1 to see if its worth the upgrade from version 2. so lets jump into it. Hey welcome to the video so its actually been a couple of years. Since I put the paper, like version 2 on my iPad and its still on here, right now and a lot of people ask in that first review. What would the paper like hold up like after months and months of use? So I thought before I show you, the paper, like 2.1 Lets, uh take a quick look at how the paperlike version 2.0 is looking so lets take off the iPad and take a quick look now for two years of average. Wear Id actually say its looking pretty good, now, Im, not a digital artist, but I do do a lot of note taking and I actually use the iPad for quite a while, with the scribble to text feature for almost a month without using a keyboard. But anyway lets quickly unbox the paperlike 2.1 and then well. Stick it on the iPad. Okay, so lets take a look at whats inside with the paper like 2.1 Im. Expecting it to be pretty similar. To be honest, but lets take a look so there we go make your iPad feel like paper, so lets open it up. Lets rip this here and usually its not theres, not too much in here lets have a look, so weve got the packaging there. Weve got our notes very similar to the old one so far, which is great, because the way that applied was fantastic, so weve got, looks like theyre supplying two paper likes again like they did last year.

I actually only ever used the one. Weve got a bit of paper here, a nice little note from the company and then our installation tools, so weve just taken all the bits out of the bag. Weve got our dust absorbers. Some help stickers, some cleaning wipes the dust absorber which essentially got two of those and a really nice microfiber cloth and, I think Ill be keeping this. I do like a nice cloth for cleaning my screen, so lets jump into it. I think first of all lets take the old paper like off this iPad here, so Im, not sure the official way of doing this Im just going to try and pull it up and see what happens its actually coming off very very easily there. So this is the old one and there we go theres, the other one. We can maybe see a little bit more clearly there. Okay, so lets do this so Im gon na just just polish the screen very slightly with the cloth. You dont really need to do that, yet this says okay paper like side and it says Sticky Side. So, looking at the video it looks like you want the paper like side facing up like this um and then were going to use. If I remember the last time the camera here as the kind of lining up mechanism, it does look slightly different. I dont know if the notch looks smaller or what but try and line this up here.

Okay, so lets stick these guide stickers on Im, going to put one the corner top here line in the center and then one in the corner here so so now, what Im going to do is stick these stickers down. This is always the tricky bit I felt before, because they uh dont always play nicely so lets just put this here. This one is stuck to the table. Lets take him off. We go so Ill put those down. I feel thats a little bit better. There now were going to stick this on here, so we dont get any dirty fingerprints, so we need a wet wipe to dry wipe and the dust absorber so now lets clean the screen with this cleaning wipe. Obviously I had the paper like on before. I want to make sure that I get rid of all of the kind of glue marks that I had from the previous paper like and then were using the dust absorber just to get any final bits of dust off screen. Okay, so now, for the scary part Im going to start lifting up this part here and then were gon na, hopefully applying it to the iPad. There we go its on weve got a few big bubbles here as uh. You can see there Im going to use my Tesla car key to try and get these out now. This uh takes a little bit of time, sometimes and and dont worry youre not going to scratch your paper like because theres a top layer on here.

I was a bit worried when I first got this, that I was actually scratching the the brand new paper like but youre, actually just getting out these air bubbles before the application is complete, so Im gon na spend a bit of time now just getting these out. I think when I put these on the first time, I have hardly any levels. This time, Ive actually got quite a few okay, I think thats, all of them out so next up. We have to lift this off there. We go the paper like two now on the iPad. Lets take a look foreign okay, so unfortunately I have got a couple of little bubbles here that I can see already clean. Sometimes you can get these bubbles out with uh, just the microfiber cloth and I found that one of them actually came out after a couple of days, so hopefully Im gon na get this. Oh there we go hes out and there we go. The new paper like is on so essentially before we take a proper look. What is new, with the paper like 2.1, so essentially its the same product, its gon na, feel much more paper like when you use the apple pencil, but what theyve improved this time around is theyve increased the Nano dot texture of the paper, like so its much Closer together, so what that should mean? Is you get a much clearer paper, like the other? One was very slightly fuzzy.

I didnt mind it to be honest, because I wanted it to be really anti reflective, especially when were filming. Videos like this without a screen protector on at all the iPad is extremely reflective, especially when you have these studio lights, so I would have bought the paper like just for that so Im going to grab my apple pencil in a moment. But if we take a look at the screen, its actually looking very, very clear and I can say hands down – this is a lot lot clearer than the previous version. The previous version was already very clear, so if you have one already, I wouldnt necessarily need to really jump to upgrade but yeah. It is much clearer, especially at different viewing angles. I used to find the paper like when you had it kind of at this angle. You would uh kind of see the the coating almost now. You can barely see it at all its a bit like a the anti reflective coating. You sometimes get on on Mac, so thats really nice, but lets grab the apple pencil and see what its like. For. Writing foreign, Music, Music, Music, so Im really impressed with the new paper like 2.1, its actually a bigger jump than I thought it would be from version two and obviously, if you saw my last video youll know Im a big fan of paper like and they dont Pay me to say this: this is not a paid review.

They do post one to the office, but Im not going to give any company a good review just because they send us a 30 product. You know so I can genuinely say hand on heart. This is a product I would certainly recommend for the iPad if you use your app pencil for art for drawing for writing. This just makes a big big difference. It really does feel like you are writing on paper, and I would say as well that the anti reflective coin is a lot lot better. So, if youre, using your iPad for media consumption or video editing in something like lumafusion, its going to make a big big difference, Ill put a link in the description and as a pinned comment to the correct version of this paper like so. If you do want to pick one up, you can grab that from the paperlike website, but of course the link will direct you to the 2.1 and not the older 2.0. So anyway, thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed that leave many comments below.