using an ipad in ipad os.

We have new gestures and multitasking features, as well as an improved apple, pencil integration and support for a mouse or trackpad. If you want me to make a specific video going through ipad os, then make sure you hit that like button – and let me know in the comments section down below now: let’s talk about the accessories which is quite an expensive part of owning an ipad. You would think that apple might give you a cheeky discount when you’re spending 800 to 900 on an ipad, okay, wishful thinking. We are talking about apple here. They never really give you any discounts or any freebies, because realistically they don’t need to because they know that the products will sell by themselves. An accessory that has been introduced to the ipad pros in recent years is the magic keyboard. So many people have been asking for this device to add this accessory and now it’s. Finally, here it pretty much allows you to use your ipad as a laptop. You can sit there on your sofa or on your desk typing away as if you’re, using a mini computer. This comes in handy if you like what the ipad gives you and the feel of working on a laptop it’s, a two in one connecting the magic keyboard to your ipad gives it a unique floating screen design. This causes the screen to be closer to your face and more visible and as costly as this is. I can vouch for this case and keyboard it’s hands down the best accessory that i’ve ever used for any device, that’s, quite a big and a bold statement.

But i stand by it. The magic keyboard is excellent, the typing experience is fantastic, the mouse tracker is smooth and all in all, it’s a must have for your ipad. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives, but, as i always say, you might as well pay up for the high quality products up front rather than spending a little bit less, but then ending up replacing it in the future quality over quantity. Another accessory that you’ll need for your ipad is, of course, the apple pencil and let’s be real. The writing experience on the ipad pro with its 120hz display is magnificent. The response that you get with an apple pencil writing on your ipad pro is mind blowing, and i always tell people that they have to experience writing on an ipad. If you are a student it’s perfect to store all of your notes on your ipad digitally. So you don’t have to carry around lots of different notebooks and find the right notes that you’re looking for, of course, the price tag isn’t, something i expect students to be able to afford. So with that in mind, the ipad air is a fantastic alternative for students and to be fair for someone like myself, who doesn’t use the ipad for that many high intensive applications. The ipad air is also suitable for me and my usage, so those are all great features and specs of the ipad. But what are some of the improvements that we would like to see? Ipads, aren’t, cheap and the accessories with the magic keyboard and the apple pencil.

Also can make it very costly and the design of the 2020 ipad pro is pretty much the same as the 2018 model. So if you already have the 2018 model, it’s – probably not worth upgrading to the 2020 model, however, if you haven’t got the 2018 model, then you might want to buy the 2020 model it’s always best getting the latest ipad on the market, but to be fair. This year we might expect a new ipad from apple another thing to mention that the ipad is still not quite a laptop replacement, despite the added support for extended inputs and the capability of the ipad. Os users remain better off using their capable laptops, such as the mac computer and the mac os for completing heavy duty productivity tasks. To sum it up, if you need a device, that’s lightweight portable and has a nice touch screen to take notes on. Do your general browsing watch any youtube videos, then the ipad is perfect for you. However, if you need something with high intensive graphic applications or programming, then you might want to take a look at mac os and potentially the new m1 macbooks, but for most people the ipad is perfect. The beautiful crisp display the lightweight and portable design makes this ipad. So unique there you have it all the reasons why i think the ipad pro is the best apple device ever as always. Thank you. So much for watching don’t forget to follow me on instagram and i’ll, see you guys tomorrow.

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