This is russ from metro game core and i love portable monitors and so thats. What were going to review today, a 15.6 inch monitor from a company called rzopa. Now ive reviewed a couple of these already on the channel and i actually owned one before i even started the channel, so ive been a big fan of these monitors for a while, and this one seems to have most of the same kind of features and specs As the others that you would find in the market, but it does have one distinguishing feature that i wanted to show off here in this video – and that is this is one of the few portable monitors that has a refresh rate of 144 hertz and so yeah. Probably the first thing: youre thinking is man. This might be pretty good for gaming and i thought the same thing so thats why i wanted to review it now its currently being sold for a hundred and seventy dollars and always be on the lookout for sales as well, and so i wan na see if Whether or not that premium price of about thirty dollars over a regular monitor is gon na be worth it and so to start lets go ahead and unbox the device, its got three boxes inside the accessories. One has a power plug a usb c to usb a cable and then a microfiber cloth that doesnt look very micro fibery in the second box, its labeled hdmi, and the funny thing about these boxes is that they are very roomy inside its, like mostly air anyway.

Inside here you have a mini hdmi to hdmi cable, same story with the usb c box. It just comes with one video, capable usb c, cable and so lets go ahead and take a look at the monitor itself and its pretty funny. It has a carbon fiber design through it very gamery and its a little bit more reflective than i would like, but thats fine because were going to keep it open most of the time anyway. Heres a look at the front of the monitor here. Let me go ahead and take off this screen thing and yeah im really happy about the fact that it is a nice matte quality to the monitor i kind of hate it when theyre reflective, and so i appreciate the fact that its just like any other, monitor And altogether its very lightweight, it came out to about 18 ounces altogether, so a little bit over a pound. So lets take a look at the i o on the right side. We have a headphone jack, a menu selection tool and then a back button. So all your configuration can be done on just one side of the monitor here now, on the left side, we have all of our inputs. We have that mini hdmi input and then two usbc inputs and either these two inputs can provide both video and power signal. Not a lot going on the back here, but on the bottom we have our two down firing stereo speakers and well test those out later in the video as well.

Now the cover itself is magnetically connected to the monitor, and it also bends about halfway through and so youre supposed to be able to use this as a stand. But what i found is that it doesnt bend that much at all and the magnets are not very strong either and so, as a result, it kind of sits up very straight. Like almost a 90 degree angle and honestly, it made me a little bit nervous because i would like it to bend just a little bit more back and so well test that in a real world scenario here in a second but thats one thing i wasnt quite A huge fan about the other thing i kind of didnt like about the monitor, is the large branding here on the front part of that has to do with the fact that the word joppa is a bad word in russian and thats. All i could think about when i was seeing it. You may not have that problem, but i did now because this thing is kind of vertically oriented. I want to take it over to my studio that ive been working on for a while now im not ready to quite move over yet, but were getting close and yeah setting it up. Here i had the same problem where it just felt like it was sticking up too straight, but luckily, for my last portable monitor video. I got this stand here and its available on amazon.

I think its eight dollars altogether, but its nice. It has two different heights that it can get to and its just nice and compact, so for the remainder of the video were gon na use. This stand to just make sure we get that perfect angle. Now, as youve probably guessed. The first thing i want to test is the xbox series s partly because that is the home console thats the smallest, but it can also provide a signal of up to 120 hertz so to set it up im going to plug in the hdmi into the mini Hdmi port on the monitor here and then im going to use their usb 8 usb c cable here to plug into the xbox and then directly into the monitor. This is going to provide the power, and so i really like this solution, because you only need to use one wall plug to power. The xbox, which then powers the monitor, lets go ahead and move the monitor a little bit closer. So we get a better image as were playing around and well boot up the xbox and so automatically it detected the signal and just started right up so thats super cool. Now i wanted to make sure that it was displaying at 120 hertz, but when i went into the video settings, as you can see here, it says here that the monitor does not support 120 hertz now, im pretty sure it does, but i just think the xbox Doesnt agree, so the next step i wanted to do was go into the monitor settings and see if there was something i could change within here and you can see here on the bottom right, its actually showing at 60 hertz here at the very bottom and unfortunately, There is no menu toggle to adjust or force the refresh rate here and so its kind of a bummer, but i dont think the xbox will actually push out 120 hertz to this portable monitor in particular, and just to verify.

I tried a couple different hdmi cables in case the one that they supplied with the monitor, wasnt correct, but yeah across the board. I couldnt get anything to work now when it came to 60hz gameplay. It was just fine. The colors were nice and vibrant. The brightness was good. This is actually only at 50 brightness right here and it still looks great but yeah. It is kind of disappointing that i cant play it 120 hertz, because this is one of the main reasons why i wanted to try this portable monitor. Since the series sxbox is pretty portable on its own, i thought this would be a great match, but all good lets try another console that i think, will be a good match as well were gon na use the steam deck, and it only requires one cable to Provide both power and signal to the monitor and, as you can see here, it is running at a high refresh rate and according to the steam documentation, it should be able to provide a video out of up to 120 hertz. But unfortunately, when you go into the monitor settings you can see its only running at 60., and so unfortunately this is bummer number two. I couldnt get it to run 120 hertz on the steam deck either, and this might be something that steam actually will update on their end sometime in the future, maybe its just a feature thats not baked in yet, but either way.

As of today, i was only getting 60 hertz now, rather than just get depressed about this whole thing, i decided to try a couple of other devices that automatically run at 60hz anyway, and so well start with the ambernik win600. This is a portable handheld pc right now, im running it in windows, 11 and im playing a short hike here at a 9 watt, tdp and its running just great, and so, if youre looking for a way to extend the monitor of a handheld pc. This might be a good fit. I also did the same with the io retropower 2021.. Now two quick notes here: you can see that the game is playing also on the device. You can turn that off in the display settings. If you want and then number two lets do a quick, sound test – this is 100 volume right here: Music, Applause, Music, Applause. So, honestly, it sounds pretty good, its nice and loud, and the bass could be a little bit better, but no complaints here when it comes to a portable monitor like this okay. Next, i wanted to test the ambernik rg353p. Now this one has a mini hdmi input as well, and so i had to use an adapter here to connect it to the monitor and then also it doesnt supply power. So i had to use an external power to power the monitor, but, as you can see its working well, the only problem here is, i forgot my second sd card in another device, and so i didnt bring it to the studio.

So all i can show you here is the menu interface, but it looks great so i think its going to be fine next lets. Try the nintendo switch oled edition this one also would not power the monitor itself, so you had to power the monitor and then you also had to connect it via usbc, using the second port on the monitor. But after that it worked great. It scaled really. Well, the sound was nice, everything was good and the nice thing about this setup is that it works in the reverse of the xbox, because youre plugging into the monitor the monitor, then powers, the nintendo switch, and so again this is a one plug solution. You plug in the power here to the monitor the monitor, then powers, the switch so thats a really nice way to charge your battery if youd, like. Okay. After doing this testing, i went home and i was still bothered about the fact that the xbox didnt run at 120 hertz. So i decided to do even more testing to make sure i wasnt taking crazy pills, and so here is my ps5 connected with the exact same, monitor, cable and, as you can see, its outputting to 120 hertz. This is also at a 75 brightness thats. Why? It looks so nice and vibrant here in the video but yeah okay, the ps5 does play at 120 hertz and it looks fantastic. The only main problem here is that the ps5 is not a very portable console, not like the xbox series s, but if you really want to see what 120 hertz gameplay looks like and you have a ps5, but you dont have a budget for a big monitor.

This might be a nice solution here and so next i wanted to try a pc that was also capable of doing over 60 hertz and so ive connected this up to my main pc, which has a dedicated graphics card. I went into the monitor settings here and then i set it to 144hz refresh rate and so yeah sure enough, now im getting 144 hertz refresh rate here on this display through my dedicated pc and much like with the ps5. This looked really great. This was a joy to play, but, unfortunately, again, this pc is not very portable. This isnt a mini pc. This is a full desktop and to me, the reason why you would want a portable monitor is for when youre, like traveling or something like that and im. Never going to travel with my main pc, and so when it comes to pcs, the only use case i can think of is, if you have a gaming laptop that also you want to extend the display to another monitor, and so maybe in that use case, this Would be a good fit, but otherwise between the ps5 and the pc. Neither of those are portable and it kind of defeats the purpose and again just to make sure im not crazy. Here i went and i plugged in the xbox again same cable and everything and yeah im only getting 60 hertz with a game that is known to be at 120 hertz with the series s so unfortunately, unless theres some sort of update coming out for the xbox Or something like that, i just dont really see this working with this monitor, in particular, okay, that was a roller coaster of emotions.

Lets go ahead and start talking about our summary and what i like and what i dont like about this little monitor. Well start with what i like number one: this is a very lightweight monitor its about a pound, maybe a pound and a quarter altogether. I also think it has a nice screen its anti glare. It has some nice richness, color, saturation and brightness to it, and i thought it was kind of cool that it powers the switch when you connect it up. So that way, it can kind of work as an impromptu dock, and i think for 170 thats a pretty fair price for what it does if it actually worked as advertised. So now lets talk about what i dont like about. This monitor number one. It was quite a bummer the fact that the xbox series, as well as the steam deck, did not run at anything beyond 60 hertz. Those in particular were the two systems i was planning on using with this monitor, and so it was a big disappointment to not have that available and, as we saw in my setup, the stand itself is kind of wobbly. So i do recommend picking up a separate stand. Ill leave the one here that i used in this video linked in the video description below next. I wasnt a huge fan of that big arzopa logo. Here on the front, you could probably remove it with a little bit of alcohol, but all the same, it was just kind of an eyesore, and then my last point, which is kind of ironic, is that the only systems that actually worked at over 120 hertz are The ones that are the least portable out of my whole collection and me personally, when i think of using a portable, monitor, i think, about using it in a travel based capacity, and in that sense, this just didnt seem to be a great fit im.

Never going to really travel with my ps5 or my home gaming rig, and so unfortunately, my main draw here to get a 144 hertz refresh rate on a screen just wasnt possible, and so, if youre in the market for a portable monitor, i think another option could Be the exact same monitor from the same company but with a 60hz refresh rate and its 150 dollars with a 10 coupon, so its 30 dollars cheaper than the 144 hertz one. And if you look at the specs of this monitor three hundred nits and a thousand to one contrast ratio, those are the exact same specs for the 144 hertz one as well, and so in that regard youre getting exactly the same thing when it comes to the Steam deck and the xbox, but youre saving thirty dollars as well and for an overall price of a hundred and forty dollars. This is pretty competitive, and so, at the end of the day, do i recommend this particular monitor that i reviewed today. Well, i think its really gon na depend if you planned on using it for a high refresh rate with the steam deck or the xbox youre – probably going to be out of luck. But if you want to use it on a ps5 or a home gaming pc sure itll work out just fine, but i do think it is worth taking the time to consider the low respect one as well and saving 30 dollars anyway.

Thats about it. For this video, let me know what you think in the comments below and as always, thank you for watching be sure to like and subscribe.