This is still a very quick device that I can play games in very high graphics. I have really no issues, so one we have here is just your base version 64, gigs of storage, three gigabytes of RAM, and it is racking the a13 processor. So this is basically the 2020 iPhone SE in a bigger package. So this is, like I said, a very nice fast device uh to me it is still very good looking and that is, of course controversial uh. But to me I actually really like the way the old eye pads still look. I dont know if I still have the button down here and then it is super duper thin uh, where the new ones are a little bit thicker and you still have the nicer looking back of it to me. It just looks like when you see those people know its an iPad eyes, absolutely love the way it looks and how super thin. It is still have your headphone jack there as well. You got your power button here. I never find rocker there bomb. We have dual speakers uh one thing, the new ones that have my opinion better is the way they have their speaker placement. They still only have two speakers on the iPad 10, but its one on either side where heres youre stuck with both of them. On the same side, I have your lightning adapter there, and then you have your keyboard attachment there and of course the bag has a okay camera.

So, like I said, this thing is super duper fast and to me it is still good. Looking uh so well just go ahead. Well, just do a few speed tests here, uh, you guys can decide for yourself if you think this is fast enough for you. So were just hooked. Up to my home, Wi Fi uh nothings been deleted. Im not doing any histories, because people do not do that. Every time you get off of the internet unless youre looking up things, you do not want other people to see you looking up. Lets go ahead. Well hit the Apple here. Uh I mean this thing is blazingly fast and of course, new ones will be even a little bit faster or you can invite the iPad Pros. Theyll be even crazier, faster, theyre, just crazy. To think like this thing is not the fastest iPad or tablet you can buy, and it is very fast. Okay, well hit the different color here as the iPad Air, which now actually on sale here in the US for 500 bucks, which is pretty good, deal uh. Speaking of pricing. This is 330 dollars, but Ive seen them gone still now, since the new one came out uh down to 250 bucks here in the US, which is crazy, you can get this thing for 250 bucks brand new. It is. It is a steal of a deal. Of course, we can hit the different little icons, for you guys can see everything loads in nice and fast as I can hit.

All right then well go to like Apple with the new MacBooks out, and it works very well. Okay, one more website here. One thing that does annoy me about iPads in general and thats, any iPad Ive ever used is that clicking uh youll be having nice little clicks and then all of a sudden well do like that. One loud click or just the clicking wont, make any sound at all for a moment and then itll make a big, loud click or something the clicking always just seems weird uh, but master hunter. Just came out yesterday, the 20th of January for uh PS5 PS4 uh Xbox, so you guys are into this game. I highly recommend picking it up. There we go. I said you dont, have no issues. Loading in any website; it will go into. Uh were just going to Roblox here, make sure volume is down because their bed, obviously a little teams – super duper fast, going to Royal High, which is a more of a graphically intensive game for Roblox, at least and say Max great Max Graphics, uh. This is what Ive been using for my gaming channel for using Roblox. I can easily record videos and Max graphics and have no issues even with recording. At the same time, internal recording lets see how fast that loads. In so I mean yes, there are, of course, cheaper options out there, including older versions of this Im, sure you can find used uh.

You can get yourself a Amazon Fire HD 10 plus that is 180 bucks, but not on sale uh. But this is definitely a different League than those tablets are going to be uh. This is still like their budget tablet, so to speak. Um. You can get messages on here too. I messages on here because you just saw there um, but you can get thats. Why? I lost my turn. Thought lets see well leave this since youre doing that weird thing, but you guys can see there it loads in just fine Im going like animal simulator here, oh yes, you can get both cheaper bunch of tablets uh, but this is like this is Apples, budget tablet And I guess you could send away the iPad 10 is now with their budget tablet in a way uh. But this thing is going to be the best budget tablet out there, especially at 250 bucks here in the US. If you can find one for that when they go on sale, this is going to blow any other type of budget tablet out of the water, so a Samsung Tab A8. The S6 light uh the Amazon Fire tablets, any of the any of the Walmart tablets that Im brand tablets. This thing is just going to blow them away again. We see like three gigabytes of RAM thats, not a whole lot. Even the Amazons can come with four gigs uh, but this does it very well.

I mean you can multitask down here. Just fine with that. Are you guys can see playing at least Roblox Max Graphics? I mean Ive done pubgm pretty much the max Graphics. They can do uh thats available currently for iOS. It has no issues with it can just play games no problem. You can surf the Internet, no Prem uh, I mean now. I dont do video editing or anything like that on iPads, uh, but Im sure to have no problems at all with it um I mean youre not going to have issues with this device and, of course, if you do want to get a better iPad, you can Spend a bit more money, its like the iPad Air theres on sale for 500 bucks. I also double the price of this but yeah, but that believe you do get the M1 processor going on to OfferUp. Here, uh, we can go into Google Sheets and yes, it is a fingerprint magnet, but the fingerprints do come off the same pretty easily. Here, of course, Im not having issues with anything like this. I mean for school. This thing would be amazing uh. Of course you have Apples own pages and numbers and keynote, or you can use Google stuff where you can get the office you can get whatever you want off of the off of the App Store. It works very well uh, anythings gon na work. Just fine on here uh this thing would be good its 10.

2 inches, so it is a decent sized screen as well and, of course, with their assets ratio 2 having it either way works very well. I dont have any issues: uh were seeing whats on your screen, so again its this thing worth buying 2023. Of course it is even for 330 bucks. I still think its worth it get it on sale for 250. Here in the US is more than worth it. Uh this is, this is a really good device, especially at 250 bucks uh. This is this is probably my favorite tablet this and then my S7 plus uh from Samsung. I like that thing, because its a little bit bigger uh, but this and that are about the same on speed, which is crazy, as that was over a thousand dollars when it was new. So you guys dont know what you think, though. Yes, this is very much worth it uh and one thing too before we end this video, I did want to show no its been like this for a little bit now, but if we go into like YouTube, it used to be youd, have the gigantic black bars, Whereas now you still do have those black bars when its big, but you can now zoom in make it full, which is very, very good. I do lose quite a bit of your what you would see otherwise, but you dont. Have it either way now, where it used to be, you were just stuck with these big black bars, so its just something nice that they have updated.

Finally, you guys, let me know what you think. As always. I really do appreciate you. Yes, iPad 9 is still worth buying uh, especially for 250 bucks compared to I think, 450 uh. You know if its on sale compared to 450 for the iPad time. To me, this is definitely a good buy. Thank you guys for watching.