3 is an ultra lightweight two in one laptop thats designed to deliver that perfect balance of power and portability. It offers the flexibility of a touchscreen laptop with the convenience of a tablet, but is it still worth buying in this video? We take a closer look at whether or not the surface go. 3 is worth it lightweight and portable design convenience and the ability to be productive wherever you are, have become increasingly important in the business world. As a result, the surface go. 3 was designed to be a lightweight portable, two in one device, with all the power of a full sized laptop, its made from a durable magnesium alloy, which makes it very resilient and gives it a premium feel its also very slim measuring just 0.33 inches thick. When closed this means its easy to slip into a backpack or bag and take with you on the go its very convenient, the design also makes it ideal for working in tight spaces, whether youre on a crowded train or in a cramped office. This will help a lot. Additionally, the surface go 3 features a backlit keyboard and a large multi touch trackpad, which makes the device feel like a traditional laptop. The keyboard is well spaced, while the trackpad provides smooth and accurate cursor control. Moreover, the backlighting on the keyboard ensures that users can type accurately and comfortably in low lighting conditions, but the design isnt just about looks its packed with a powerful processor.

Well be looking at in the approaching minutes. Enhanced display, from its stunning high definition, colors to its Lightning Fast Response time. The surface go 3s display is a sight to behold. It offers an impressive amount of screen real estate, plus its 10.5 inch. Pixel sense display is larger than most other tablets on the market. Giving users more room to work and play the display also has a three to two aspect: ratio, meaning more of the displayed. Content fits on the screen with less scrolling. This makes it easier to view images, documents and websites in their original sizes. Furthermore, the high resolution display is capable of displaying full HD content with great color accuracy and an excellent contrast ratio. The display also supports multi touch functionality with support for up to five fingers, meaning users can access their applications and documents with greater ease, effective but effortless. Then again, the display also features an ultra thin bezel on all four sides, giving the device a Sleek minimalist look upgrade your Computing experience with the surface. Go 3s latest reviews, specs and comparisons from experts get the inside scoop and make an informed decision subscribe to our Channel today, high performance processor, the surface go 3, is powered by a powerful Intel, Pentium gold processor and the 10th gen Intel Core processor that deliver the Performance, you need for productivity, on the go, whether you are a student office worker or creative professional. It runs at a base, clock, speed of 1.

7 gigahertz and can boost up to 3.3 gigahertz when needed. Processor also includes an Intel, HD 615 integrated Graphics chip, allowing you to power through light tasks without the need for an external graphics card in terms of raw performance. The Intel Pentium gold is fairly impressive. It may not be able to compete with the 10th Generation Intel Core processor, but it still offers ample performance for everyday tasks. This is especially true for users who rely on basic productivity applications such as Microsoft, Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. The processor also supports up to 16 gigabytes of RAM, giving you plenty of room to grow as your needs change in the future great battery life. The battery life of the surface go 3 is an impressive 10 hours. Even when used for typical activities like video streaming browsing the internet and checking emails, this means that you can be sure that your device will last you through a full day of work or study. In addition, the surface go 3 includes some useful features that can help to extend its battery life. One of the most useful is the connected standby feature which allows the device to enter a sleep State when not in use. This can save a significant amount of power allowing you to extend the battery life by up to 50 percent. The device also features a low power mode which can further extend the battery life by up to 30 percent. The Microsoft Surface go 3 is an amazing device offering outstanding performance and flexibility.

Its battery life is equally impressive, helping to make it the perfect device for anyone on the go in the next minute find out. If its still worth buying is surface, go 3 still worth it. Yes, the surface go 3 is still worth it. I never doubted that. It has an impressive set of specs, an attractive design and great battery life, its also relatively affordable, considering all of its features, making it a great choice for those looking for a portable lightweight tablet or laptop, as Carrie fukunaka said, going from having an Atari to a Laptop changed everything it allows me to work anywhere. I want and send my work home. I can work anywhere in the world check out this comprehensive full review of the Samsung s95 BTD OLED to get an in depth analysis on the good and worst things of the TV.