They are still 150, but you can get them on sale, a lot of times for around 100 or even less than 100 bucks. This is a full hd display, 32 gigabytes of storage and only 2 gigabytes of ram. That is the main downfall of this tablet. It only has two gigabytes of ram uh they’re 32 gigabytes of storage isn’t bad, but you can expand that with a micro sd card. There is a slot on here for it uh this guy even has usb type c, just like the 2020 amazon fire, hd 8 and hd 8 plus here, so you can charge it up with usb type c, so it charges up pretty quick, actually uh. You cannot really connect this through the h through the usb type c to an external monitor it just doesn’t work, but what you can do is you can connect it to a mouse, a bluetooth mouse such as that one and a bluetooth keyboard such as this anchor. Here, so you can turn it into a computer like tablet and to show that off now you can see. I have my microsoft connected here. You guys can see the little mouse and then the keyboard is also connected as well. I’Ll show that off a bit later in the video, when we actually do some internet browsing here, and so i think, if you are looking at this device being a 150 tablet – you’re – probably not going to be doing anything too crazy on it.

Otherwise, you’d be looking at a higher end tablet such as the ipad pros or the samsung tab s 7 line of tablets here. So if you’re, looking at a 150 tablet, you’re, probably just going to be doing basic web browsing, maybe if you’re looking at an amazon tablet, doing some amazon shopping on here, maybe doing some video watching like youtube or some streaming from netflix stuff, like that, maybe doing Some light gaming, i will say for all that stuff. This works fantastic. Even two years later after this device came out and i’m going to show you guys that i’ll show you how well it works here still so to show that often so i’ll go on to a few websites here, so we’re still using the bluetooth keyboard and mouse. You guys can see, and this actually loads, pretty quick. You can see it’s actually pretty quick so again for web browsing. It works actually very well. It really has no issues and again you can use bluetooth keyboard, so it prints turns into. I guess. You almost said, like a chromebook more than an actual laptop, and i missed about fire uh, and i will i do wan na mention too. This bluetooth keyboard is like 15 or 20 from walmart, and then the mouse here, i think, was around 30 dollars. So we can see here is hd10 there’s, 150 right now uh now you do have different colors here, see if you’re black, your white, like i have here, you have the twilight blue and you also have plum now.

My thing with coloring on any device is that, if you put a case on like i have you usually do not see the actual color of your device uh with the exception of here, this is white, so you’ll see the white on the front, whereas the black, The blue and the plum all look to be just black on the front here go into this here so now where this might start to have issues again is with that ram. So if you have a crazy amount of different tabs, open i’ve not been able to slow this thing down, but let’s say i don’t, maybe say 20 or 30 tabs open with different things. Then it might start to slow way down with that. Only two gigabytes of storage, uh, two gigabytes of ram here, but just having a couple of tabs open, is not gon na have any issue and look at that there’s. The hd10 again i said it’s actually pretty dang, quick for being 150 or less. I think i want to buy the device yeah you can get these on sale almost all the time it seems like it seems like every other week. They put these on sale on amazon and again you can go on to the shop amazon here. This comes included and then, of course you can go through all this and it works very well. Like i said there we go. I will go on youtube here, so this is again full hd, so you guys can watch videos up to full hd here, we’ll type in 40k.

I’Ll show you you can view you can do up to uh. You can do up to 1080 and being a bit over 10 inch display. It is nice and big see it lets. You do 1080 60 frames per second, which is pretty cool, and the display to me is beautiful, it’s, a good looking display, especially when you consider this price range now one part they will have issues is i don’t? Have it up to there, i usually keep it maybe down to here or something brightness. If you do turn this up all the way, for whatever reason, maybe just like super bright and certain uncertain images and stuff like very especially, very dark or supposed to be very dark. Very black images you’re going to get light bleed through it, which is not the best looking thing um, but the way to combat that is just turn down. Your brightness and dynamic here will help a lot with that um, but yeah. So you have like these dark parts here. If you turn it up all the way a lot of times, you will get some light bleed coming through there, so it just doesn’t look as dark as it should as black as it should. But you can see this has no hiccups, while playing in 1080p 60 frames per second whatsoever. Again, it looks. It looks really good to me and again that 10 inch display is nice size. So, of course you can go through everything on here and it’s.

Pretty quick and then maybe you want to read some books. This is fantastic for reading books as well. Once i find my kindle app here again with the bigger display 1080p display, it looks very nice, so we’ll just open up one of these books here so it’ll download it see how quick that was to download. Of course, books do not take up that much so that you should do download pretty quick uh so being the bigger display. You also get two pages on uh. How would you say this two pages per screen? I guess before you have to go to the next. So that’s actually really cool it’s on the hd8. You only get you want to get uh one page per per screen before you need to go to the next one, so it’s pretty cool, i think and again being a nice display here. This looks very good. Let’S go ahead and do a little bit of gaming show you that so bottom line here is, if you’re not doing anything too crazy. What you’re probably not going to be doing. If you are looking at a 150 amazon tablet, this thing is still fantastic. Just do not expect to be able to say, keep a game open along with some tabs open and the internet on the web. Browser uh for some reason among us does not let you use bluetooth mouse with the game it floats around, but you can’t actually interact with it.

Okay, all right so went ahead and actually updated. This now it’s, actually letting me use the mouse, so that’s, actually really cool uh, so let’s go ahead and see if we can jump into a game here now. Let me use the bluetooth keyboard, but i know that you use the mouse all right, so they went ahead and started the gaming there’s. Only four of us in it nice nice black screen there we go so as i’ll show you guys real quick here. They can there’s no lag or anything like that. Well, that was fun um anyway, apparently we lost because we just got killed, so you can do some like gaming on here. Asphalt actually works pretty decent as well so again, depending on how you want to use this device. Yes, this is still worth it in 2021, just like it was worth it when it was brand new about two years ago, you can do what uh web browsing works. Very well, you know things like amazon bus buy stuff like that. Will work very well. You can do like gaming like among us. Maybe some asphalt uh it just higher end games. You’Ll have to put in like very low graphics, uh call of duty mobile. You can play again it’s just i think it goes into medium graphics on that actually works pretty well uh. You can do things like youtube. Do things like netflix that works very well again on youtube, as you saw there, you do 1080p 60 frames per second, so it looks actually very nice.

So, yes, this is definitely still worth it in 2021. As long as you have your expectations, uh at the right level, there do not be expecting to like do anything with 4k videos or do some crazy, video editing or i don’t, know stuff like that. Uh that now you’ll have to get an ipad pro or higher end samsung, or something like those now two things i want to mention here before we end this video one is, if you do buy this or any other amazon tablet make sure to download the google Play store, otherwise you are stuck with the amazon app store, which is it just isn’t, good uh. No one is good, as google play store, of course, uh and you can get almost every game and almost any app on on the google play store. With a few exceptions, i’ve noticed such as power masters for some reason it’s not on you cannot get it on the fire. Os systems uh, so amazon, fire tablets, uh, but definitely download google play store if you don’t know how to check out my channel. Otherwise, just do a quick, google search. It takes like nine five minutes to download it, and then you have way more options of apps, and then one more thing i want to mention here is that most likely this year they will be coming out with a brand new 2021 version of the amazon fire. Hd 10. i’m gon na guess there’s nothing out there, yet that i know of but i’m gon na guess they will have a hd 10 and hd 10 plus just like last year they had the hd 8 and hd 8.

Plus some will guess this year. They should be coming out mid to near the end of the year. In 2021, with the new 2010 hd hd titans, here i’m, a guest don’t come out with one that has either three or four gigabytes of ram compared to this two gigabytes of ram uh, because again, with this two gigabytes of ram, if you have a game open And you try to switch to like internet browsing and stuff. It usually reloads the apps on you. So just the two gigabytes is the downfall of this device, where the new devices i’m gon na guess, will have three or four gigabytes of ram and just be so much better for those. So you might want to wait and get yourself the new one. If and when it comes out again, i’m guessing speculating uh like many people, are that it’ll come out sometime this year and most likely will be about the same price as this, or maybe it does a hair bit more for the plus version again, just like the Hd 8 and hd 8 plus were in 2020. all right guys. Let me know what you think, especially if you have one of these. Do you think it is still worth it in 2021? Again, i really think it is like for me. I just do like what i showed you guys here very light. Gaming youtube especially youtube watching a lot of youtube and do internet browsing that’s right about it.

Uh it works fantastic it’s, actually pretty quick and yeah uh yeah. So let me know what you guys think, especially if you get this thing on sale for 100 or less alright guys. Thank you all very much for watching. I really do appreciate.