to help you answer the question: should you buy it if you dont, know more about game bundles and feel free to like This video And subscribe to my channel. It really helps the channel out anyway lets get into this and number one. We have cookout a family friendly, Cooperative, cooking game. Cookout is pretty much overcooked, but in VR this game is set entirely within the cooks. Cabin on a fairy tale Forest creatures who are humanoid. Animals will come over to your cabin and Order increasingly complicated sandwiches, and you have to prepare those orders On a Carousel in the middle of your kitchen and place them on a delivery platform when theyre ready your customers range from mice, werewolves cats, rabbits and, among others, Each of their own appetites and tolerance to mistakes and time as an example, mice orders, a simple werewolf orders are big due to their huge appetites. Anything made for cats needs to be Flawless because they think that they are the most perfect beings in the world and rabbits are always in a rush. So you wont have a lot of time to prepare their meal. The gameplay is fast frantic and will have you looking at orders, picking up the required ingredients chopping them up with your Cleaver, then placing them in the correct order on the correctly numbered plates. You rarely have all the ingredients that you need for incoming orders. So you have to rely on your other cook robot to supply you with the ingredients as long as you keep him charged by turning his crankshaft every few minutes, as as you progress through it to 50 levels across 18 towns, youll earn power.

Ups and upgrades for your equipment power ups like instantly making perfect sandwiches or slowing down time, really helps me have five impatient animal humanoids with five totally different orders, who are more than willing to take their business elsewhere. If youre not fast enough, you will also be tasked with grilling ingredients and washing dishes. On top of your already hectic cooking, this game is most fun on multiplayer, as you have to communicate with your teammate swapping ingredients and making sure that sandwiches are done in time. It will really test your relationship as you scream at each other, like in Hells Kitchen, shutting for your beef head. If you like a hectic but fun family friendly, cooking game, then look no further than cookout and number two. We have Acron attack of the squirrels, a multiplayer VR game involving trees and squirrels, as opposed to having multiple VR kits. The multiplayer portion of this game requires only one player to have a VR kit, while the other two to eight players could play the game on their mobile devices. The person with the VR kit plays a tree, and the tree needs to guard four golden acorns at its feet. Other players have to download an app on their mobile devices to play the squirrels trying to steal these acorns rounds are short, only lasting a few minutes and can get quite hectic as a tree. You have access to a few weapons to murder those thieving squirrels.

You could use your groot like hands to grab the squirrels and throw them far away instantly, killing them upon impact or use your projectile weapons. The first one is a small ball of wood, which you can Chuck at squirrels. The second is a boulder that can explode when you throw something else at it, and the third is a green slime that you can squirt all over the floor to slow the squirrels down. Combining these tools is essential in guarding your knots as a squirrel. You have four types of squirrels to choose from each of their own play. Styles: red squirrels are fast, marmots are slow, but can employ a portable Shield. Ground squirrels can dig tunnels and travel underground, while Chipmunks can build ramps and bridges to cross over water and lava. The levels in this game will provide some varied environmental factors that will also gain mechanics like water lava and cliffs Acron. Attack of the squirrels is a lot of fun when played in groups, and it is a perfect party game that you can play with friends and family and best of all, you only need one VR kit and number three. We have until you fall an arcade inspired. Vr Hack and Slash roguelite, you play as an unnamed swordsman, brought back to life repeatedly to fight pigas Knights and monsters, earning you more in game currency, each time to gradually upgrade your weapons. You can power up your weapons by slotting in upgrades into the upgrade slots.

You could also charge up your super attack through repeated use. You have access to a limited Dash function to get around that doubles as a sneak attack. Once you get up close and personal to an enemy on screen prompts will indicate where you need to raise your weapons to block blocking attacks will weaken your enemys defense meter. The swordplay could feel overly busy at times due to the different on screen prompts and meters. After The Last Enemy is defeated in an area you get to choose between three random upgrades, these upgrades can build your health or provide temporary damage, boosts or status effects for permanent upgrades. Youll need to grind through the game by collecting and spending ether grinding will. Take a long time before youre ready to take on the games more challenging fights, it can feel like a slog at times, but the weapon, variety and random upgrades makes each playthrough feels slightly different. This game is great if you like, making incremental progress after each playthrough, and especially if you like, slashing at things of your virtual sword and number four. We have the Wizards Dark Times a narrative driven Adventure game that offers the use of magic and spells rather than guns. This game is actually a sequel to the 2017 game. The Wizards he once again plays a wizard in a fantasy world, known as meliora continuing her journey from the first game, youre once again, accompanied by a dryly sarcastic narrator Aurelius.

You do not need to play the first game to figure out what is going on. In fact, heres a summary: there is evil magic in the world and you need to stop it thats it. The plot goes only slightly deeper than that, so you arent missing out on much the gameplay Loop is as follows. You are treated with a bit of dialogue which will lead you to either a light puzzle or a combat set piece where theres variety is how the game gives you a reason to switch up your playstyle like in one level. It is constantly raining, so you cant use a fireball spell or another level that forces you to play. One handed limiting the type of spells it can use its a fun way to add a little bit of variety. You will learn 11 spells throughout the game, and these ranges from summoning magical weapons to fireballs and lightning blasts. There are six core spells that can be triggered by their unique gestures, an additional 5 empowered versions of the core elements. The gestures are very fun to use and the Spells are different enough in range damage and effect to make them all useful in different situations. In a way it does make. You feel like Doctor Strange from the Marvel comic books. The developers are constantly updating this game and you can expect a multiplayer mode coming soon. They will have three Mages Frost, fire and storm hurling magic spells and waves of enemies and completing objectives before fighting a boss.

It is definitely worth watching out for and number five. We have cyrento VR a VR cyber ninja simulator that requires planning and precise execution you play as a member of The Silent Ones, a righteous but covert organization of seemingly ordinary people who practice the long forsaken code and martial arts of the ancient samurais ninjas. This game features 8 unique enemies and a handful of maps. There are significant emphasis on speed, but the levels can find the players. If you really want to be a ninja, you can, in this game by being really stealthy or you can just go in guns blazing and its so difficult to hold yourself back when you can double jump across the map. This game is fun shaking your hand around to maximize damage with a sword and mowing down waves on enemies theres. Only one boss, though, and finding him can be a bit of a chore. The movement in this game is awesome, and it really makes you want to move fast and Maps designed for such movements as sliding and wall bouncing it just feels great running and sliding to an enemy only needs to cut him in half with your sword and shooting Him endlessly with a machine pistol watching blood purse out of him, then move into another enemy and repeating, even though it can be repetitive at times. The physicality of your movements in this game is great and youll find it one of the most pleasurable flow States in VR and number six.

We have super hot VR, a first person shooter with an interesting type movement. Mechanic time only moves when you move your body. This shifts the genre from an action game to more of a puzzle game. The story of this game is very minimalistic in between levels. Youll find yourself in a small apartment with computers that you are playing the super hot game on your apartment changes over time, but only very subtly. Most of the storytelling comes from observation of items in the environment and you filling in the Gap creating a mysterious atmosphere. Back to the gameplay in each level, you need to figure out how to defeat All Enemies without getting hit. This will involve dodging bullets, throwing objects, catching drop, weapons from enemies and shooting them in the face. If you move at full speed, the action can get quite crazy, but since you can control a time of movements, you can take your time to plan out before going full on Rambo on everybody. You really feel like a star in an action film. Imagine dodging bullets. Matrix style then throwing ninja stars at a nearby enemy catching his pistol, then quickly turning around and firing in another enemy behind you. If that doesnt make, you feel like an action movie star, I dont know what else will the main campaign is very short clocking in about 2 two hours, but after the main campaign, several new modes are unlocked and theyre all addictive and add much extra value to The game these modes include speedrun, endless, headshot, only survival mode, hardcore mode where the game moves more quickly and a guest mode to let other players play the game without saving progress.

If you want to feel like a star in an action movie dodging bullets, while shooting enemies in the face, then super hot VR comes highly recommended and number 7. We have car mechanic, simulator VR, a Simulator game that lets you experience what its like to fix cars youll, be doing everything from ordering parts raising and lowering cars on your lift, removing nuts using your electric drill, etc, etc. Basically, what you see your mechanic do to your car you get to do that by in a virtual world with no actual license nor experience to handle cars. Your tablet will show you your jobs and upon accepting a job you will be ordering parts or car to fix the car. These parts will arrive to you instantly, so you can get to working on the car without delay, depending on what you need to do. You may need to get the car onto the lift, so you can work on things at ihide. In addition to fixing cars, you can upgrade your garage and even move on to other aspects of the game like buying and flipping cars for a profit. This game may not be for everyone, especially those who are accustomed to fast paced VR action with quick gratification. This game is more for ones who like an easy, going, simulator wanting to repair cars and upgrade their workshop to be the best mechanic in town and number. Eight we have, I expect you to die an escape room puzzle game you play as an unnamed secret agent, trying to throw out the nefarious plans of your arch villain, Dr zor.

His plan naturally includes multiple doomsday devices. Of course, this game is a total of six scenarios, with a classic James Bond spy setup like driving a car out of a plane or infiltrating a chemical lab. A chief Handler of her British accent will guide you through these missions, occasionally teasing you on the Simplicity of each Mission and promise of a well deserved vacation after your mission, just like Q from the films youll be sitting all the time in this game, not having The opportunity to actually explore your environment, however theres a lot it can interact with like hidden compartments holding guns and cash and finding vital Clues and decorations interactive items will turn your reticle blue. So youre never left wondering if something can be interacted with or not. Unlike James Bond, you have access to psychic powers that allow you to grab items from a distance to inspect so youre a James Bond, but with psychic powers. There are plenty of callbacks to Bond films like the stuffed deer head that spews toxic gas or the ever popular deadly trap door beneath boardroom seats. You never see the games villain in person, but dialogue delivered through recordings. Phones and intercoms will give you a vivid mental picture of the type of Baddie that youre dealing with solving each scenario will see you sweating, as mistakes can easily kill you and you dont have the convenience of plot armor, especially when you have been meticulously setting the Solution up over the past few minutes wondering if your solution will work as the next button that you press could spell your doom.

This game could definitely use more features, more Gunplay, more levels and more scenarios. However, if you want to feel like you are born in trouble in a movie, and you have to puzzle your way out, this game could be for you and number nine. We have shooty fruity, a multitasking shooter blending in Fruit, Ninja and job simulator. You have just started a mega Mart and youre, given a series of retail related tasks only in this company youre, also given industrial standard issue weaponry and power, ups being a newbie, you first starter as a cashier at the Mart scanning and sorting items as they arrive. Unlike most cashiers, you have to fend off waves of demented fruits or wanting to destroy your cash register. Performing your retail related duties will grant your progress throughout the diverse weaponries or equip you start with a pistol with more weapons. To unlock these unlocked weapons will then be hung in a wreck for you to rotate your weapons on as your weapons do degrade quite quickly. Reviews to defend yourself as effective as possible. Youll need to determine which guns work best against which fruit and only use your power outs when they are required with so many products to deal with in the retail side of things, do expect some pop culture. References shooting fruits is very satisfying as you watch their juices splatter everywhere when you put holes through them at close range, unique attack patterns, varied facial, animations and movement.

Styles, give the fruits their own unique personalities. There are even silly fruit voices and Supermarket Jingles to remind you of the time when going to the mall was a thing. In addition to the campaign you can aim for high scores on the leaderboards and challenges. Challenges will take you hours, and the points from them will go towards feeding your leaderboard score. These points will also become funds to spend on weapons. Youll have access to 18 different weapons and 6 weapon slots, giving you a ton of options to customize your Loadout for each level to murder. Marauding fruits with this game can be surprisingly challenging, especially as you progress through the levels. So if you enjoy a good challenge, love watching your name, kind of leaderboards or just simply hate vegetables altogether, then this game could be for you and number 10. We have the Curious tale of the stolen pets, a puzzle game. There exists two sisters, one who loves magic and the other who loves Pets. The Two Sisters eventually grew apart, as they grew up due to their differences saddened by this. Their loving grandfather tasks you to explore a series of dream, dioramas solving miniature puzzles to find all their Missing Pets and reunite sisters. Curious tale offers a pleasant introduction to playing in VR with a Charming aesthetic and a steady pace of simple puzzles to solve there isnt any fast, paced action in this game, so you wont be swinging. Your VR sticks around instead youre presented with miniature 3D scenes like a hillside, Cottage or snowy ski chalet.

You can spin them around like an interactive dollhouse, open doors and watch tiny figures skip around on their own. There are five levels in this game, each of its own unique charm. They are filled with lovely details like waterfalls and leafy greens, and it is clear that each model was designed with much care to find the hidden pets. You will be pressing buttons lighting fires and discovering hidden keys. You can also pick up a tool like a brush or hair dryer to interact with the scene. Creatures in this game are cute and tiny. Looking like something straight out of a childrens storybook, the puzzles are a breeze to finish and the game wont. Last you very long approximately an hour once youre done, you can go back to collect all hidden coins, but since nothing much changes there is little motivation to do so. This game is perfect if you want to introduce children to VR, but if youre looking for a deep story, a longer adventure with more hidden surprises, then you will be disappointed. If, however, you like a short relaxing distraction for your time, popping heads off or pulling vertebrates out of bodies, this could be something for you and number 11. We have a fishermans tale, a mind, bending puzzle, Adventure game where being turned upside down and inside out isnt. Merely a play on words, you play as Bob a tiny fisherman puppet living alone in your tiny cabin. Your radio starts broadcasting a storm alert and you have to get to the top of the lighthouse to turn on the light, but it seems like youre being pulled on a string while youre pulling the strings in your own, smaller lighthouse in your world.

Who is pulling the strings while being pulled by strings around here? Ah, this game features four chapters to play through and throughout the four chapters youll be solving puzzles using the games, large and small mechanic. An example of this is when you need a boat to stare into sea. You have to actually assemble a bottle boat. First then use that boat to make a boat. That is your size to appear confusing. I know, but you will get a hang of the concept. After a while, a gentle voice over narration will help you with the environment and the puzzles, so you arent feeling like youre at loss at what to do. The voice will provide you ample of Clues, leaving little downtime to scratch your wooden puppet head. If you do get stuck, some trial and error should alleviate the problem. The narrative in this game is also quite interesting. If you make your question, who is the Pooler and who is the police? This game is quite short, though, and you should finish it in about an hour once youre done theres little reason to go back. This game really needs more levels, more puzzles and an expanded story as to whats going on in this world. If you dont mind its short Play Time, Value, Artistry and original puzzle design, I would recommend giving this game a try and thats all for this bundle. This bundle is great if you like VR games, theres plenty of variety in terms of what you can do in VR that is available in this bundle.

If, however, you do not own a VR gear, then theres no point in you getting this bundle anyway.