This is a 27 inch monitor 5k resolution and in comparison to the apple pro display xd xdr. The thing is like almost 5 000 pounds, but this one in particular is about 1 500 pounds, which is well sounds like a bargain. Creator else is out there on the market, not really a bargain, but you know anyway, so the studio display itself is really nice. Like i said 27 inch, unboxing is always nice when it comes to apple and in the box, youve obviously got the studio display, monitor itself with kind of this base stand which is included by default. Thank you. So much apple always appreciate that, and it also comes with this other box, which basically houses a usb c cable, which is what you can use to connect your laptop ipad, etc. Directly to the monitor, oh obviously got ta, get that unboxing thats, just so satisfying, but anyway, back to the actual video. One of the things i forgot is youve got the main power cable. Obviously we need power and this thing is just really high quality. I really like the look and feel of it and yeah. Maybe this is just the weird part of tech youtube where im admiring a wire but yeah its just got a really nice feel the usbc cable itself, isnt, really long id say its about a meter in length, but to be fair, its just for your laptop to Connect directly to the monitor, which isnt really a problem and for the build quality, its really nice, its constructing using aluminium materials or aluminum, whatever you want to call it, and it just really looks like an apple product, its just clean all over theres, not even any Buttons on this thing and compared to an iphone 30 pro max, its just, maybe double in terms of thickness, so its just really slick looking and its got four different ports on the back.

Three of them are usb c, and one of them is a thunderbolt 3.. The thunderbolt 3 one is actually a port which will have 96 watt host charging, which means it can really fast charge, your macbook pro or your ipad, your iphone, etc, really fast and thats exactly what you need, so its not really slow, so yeah just really useful. Now this monitor also has six built in speakers, and the speakers themselves are on both the top and the bottom of the monitor thats. Why youve got all these little holes all across the top and bottom? The sound is great. I usually connect an external speaker to a monitor, but i didnt immediately feel the need for it on this display. Obviously, if youre going to use it on a professional level, you might need it, but if youre just kind of a day to day user, the built in speakers are more than good enough and they are super loud as well. Okay, now lets talk about actual screen. Quality now this video itself on youtube is going to be 4k that im playing, but the video within the monitor is 5k, so its not going to do it justice, but from what i can see its just a lot crisper its just a lot sharper. But then the problem is, you need to make sure you have a good enough internet connection, otherwise its going to keep pausing like what i have. Even though i have fiber optic, but hey thanks virgin media but yeah.

It gives you an idea of the actual quality itself, and it just looks so good and thats. What ive got to say. General browsing as well text is very crisp. It just is a good experience and what i can do as well is split screen. So its a 27 inch monitor, but its large enough, where i can easily run two different windows and its easily readable on both sides where i dont need to keep resizing now. Ive come from an ultrawide, so thats really important that i should be able to multitask. One of the things as well is youve got that built in webcam, its a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera 122 degrees field of view and aperture of f 2.4. So you get the slight blurry look as well, which is really nice and it kind of tracks you digitally as well, but unfortunately i just couldnt get it to run. I tried it on zoom face time and a couple of different apps, but it just didnt work for me. Its a shame really want to try it out, but it just didnt work anyway. One of the things i mentioned about the display is this: is the base model at 1 500 pounds? It doesnt have the reflective coating and you can definitely feel the difference, because i have a window next to this monitor in my office, and you can just clearly see it. You can see the curtains in full detail and the window, especially in natural sunlight, which can be kind of distracting when youre in the zone you dont feel it, but when youre watching videos and theyre more darker, you definitely feel it like.

You can see the background light there. I can turn it off and its a lot better, but you still see those details and if the window is still open there you go. You can see me in the background still so yeah its kind of distracting and for mono this price. You really wouldnt want something like this. You want more of a reflective coating which will prevent that. You know i can completely turn all the lights off and then it looks great, but otherwise not so much. You can also adjust the brightness directly from your macbook pro in this case, from the touch bar, which is a nice little feature, and you know its just a nice detail and when you compare to the macbook pro in terms of quality itself. To be honest with you, sometimes i actually prefer the macbook pros display theres. Nothing really stand out between both, which will make me choose one over the other, but i would give the edge to the macbook pros display its just crisper. In my opinion, um, but yeah like they look really similar colors, are kind of similar as well im not going to go into the technical details because thats, not all my videos are about, but when it comes to the actual, look and feel, and the colors theyre Fairly, even between both of them and its nice, this particular video is running in 4k and you can kind of see its quite well balanced.

Also ive heard a couple of people ask if you can use a windows based laptop and connected to this monitor. The answer is yes: here i have a huawei laptop connected directly to the monitor works, just as well as well. It doesnt give any problems. Okay, now lets talk about one of the most frustrating things that i noticed with this display and as nice as i found it that power cable. It just made no sense to me so in the pro display xdr, you can remove this, but in the studio display its, not removable, which means, if anything goes wrong, you would need to go to apple support. That was really annoying and i was like why thats not needed, especially at this kind of price point theres. Also, three different stands that you can get the base model, which is this one, has a tilt adjustable stand, so you can just change its orientation a little bit then for an extra, almost 300 or so pounds, actually no wait its 400 pounds, youve got the tilt And height adjustable stand, so you can adjust the height too so thats a premium of 400 pounds and yeah thats uh not cheap anyway thats, just a whistle stop tour on the apple studio display. Personally, i really like its quality, but i think im gon na go back to my 35 inch ultra wide, because the quality does it for me on that. I get more screen real estate as well and its 600 pound as opposed to 1500.

So the price point isnt really worth it for me anyway, guys that is all for the apple studio display, hope you found this video useful if you did make sure to give the video a like and subscribe to the channel.