3 triple monitor setup for laptops. This is model s16, and this is a dual 13.3 monitor that attaches to the back of your laptop, to give you a portable, triple monitor setup. Looking at the specs. This is a 1080p IPS screen weighs 3 pounds is compatible with Windows or Mac computers and is a plug and play monitor with no drivers required. This is a very cool device, because traditionally, if you wanted a triple monitor setup, you either have to use desktop monitors or use separate portable monitors, which takes up a lot more table space and kind of defeats. The purpose of having a portable laptop with this, no matter where you are simply slap the screens on back of your laptop and just like that. You now have a fully portable, triple monitor setup when you purchased this monitor. They also include a very nice fabric case, which will not only help you carry around your monitor with you, but also keep it protected as well. So taking a look inside the Box, you get the monitor itself, the manual a charging brick screen, cleaner, two plastic screen protectors, two USBC to USB a cables, two micro HDMI to full HDMI cables and two USBC, two USBC cables, all right. So in its storage position, itll be folded like this and to use it. You just flip out this side here come around back flip, the other monitor out and there you have it yeah one monitor on this side, one on this side and then this right here will mount in back of your laptop screen and will be in the center.

So then youll have a full triple monitor setup all right. So let me fold this back up, so we can look at this better. Each of these monitors has its own independent controls and ports. So right here we have two USBC ports, a mini HDMI and the monitor, control buttons. And if you come around to the other side, this monitor has the same exact thing: three ports and monitor control buttons coming around back. You have an adjustable stand here and this will help support the Monitor and then it also has an adjustable leg. So this will help you dial in to get the right tilted viewing angle you want as well, so you want an upright straight. You have it like that and thatll hold up your monitor as well as the screens. Then, if you want it more lean back, you can make it on the shorter hand and itll uh tilt it back like that all right. So I went ahead and got this set up a bit difficult to display three monitors on the same screen, but this will have to do. I have this set up right now using two USBC cables. So you see one running over here, the other one running over. There and as advertised there are no drivers or configurations to set you just plug it in and the computer automatically does the rest. Now you can use this a few different ways you can set it up, so you have three separate monitors like I have here, or you can actually fold this monitor here back and set it to mirror the main screen and you can have two screens on one Side and the third screen around back this will work perfect if you are a graphic designer or anyone who does computer work for someone and instead of them sitting next to you, sharing the same screen, you can have them sitting across from you and watching exactly what Youre doing on this screen here, even if you arent using this professionally, I know a lot of times.

People watch movies on the computer. So with this you can sit across from each other watching the same movie on your own personal screen, same thing with gaming. One game I love playing with my family is called overcooked, and this is a co op game where you are all playing on the same screen. So now, with this, we will be able to sit across from each other with their own personal screen, similar to an online game on two different PCS, except in this case, is one PC and the monitor mirrored on both sides. Alright, so lets go, go ahead and throw in a video, so we can see how the picture quality is on this monitor: Music, Music, Music, Music, alright, so its not the best screen out there, but its definitely more than enough brightness and contrast for everyday uses. Beyond all of that, having three monitors is simply a ton of real estate. I do a lot of video and photo editing and a lot of time its hard to work when everything is cramped onto the same tiny screen there. But now I can divide my workflow across three sections and be able to see everything very easily, which is not only very convenient but would also speed up my entire work process. So if you are looking for a unique laptop portable monitor for whatever reason that may be, this is definitely a great option. I would recommend looking at so while taking this off the mine, so I realize a little bonus.

I wanted to show you all you dont. Actually need to put it onto the monitor, so I know some of you might be worried that the weight of this might mess up the hinge on the laptop. As I said earlier, it does have a little leg in the back that helps it stand up. So its not putting the weight on your laptop, but if you dont want to mount it on the screen at all, you can just set it up like this and, as you can see, Itll stand up on its own without the help from your laptop. This also works if you want to go over a larger screen because they have a larger screen that does not fit on my 14 inch MacBook Pro. But if I wanted to go with the 15.6 inch model, I wont be able to put it onto my screen, but I can just prop it up and back like that and Ill be able to use bigger screens with my laptop as well. Alright.