Some of those words might not fit together for all of the folks. In our audience, chrome os has a certain reputation of a streamlined web based computer to oversimplify youre, buying a browser in a fancy shell, but as chrome os sales have climbed weve. Also seen the platform grow up a little its become a more fully featured laptop competitor. So we decided to check out one of the best, its obviously a little spendy for a chromebook, but is it worth it, and i just want to throw this question out right now at the top of this video? Are you using a chromebook? Our family web device? Is a pixel book go but both my wife and i have windows, work, machines and question part: two: have you seen any chromebooks out in the wild? Can you even tell the difference between a chromebook and a windows laptop im, sure for all the macbook owners? The answers, probably no discuss below laptops are really hot right now and competition is fierce were really interested in value, but we also want to know what can it do? The spin 713 is a power user chromebook and it competes a bit more directly against windows portables. At similar price points, the machine were test driving has a 13.5 inch ips lcd touch screen a slightly squarer aspect ratio, which is proven popular for web browsing and editing documents. The screen is on full wrap around hinges, so you can use it in a traditional laptop form, flip it into a tent mode or carry it like a tablet.

The bezels are manageably thin, since you can hold it like a tablet. Just a little extra border helps. You hold on to it, you can grip it without interacting with things on the screen. Now this top bezel has a little webcam like a lot of webcams. It might be okay for some zoom calls, but its a somewhat mediocre 720p camera for what were doing here to test the webcam. I think this is looking pretty good, but were also in the slickdeal studio, with some pretty nice lighting, so your mileage may vary, but inside this chassis weve got a core i5 evo, with integrated graphics, 16 gigabytes of ram and a 256 gigabyte solid state drive immediately When we talk about sprucing up a chromebook, these kinds of internals are often what gets improved. Most people have the belief that all chromebooks have little to no storage space. Cheaper chromebooks will use cheaper internals, slower ram, slower processors and slower storage. If youd, like that kind of video, we can totally break down the technical differences between emmc, ufs and nvme drives, just let us know comments down below, but for the spin 713 youre getting a pretty solid amount of internal storage. The tldr, if your needs are more modest and web browsy, you might not notice much performance difference, but even when covering the basics, more horsepower and faster internals can deliver smoother interactions. It might not seem faster on one browser tab, but we know how chrome loves eating all your ram.

So if you constantly have a bunch of tabs up, these improved laptop guts, help polish up the user experience but im getting ahead of myself here, because we got ta talk about these ports now. First, there are still times you might need to plug in one of those rectangular usb cables and a memory card slot is always appreciated for moving files around between gadgets, like cameras and pcs and in the case of this computer. Since you have 256 gigs of storage, you actually have a place to put some of those files, and the other side of the spin 713 has some really good stuff, though a headphone jack, because its silly to get rid of a great standard, audio connector on consumer Electronics, a full size, hdmi port and two count: em two thunderbolt 4 ports. That means better support for external storage devices displays and theyre fully compatible with usb accessories. You can really move some data around now im. A big fan of this keyboard, big chunky, keys, theres minimal case flex when youre typing its not as quiet as my pixel book, go, but very good. Key travel with good, back and edge lighting. The track pad is nice and broad, with a smooth, silky feel perfect for chrome gestures. This is all good times and then performance is snappy, firing up a chrome window or chrome os program. The laptop is eager to jump into action. Opening the lid. The spin reacts immediately its a hallmark of chromebooks in general and a strength for this specific model.

One last little bit of design praise this ones personal. I, like the screen edge on the hinge, lift that was kind of clumsy coming out of my mouth there. The edge of the display helps lift the bottom of the laptop off a table for just a bit better airflow its a nice touch, as this is a computer built on an idea of performance, but that helps us switch to a handful of concerns. This machine has fans on it under normal web browsing, they stay fairly quiet but theres, always a slight air to them. A pixel book go is basically silent. Compared to this, though, the spin is more powerful and runs cooler because of the fans. The speakers are good, but theyre a bit thin these front firing on that edge where they sound a bit better when they can bounce off of a table, but they dont quite fill a room. Like my pixel book, weve got the great trick of flipping into tablet mode, and this really can take the edge off of folks concerned about owning multiple gadgets. The spin isnt, the lightest, though so the ease of using something like a galaxy tab or an ipad. You know how light a good tablet can be. I i dont think a flippin convertible laptop can really match that ergonomic use, but ive been dancing around one major idea. I dont know if you could tell this is really nice. Its feature complete well built and its a powerful portable.

Where does that get us with a chromebook? Does a chromebook need more power were talking about chromebooks and generally battery life is pretty good. Now weve got more powerful internals here so battery life doesnt quite stack up against some of the lower power chromebooks out there. Acer is estimating around 10 hours of web browsing under very specific conditions. Once you start throwing different apps and programs and multiple browser tabs, you crank up the screen. Brightness. Obviously, that usage time is going to drop battery testing is kind of voodoo. My use is not going to resemble your use, no matter what the estimates are. Its always going to be your mileage may vary. Charging is pretty quick, but acer has included this really nice and helpful charging brick and cable solution in the box which, for around a 45 watt charger. It is kind of disappointing that this is the charging solution, that theyve included, where a lot of other solutions have gone to more reasonable power bricks. So much of this is tied to chrome and your google services, adding a little extra oomph yeah. That does make things nicer. You can do more at the same time, both in extra tabs and in multiple windows for core chrome use. Yeah, you dont, need it but its fun and when you get used to it its kind of hard going back to lower power. Chromebooks i cant fault someone looking to shop a little extra potential.

We can do more with chrome os now than we could even four years ago, were getting better support for android apps running other programs, more like windows or mac os theres, an alpha for steam on chrome os, and hopefully that means more pc style gaming making it Here, natively – and there are some solid power user features which benefit from more processing power. If you dig into the settings on a chromebook and fire up the linux developer environment, my pixelbook got me interested in linux computing again and the spin can power some great full. Fledged programs like running the full desktop version of firefox on your chromebook or using photo editors like or video, editing programs or a full office suite a chromebook is kind of a sneaky way to double dip, on streamlined, efficient browser performance and super nerd, core laptop use. But we cant get around the premium price tag. Chromebooks are judged on a different scale, where a totally reasonable chrome experience can be found for around 300 bucks. This climbs to the higher end of the chromebook scale, so acer spin 713. Is it worth it? I, like carving up the audience, who might be a good fit for a product students and people covering the basics, likely arent, going to find as much value here theres a smaller group of people who arent looking to drive something like this to its limits, but will Appreciate all the nice touches and the extra horsepower they understand that theyre spending a little more just to smooth out those interactions and then theres another smaller group still of power users who are going to take this and slap some linux apps on it, theyll squeeze every Ounce of potential they can out of this hardware what i have a harder time answering a core group of consumers already comfortable with mac or windows, laptops around a thousand dollars, familiarity matters, and i dont believe switching ecosystems is always as easy as some techies make it Out to be chrome, os is really accessible, theres, a good chance.

Those people are already using the chrome browser on their current laptops, but we might take for granted those program, settings and services. We use regularly the things on a laptop we take for granted. We dont even think about them when were using them and not everyone enjoys looking for alternatives to commonly used features for those folks. The spin only makes sense if that individual knows that theyre gon na be game for a little experimenting and a little tinkering chrome os has matured into a nicely competitive platform going toe to toe with mac os for market share. The acer spin 713 is an excellent example of what a premium chromebook can be if a power user chromebook is the right fit for you. I think youre gon na dig what this convertible can do. As always. Thank you. So much for watching for sharing these videos. Subscribing and smashing those bell icons, stay tuned for more reviews and comparisons from the slick deals team were building up our coverage on all kinds of different products and ways to shop savvy. Just a reminder: if you shop for one of these products or any of the links below slick deals, will get a commission. But this is not a sponsored review for slick deals.