Now we have a lot of differences on the display compared to the other ipads which im going to get into the new one, is 8.3 inches compared to 7.9 inches. But the bezels are larger on the sides than this ipad mini 5, which i love, but they are equal all around and of course you do need somewhere to hold on so im, not really upset about that. Now, on the positive side, we still have that ultra high pixel density 326 pixels per inch, which, if you didnt know the ipad minis, actually have the sharpest display out of any ipad. So apple did keep that. But our aspect ratio actually changed coming from a 16×9 display to a 4.6 by 3 display, which sounds really weird, and this is actually an aspect. Ratio apple has never used before and it is the widest screen on any ipad ever they did that for one particular reason now, when we factor in that change of display size and aspect ratio, we actually lose some pixels on this and over here, so we have Less pixels here, but the screen is taller or longer. Now what that means is that this ipad is going to be fantastic for watching movies, because youre going to have less bars on it and youre, just basically just having that wider display, but when youre holding it. This way, its going to be more like a phone with a taller display overall youre getting about 5.

5 percent more screen real estate, and even though the screen is larger, the thickness is staying the same and the ipad actually weighs less than this one, which is really Nice and with that, the actual width of the device, if youre holding it vertically, is actually identical, meaning that this will be very comfortable to hold with one hand just like ive been doing so. That is why apple decided to make the screen a wider aspect ratio. So comfort would stay the same now because the home button is gone now because the chin and the little forehead here is smaller and equal all around the device is actually not as tall its shorter. So the device overall is smaller. It is lighter, but we have a larger display, which is fantastic now. Unfortunately, unlike many of the rumors that we have heard, we did not get a mini led display. We know apple was testing that, but probably because of cost and yield theyre, not including it. So other than the size and aspect ratio, everything else about the display is the same: the contrast, brightness color accuracy and thats, not a bad thing. This was a good display. Now, of course, just like the ipad air 4. We have the touch id sensor built in to the top with the power button, which is nice. Now i wasnt a fan of that on the ipad, just because it was so large. You had to move your hand out of the way.

This thing is much smaller, so i believe its easier to use. You just pull your finger up if youre holding it this way, and you can touch it so its more convenient and with that our volume buttons also got moved to the top as well, because now apple is allowing you to magnetically, attach the apple pencil to to The side and because its so small, its actually shorter than this one, you need all of that space for the apple pencil. Now before i tell you what i am personally most excited about along with performance, so that is not what im most excited about. Let me tell you guys: go ahead and subscribe down below, if you guys want to see the comparisons against the ipad mini 5 against the ipad air, maybe even against the ipad pro with the m1. That will also help us reach our goal of 1 million subscribers. We would greatly appreciate it now. What im personally most excited about are the speakers. We finally have stereo speakers on the ipad mini. I love this device for watching videos. I loved it for playing games, but it sucks having the speakers be just on the bottom or on the right side when youre holding it. This way, all the sound is coming from over here it sucked and thats all i really wish for if they just did that as an update, maybe a year ago i would be perfectly happy, but now we have the dual speakers theyre set up in a stairs.

This week, great for watching videos, great for playing games, im super excited about that and now on to the performance. Of course, we have the a15 bionic and let me tell you it is going to be insane in this ipad. Now i was hoping they would put this in theres a chance. They just stick with the a14, because the ipad air 4 has that, but no they didnt and they didnt even use the slower version of the a15. This thing has the full blown one from the iphone 13 pros with the 5 core graphics. Now this thing is going to be a beast: its going to be the most powerful tablet other than the m1 ipad pros its going to smoke the ipad air, its going to smoke other iphones as well its going to be crazy. Now that is because, even with the a14 that had also four graphics courses, just like the iphones, the ipad air 4 with the a14, had better graphics performance because of thermal throttling. It had quite a bit better performance now. This thing is also going to thermal throttle. Less than the iphones – and it has a 5 core graphics, so its going to be insane as far as gaming performance. Now, even though the tablet is smaller, it is lighter. The battery capacity has stayed the same, meaning that paired with that a15 processor thats much more efficient than before the battery life will actually be better in the real world.

Now, as far as cameras, we also have some massive improvements. We have a 12 megapixel camera on the back now. This camera is actually from the iphone 12 s, and we know that because its rated 4k 30 frames per second with extended dynamic range and thats the same sensor, that is on the iphone 10s. After that, it ended up shooting 4k 60 with extended dynamic range, but with newer software, the newer processor, the images are better and we do also have smart hdr3, which the iphone 10s does not get. Now, with that, we also have a flash, and that is very convenient for scanning documents and for other tasks, so im glad they added this in they didnt have to, and then we have a huge improvement on the front. I was not expecting apple to put in their center stage ultra wide camera on this tablet, but they did so. If youre somebody that does web conferencing, you want to play games. You want to record yourself whatever you want to do with that camera. That is definitely a really nice improvement and now lets talk about what apple did not include with the ipad mini 6 or what were losing if we upgrade to that tablet in some of the downsides. Well, the first one is this headphone jack. It is gone now, even though this device is super thin and the new ones thickness is practically the same, actually slightly thicker, but you wont notice it and we did have a headphone jack here, nope it is gone.

So the only tablet that still has a headphone jack is their very cheapest tablet, and that is definitely a bummer. Now with that, you guys see this nice silver color. That is now gone, so we have space, gray, pink purple and starlight, which is the one that i ordered, but we no longer have the silver or the gold which kinda is a bubber as well. Now, thankfully, we still have a 20 watt power, adapter included in the box, so its interesting, the apples making a big deal about it with the iphones they want to save. You know the planet. They want to be more green, but with these devices theyre still including it, and these are much less expensive devices, i would think if they got rid of that they can make the boxes for these super slim saving a lot of packaging saving shipping, but nope. They are including it, which is handy. I guess, but one thing thats not handy is that they did not include the smart connectors on this device, like we saw in rumors, meaning that you will not be able to have a really nice keyboard to use with this, which is, i think, is okay. This is a pretty small device to use a keyboard for and of course, there are third party bluetooth options, just not one of that. Doesnt need to be charged and has no latency and possibly a trackpad. Now, with that lets talk about 5g because they did add 5g onto this device now this year, if you want lte, it costs more instead of 130 bucks, its 150, so that is more expensive and with that it does not support millimeter wave.

It just supports sub six, so youre not getting the full performance of 5g, like you will, with the ipad pro on the plus side. There are really nice offers from carriers. So, if youre willing to sign up for a contract and keep buying a fairly decent data package, you can get all of that money back. Maybe even some more just make sure you guys read through the fine print and youre okay with everything that youre signing up for now. Of course, we do have that price increase of a hundred dollars were going from 400, which was already a lot for a small compact tablet now to 500. That is a big price increase. Is it worth the money? Well, its really up to you guys. You guys heard everything that you got all of the updates to me. It does suck that theyre raising the price. I do think its worth it. I think all the camera upgrades the front, the back the flash, the a15 top line performance with the best version of that chip, the better display and, of course, usb type c that comes with this redesign. That part of it is massive. I think this is a killer tablet. Those dual speakers – man im excited for that, so i think its worth the price. If you want a tablet this size, i think its going to be absolutely killer. The one biggest downside to me personally, my biggest complaint is the storage.

It still comes with 64 gigs base and its weird, because, with the iphone 13 they said, 64 is not enough were giving you 128 for the same price were here, were paying 100 more in the store just staying there. Now not only that thats, not the worst part of it, which does suck. If you want more, you have to spend at least 150 dollars more to go up to 256, which for me thats way too much im, never going to use that amount with phones. For years now they allowed you to pay 50 more in order to jump from 64 to 128. Why did they not give us this option? Why could i not pay 50 bucks more 550 and get 128 gig? No, i have to spend 150 more now and get way too much storage on top of paying 100 more for the tablet itself. That is the biggest bummer. That is why i just bought the base. One im gon na rely on icloud be a little bit more careful with storage. I dont want to spend that much on a small device and then just have that wasted space, but overall, this is the update that ive been waiting years for the new design apple pencil on the side. All of the other updates i mentioned im super excited overall. If you can stomach the extra price point with that storage, i think this is going to be a killer device that youre going to absolutely love or, if youre buying it for your kids, which i know my kids are going to use this thing all the time.

Theyre going to love it as well, so thank you guys for watching. Once again, you guys can click that subscribe button above, if you guys want to help us reach our goal of a million subscribers and see the comparisons that were going to be doing check out. One of those great videos over there.