My name is jonathan, and here today, im gon na give you a review about using windows alongside with ipad, exactly im gon na use here ipad, as my drawing tablet same way like you use with huion and cintiq. Let me show you here my screen, my desk, as you guys can see. This is my ipad and i usually do my work using cintiq, as you guys can see over here its a very big. You know one its 60, but today, im gon na call you about this new app that it is very nice uh. First of all to see this app, you need to download which is paid. You need to pay monthly all right, its, not too expensive id say and you need to install this app. Astropad is called in your windows. If i show you my screen over here, this is my windows screen. You need to download the astro patty studio. First of all, after that, you can basically download the format that it is standard, and now we have the pc download, which is new for windows, and now guys you can see that i am having here the ipad it with windows, and i can use this simply By lets say: okay, i want to open here, i think, design its going to open. You can use this as interactive tablet uh. This app works, pretty smooth im select here this this group all right and then im gon na enable here the feature mode.

So i can use my hands just to lets, say as interactive display and just to let you know about the settings that you can have here its icon. If you tap here, you will enable this option. Thats called after patty studio in this astro pad studio. Guys you can basically custom the software that you are using and then you can manage here to have the paint stroke that me enable here by default im gon na enable here the magenta by default, and then, if you lets say draw. Let me hide here by clicking this icon. If i draw here using raster persona, youll see that there is a pink line going on thats, showing where im drawing okay im using select mode, but i will select right now the brush and then im gon na just make it a sketch. Just show you. So the performance works pretty great. I can draw this easily right im going to dip with this function. I dont like to see this pink red line im going to disable here by clicking the paint stroke panel. You can find your paint stroke known and there you go. You will not notice this anymore and then you have other settings like pressure. You can custom the pressure in case that you feel like uh. You dont want to have too much hard pressure to make strong lines right. You can custom over here, which is very great also on cintiq. You can do that just to let you know clicking on here in back see as well the magic gestures here on the magic dusters you can set this up lets say you have the one finger and hitting with the pencil whats gon na happen.

If you do that, if you hit here, you have some shortcuts that you can enable that case im enabling here eraser. So let me just hide this this panel for a bit and then im gon na zoom this i i need to zoom, so you can use the two fingers, but it doesnt work. So nice do this in the same way like im doing uh doing this very calmly id say it doesnt work so well. I hope that they will improve this one finger and then press its gon na erase this. Can you see im erasing by doing this kind of shortcut so im drawing lets, say: okay, im drawing here then one finger. I can erase im using here two fingers uh as mouse button, all right mouse button and look at this two fingers and then ill drag. So its gon na pan my screen, viewer and under another one. It is the modifier key. Okay, this one with three fingers its gon na make the out lets, see that you are painting lets, say okay, im painting here and then you can simply use three fingers and use the color picker. Okay lets dig into this shortcut settings click here on the workspace and youre gon na see this screen where you can basically set up here, thats, okay, i wan na copy, and then i wan na paste okay, so you will be able to use these as shortcuts Click here in edit shortcuts here below you can edit this panel.

I personally i need to tell you i personally, i will not, and i have no plans to use this panel here, im just showing you, because i would rather choose my keyboard right because i feel faster to use my keyboards, but that case just show you that You can simply change here. The functionalities like okay, two tabs here, is gon na undo, which is ctrl z and you can change the keys right. You can change this keystroke and just let you know that uh. This is a possibility that you can do by using ipad alongside with windows in this app. Another thing that i want to show you is that you can click here in move and zoom. This screen will allow you to change the aspect ratio and also the size of your monitor. If i show you here, let me zoom this a bit more. You know less uh guys you are seeing here in full screen, which is not very appropriate for ipad, because it is 16 by nine. In that case, im gon na just hit here lets say i wan na hit a hundred percent and its gon na zoom. In this specific part, so i can basically choose where i wan na focus on my screen and then im gon na just hit back and, as you guys can see now im seeing just one part of my desktop screen, and i i think that its very nice Way because you can only focus to make their drawings over here im using the desktop looking at my desktop and then im creating a new layer, and then i can simply back to here to to draw all right.

As you guys can see, the performance looks pretty great compared here to here on the top. You will see that the performance looks very good uh. This is working very good because of the cable. If you are using internet its not going to work so well and remember that you can see the settings if i open here my screen is my uh desktop screen. If i open here, i can change the the position that my ipad will grab all right. Uh, you can change the position of your screen to have the full screen on your ipad. Okay, just show you how it works, but if i hit here and made as a full screen, youre gon na lose a bit of space, which is not very lets, say great because, of course, ipad is not too big to work, and you can have a problem Like i usually have having a small screen and now lets say that you want to use your ipad to make 3d stuffs lets say that im gon na just hit with one finger, and then i can rotate here. Of course, this is happening because of the settings that ive applied over here with the magic gestures here. Magic gesture is turning as my right mouse button. If i show you here my right mouse button does this okay, i can rotate, of course, by using ipad. Do not you dont, have this functionality of scrolling. You know you need to set up your shortcuts to use this properly, okay and thats it.

I want to pan this. I can use two fingers and then i can do this. Okay, basically, one finger rotate two fingers uh pan and there you go and you can switch between lets, say. Okay, i want to switch to procreate all right just open here and you are on procreate. You can back to here and open astro pad. You can now use affine designer and then lets say. Okay, i want to make some shadings over here. I want to im using mouse at the moment with my keyboard, but remember that it is very great to make sketches im gon na just make some vector things here, using the pencil tool and okay. I am testing here just to see if the clicking is working perfectly im gon na just pick this color its working nice, the precision of clicking is nice. Then i can simply draw a shape, as you guys can see. It works very nice im, drawing im just dragging over here, just to show you uh gaussian blur applying the precision works very great, and you can compare here my three screens all right working in real time. Basically, it is working. Look perfectly. The time works very nice and right now, if we compare the size of both screens, guys look at this im gon na just place here. My cintiq, above of my my ipad, look at the comparison of its size. It is too big and there, of course, some cons and pros.

I i really love the the walk on. You know pencil because of the buttons that we have. It has a nice. You know precision the grab, the way that you grab its very comfortable and lets say: okay, i want to work as designer, so i switch here. This is my workflow. Basically, i switch here as with mouse, and then i change here some technical stuffs and remember that you can get these tutorials uh by joining on the vectorize Okay, um yeah, basically its something that im very looking forward to use and test even more. I still do love the cintiq, but i did that for now ill. Try to use more, my patch in my front, alongside with with my desktop okay, guys, thats it for now. I hope that you enjoyed this thats a review, quick review about astropath, which is a paid app. You need to pay this monthly. It is not expensive to be honest, im not getting sponsored to talk about them, but this is a very positive point that you dont need to pay very expensive, because you know that syntix and huion – they are. You know very expensive, mainly cintiq in that case and in case that you are planning to get acidic just to have it as drawing tablet, and you have already the ipad. I need to tell you, i think you should go with your ipad instead of cintiq. That case, because with ipad you can go everywhere, you can draw in your room, you can, you know, do a lot of stuff without need to have a desktop with you.

Ipad is very portable. You can. You can see that i can basically unplug and then i can go everywhere and i can do my project over here in anywhere. I think that its gon na be very nice and we can grow a lot as artists and thats it guys. I want to thank so much for your time. See you in the next video and bye bye. Leave it a like and comment here below.