That said its not replacing my iPad Pro, there might be two iPads in my life and listen. Maybe I didnt need it. Maybe I shouldnt have bought it, but I did – and here we are no regrets you time, baby hi. My name is Chris piacek Ive been an independent illustrator for the past 12 years, Ive worked with clients like Cartoon Network, Nike Facebook and tons more on this channel. I talk about my illustration practice process, experience tools and sometimes ADHD Im going to talk about. Why about the iPad Mini, even though I already have an iPad Pro Ill, compare the two and let you know how the little baby Stacks up also talk about how it fits into my workflow. I might also justify the purchase a little bit more, but thats thats. Just for my own benefit, oh and hey, stick around to the end for some cool iPad tips and also to hear my thoughts on the paper feel screen protector that Ive been using on the new iPad Mini because its not really the new iPad Mini its. My new iPad Mini because it didnt just come out this isnt a tech Channel, okay, so whats. The main reason I bought the iPad Mini well. To be honest, I saw a video that Westin Woodfin put out that just made. It look really good and I felt like I needed to have one so maybe go check out his video wait. Wait, wait dont check out his video.

Maybe after this after this, you can go watch this video but youre already here so lets just hang out. So when I bought it, I knew it wasnt going to replace my iPad Pro, but, to be honest, the iPad Pro is so big that I hardly ever take it with me. When I go anywhere, the iPad mini size is perfect to just grab and take with you anywhere you go. I can also use the apple pencil I already have with both of them. I dont have to buy another one. So thats saving me some money. I guess its not really saving money because listen, this isnt financial advice in case you were thinking that this this might be a financial advice Channel its not you can fit in my back pocket. I think I have a couple pairs of pants where itll fit in the front itll fit in like a hoodie pocket in the front and also fits in this little uh. Satchel Ive never been a satchel person before, but just look how perfect it fits in here. Slides right in look at that, let me just do a little zip, a little zippity doo dah, and then I can just uh, throw it over my shoulders Im ready to go. Ive done this twice so far. Right now. To be honest, I was kind of into it its nice, having this little little pack with me, its like this Im out and Im like oh an idea, Music and Im drawing cant do that with an iPad Pro Im gon na take my Satchel off.

So I dont know, I think, maybe I could be a satchel person. What do you think do I look like a satchel person? Let me know in the comments, so how small is this tiny baby? Well, I guess you can see how small it is, but you dont know you dont know what my size is, it could be a giant or it could be a tiny little person. This could be an iPad Pro and Im just huge. Let me give you something that you can compare to this right here say: moleskin Sketchbook I feel like this is the the gold standard for portable sketching activities theyre nearly the same size. Look at this look at that same size. So what does that tell you? So obviously, lots of drawing gets done in moleskin sketchbooks, but even though theyre technically the same size. This feels so much bigger than a moskin Sketchbook, because its so easy to just zoom in and out intuitively, and you just feel like you – have all the space in the world when youre working on a Sketchbook, you cant be zooming theres, no zooms, try to zoom Doesnt work, doesnt do anything, is the iPad Mini the moleskin Sketchbook killer? Has their reign of 100 years come to an end? I dont know if theyve been around for 100 years, but let me know the comments if you know about moleskin sketchbooks, also theres Infinity Pages theres a set amount of pages in a multicam Sketchbook you get to the end, thats it also undo.

That should be the number one version undo have you ever drawn on paper and you draw, and then you draw something bad and youre like go away, go away. I dont want to see this again. Well, you cant do that on the iPad Mini, you can undo all day its really just a fun size to draw on. I dont know why its its more fun I dont know if its more fun but its its like a its a cool little size, its like a fun little device to draw with its a nice change of pace just makes me want to have it with me. All the time, the problem is, I dont really go anywhere. So how necessary was this purchase so lets get nerdy and talk some specs, this little iPad Mini doesnt even have the M1 or even the M2 Chip, its got, the the old, a series or whatever. That is that you can find in an iPhone. It only has a 64 gig hard drive. I think theres one other option that can get a little bit bigger, but I feel like at that point. It gets a little expensive for an iPad Mini, so its not even close to my iPad Pro in terms of performance. That said Ive, yet to experience any lag whatsoever. Ive drawn on this thing, a bunch very Snappy, I cant see any lag between the pencil and what Im drawing big files are fine, for example, this animated scene that I made for my new skillshare class.

Hey have you uh, checked out my new skillshare class, its called easy animation for illustrators, with Adobe Fresco on the iPad, so lets open up this scene on the iPad mini and see how it does its got. Seven layers of Animation, Seven different timelines, all kinds of things going, its a pretty big file, lets see if theres any lag so hit, play and Perfect full speed, no issues here it does this fine. These iPad Pros have had more power than they can even use for a really long time. Even this meager iPad, Mini with the old processor, is perfectly capable of running a complicated animated scene in Adobe Fresco. To be honest, I dont know what kind of complicated things people are even doing on iPad Pros to to use the incredible power that they have because Im, certainly not using it. I guess, if youre doing like full on video editing, but even then I dont think theres software that runs on iOS thats, not complicated. Maybe there is I dont know. What Im talking about all Im saying is that, for drawing purposes, this little iPad mini is fully capable no issues whatsoever. So aside from the processor, the other thing is the smaller hard drive, and this is also not an issue for me because of the way that I work. I do. The majority of my work in Adobe, Fresco and Adobe Fresco is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. Suite and when youre using Adobe Creative Cloud, all of the iPad apps automatically sync to Creative Cloud, so its not taking up a bunch of space on your iPad, which is really great a side benefit to this, is that I can be working on something on the Ipad Pro finish, it up close the iPad Pro leave, take the iPad Mini with me, and then I can pop open that file, because its automatically synced with Creative Cloud, its ready to go on the iPad Mini.

This also means I can access and edit files anywhere. I go as long as I have this little little baby iPad with me and its so small. Why wouldnt it be, but again I dont really go anywhere. So, oh, but wait what about this? What if my kid pours juice in my iPad, Pro like right in the port, just just destroys the iPad Pro it doesnt work anymore, its all its all dead, and I have a project due in one hour. Am I screwed? Well? No. I can just take this little iPad Mini open it up. The file is already there because I use Creative Cloud and I could just do the project finish it off on my iPad mini and send it off crisis averted. So I guess you could say the purchase of this iPad Mini was less Reckless and more of smart business insurance, so it wasnt a stupid. Impulsive, unnecessary, Reckless financial decision sounds like Im more of a smart business person. If you ask me, speaking of business its also a tax write off, this is the best decision I ever made alright. So what about shoulder pain? You might be asking all right. You probably arent asking that over the years, Ive had issues with my elbow and like my forearm and all this fascia stuff and my shoulder from the repetitive motion of drawing basically the same way. I hold my iPad like this and I draw like this and if I dont anchor my elbow, this gets ruined and if I anchor my elbow my shoulder gets ruined, so I cant win either way all right.

So how does the iPad Mini relate to this? You might be asking well its so small that Im in a completely different position when Im drawing so it changes things up and it makes that repetitive motion a little bit different. So I guess you could say its actually saving my shoulder and how much do new shoulders cost. I bet its way more than an iPad Mini, so whos making poor financial decisions. Now not this guy lets do some rapid fire other cool things, one it has USBC. Unlike my stupid, gigantic iPhone Pro Max its got the same charger that I can use on my iPad Pro and on my MacBook Pro its all the same super convenient, so its got Touch ID and its over on the side. Instead of taking up space on the screen like the old iPads, did it actually sort of prefer the touch ID to the face? Id just feel like the face? Id can be a little finicky, and this is just sort of like a natural place where you would rest your finger when youre holding it, so it just works out really well, I think, speaking of the sides, its got these up and down buttons like youre used To seeing on an iPad whats cool about these is theyre smart buttons, so if Im using the iPad Mini horizontally, if you press up, that would turn the volume up first down, it pulls the volume down and then, when its vertical it switches, so that it makes Sense, thats, pretty cool thats, the kind of attention to detail that makes me an Apple Fanboy also, even though its really tiny, you can use it as an additional display with your MacBook or iMac or whatever Mac you have.

If you have a Mac, I find the size is: is pretty cool for like putting tools over there like if youre working in Photoshop or something like that, you can have your layers and tools and all that stuff on the mini screen? And then youve got your full screen that you can dedicate to your artwork or whatever else youre doing or maybe you could put like your messages over there or email. Whatever you want, you could have you got some videos playing, you could have YouTube videos playing over here and doing stuff on the other screen and, with this little baby, zugu case its got these magnets on it. So I can just like pop it up on this little arm here its like a little display arm. You can stick it wherever you want, but I guess thats a zugu case thing and not an iPad Mini thing, but it could be. If you get the zugu case Link in description. All right, you want some cool iPad tips, all right, fine, but first you need to go and smash the Subscribe like Bell seriously, though, I would greatly appreciate it if you could like this video subscribe, maybe share it with some friends really helps get this channel moving. This is still a very new channel and Im trying to grow it and make more of these things, so I dont know. Thank you all right lets get on to these tips, so you can just pick up the iPad tap the screen with the pencil and just make a note.

This is especially helpful for people like me with ADHD, who have lots of random thoughts and ideas, and if you dont capture them, they will be gone forever, never to appear again similar to that when youre actually using the iPad – and you have another one of these Ideas, you can just swipe up from the bottom right and you get this little quick note feature where you can just make a quick little note and then slides back away. Super handy swipe up from the bottom left and you can take a screenshot. This is another one that is super helpful for me, because Ive always been in the habit of taking tons of screenshots. As like a quick way to remind me of something the problem is I never know what Im supposed to be reminded of from these screenshots. I just look at the screenshot Im like: why do I have the screenshot so Now swipe up from the screenshot, and then I can, just with my pencil, make a quick little note on the screenshot and then I know why I took a screenshot of it. The other great thing is like typically when you want to do a screenshot on an iPad. You got ta like put down the pencil and do like press all the buttons. At the same time here you dont have to put down the pencil. I just swipe up. One little motion: you got the screenshot all right. Are we convinced this was a good purchase? I think Im satisfied.

Let me know if Im a reckless impulsive idiot in the comments. Okay, to recap, its super portable, like a little robot moleskin, its got plenty of power, and the drawing experience is just as good as it is on the iPad Pro aside from being a little bit smaller a lot a bit smaller. I think someone could actually get by as an illustrator with just the iPad Mini, especially if they work within the Creative Cloud Suite of applications. You could also easily use it as like a display tablet with your Mac and if you use something like Astro pad, you could actually choose how much of your display that you want to appear on the iPad screen, so that youre not trying to replicate an entire Big screen on a little screen, you would just sort of crop in on your drawing window and then thats, where you would be able to draw on your display. Do you think you could manage with just a Wii pad Im sure I could do it, but I would rather have the bigger iPad to do most of my drawing on all right. So what about this screen protector Ive used a whole bunch of different screen protectors. If you havent, seen any of my other iPad screen protector review, videos theres a playlist of reviews where youll be able to find them in there, this is the paper feel screen protector and I got ta say: Im really liking this one.

I think this might be my favorite at the moment, its sort of like a a Goldilocks experience where its just enough texture, but not so much that it just chews through apple pencil tips and doesnt, really affect the display quality too much. I find it has just enough texture to give a little bit of resistance and feel better than the straight glass, but its not super aggressive, like the bellamon paper screen protector, which I reviewed and its got a little bit more tooth than the new paper like screen Protector and its cheap theres a link in my description for stuff that I use, which will open up my Amazon storefront, which will have this screen protector in there, as well as all the other stuff that I use hope.