What i liked what i really didnt like and then, if i think these new iphones will actually beat the competition, and i do have something that i want to call them out on. Okay, so on the face of it, the iphone 13s look pretty similar to the iphone 12s theres, four phones, a 13 mini 13 13 pro and 13 pro max, and each of them is almost exactly the same shape and size as their equivalents last year. This is just kind of how apple rolls, because, unlike companies like samsung and huawei, who come up with a practically new design, language every single year to differentiate themselves, apple knows that the iphone design is iconic, and so i think they almost tried to make sure that They dont change it too much, which makes the most obvious visual difference between generations, usually just the color, but this is actually the first thing im actually pretty happy with what theyve delivered this time for the normal iphone 13 and 13 mini theres, five total colors, the New pink is kind of whatever, but i really like the red this time around. It actually looks like red and then for the pros. Every single year apple has a few standard colors, which tend not to change because fun fact, black and white are actually the most popular colors over time, but they also always have a hero, color, the one that they always use in all the promotional material and the One that they make sure is different, so that true fans can have that.

I got the new iphone feeling. It was midnight green for the 11 pro pacific blue for the 12 pro, and we now have sierra blue for the iphone 13 pro. It might just be. My favorite color, yet its almost mr whos, the boss, blue. The only slightly annoying thing is that theyve kept the same ultra high gloss side rails from last year, which will probably make the phone almost impossible to keep clean anyways im. Also, just glad that the notch is smaller ever since the iphone 10 first came out, this notch, hasnt budged and as each new generation of android phones have come out, its presence has become just that little bit more unwelcome, so no they havent got rid of it Entirely this time, but it is about 20 smaller thanks to the earpiece being pushed up to the top bezel, and i think thats just enough such that it keeps parity with its rivals. It means that we have just this little bit of extra usable screen on top, which who knows, if apples feeling cheeky might mean we get the battery percentage icon back. We still get a completely even bezel, all the way around the rest of the screen. Unlike most phones, which do still have a little chin at the bottom, all while having no sacrifice to the quality of the selfie camera, which we have seen on phones that have tried to be a little bit more experimental or to face id, which is the best Facial recognition on a phone could apple have made a more dramatic visual redesign.

Probably would it have come at the cost of other things, most likely so im pretty happy with this one, but also before i watched this launch event. I was fully ready to complain about how apple had kept the base storage option on the iphone 13s at 64 gigs because, honestly, in 2021, thats, just not good enough, however, theyve upgraded that too, all iphone 13s start with 128 gigs of storage and actually the top Version of the iphone 13 pro goes all the way up to one terabyte now, while starting at the same price as last years. Phones actually cheaper here in the uk, so im not gon na complain about that. But what about when youre, using the phone? Well im? Really well relieved. Actually, the battery has been a priority for the longest time. Companies have been fighting with battery life, essentially the bigger it is the better for consumers long term, but then the less appealing the thing becomes in the moment because of its thickness and weight, and i think that this has plagued apple, even more so than with other Companies just because of how much emphasis they put on the in hand, feel you can tell that iphones have always tried to carefully tread that line, resulting in never giving too much battery, but sometimes falling on the side of just not giving enough. But this year, for maybe the first time ever, it looks like theyre finally giving users some buffer room in both the 13 mini and 13.

Pro are getting an extra 1.5 hours of screen on time and both the normal 13 and the 13 pro max are getting an extra 2.5 hours. I am going to do a full battery, maybe even a charging speed test too, though. So if you do want to see those, then a sub to the channel would be revitalizing but its looking promising oh yeah and im so so glad that this year the screens are not just brighter. But we are getting a feature that has been sorely missing for a long time on iphones that the entire tech community has been banging on about for the last three years non stop. Finally, finally, apple has added in 120 hertz refresh rates instead of every other iphone up until this point, whose screen is refreshed 60 times per second, the iphone 13 pro and iphone 13 pro max will refresh that up to 120.. If you know what youre looking for then, this is going to be the biggest jump in perceived speed that weve ever had on an iphone. Now lets be very clear about something. These are not the first phones to get 120hz displays, actually theyre pretty much the last, but that doesnt change how significant the upgrade is. As with quite a few things on this iphone 13 lineup, i would see it less. Like apple has just suddenly come in and added some next level feature and a bit more, like apple, has finally removed one of the major thorns on their side.

These major caveats that ive had to constantly remind people were missing every time i mentioned the last two years of iphones, not anymore. You do only get 120 hertz on the pro phones, which is kind of unfortunate, given that its almost an assumed feature on all android flagships, but i can kind of understand it. Youve got to remember that for the entire year, while samsung might release 50, smartphones apple is only making four, and so because these four phones have to serve such a huge, diverse mix of customers. It makes sense from a business perspective to have at least one option that doesnt use all the expensive tech that there is a big portion of users who just wont appreciate. There is another side to this argument, though im getting there, but the point im making is if we actually do get better battery life this year, whilst also being able to have these smooth high refresh rate screens, then that is an enormous win. Im also just generally excited to see what this new a15 chipset can do. If you watched the launch event, youll have seen that this new chip has a 50 faster cpu and a 30 faster gpu. Those are crazy numbers. What a spectacular set of announcements, but if im being really honest, i think the way that apple has pitched. This is a little misleading like if you look closer youll realize that what theyre actually saying is not 50 faster than last year, like youd kind of assume, because of how they normally make comparisons to the previous gen, but up to 50 faster than other competitors.

So theyre effectively picking scenarios that suit their chips, ones in which their past a14 was already ahead of android and then running those same scenarios again. Oh, and would you look at that? The a15 is even more ahead. Long story short, we dont, actually know how much faster the a15 is than the a14, but just the fact that it is faster with better and more reliable. 5G makes me excited to test it because the a14 powered iphone 12 pro max is the most reliably fluid experience. Ive had on a smartphone ever ive used this thing every single day for almost a year now and ive only ever seen it lag once and that was effectively when i was trying to see how many objects it could handle on screen at one time it got To at least 20 000 before it started, chugging, and even though you might not even actually notice that extra power and day to day tasks, you probably will when it comes to the camera. So for starters, it enables the new cinematic video modes you see. Apple has had portrait mode photos for a while now and when it was first introduced in the iphone 7 plus. That in itself was a pretty strenuous task. You had to process the data from two separate cameras. You had to create a depth map and then apply different levels of blur to different parts of the image. According to that depth map, however, five generations of chips later, we finally have enough processing power to be able to perform a similar type of computation 30 times per second now, i will say that this footage looks a little soft around the edges, where you can tell That this is shot on a phone and not a pro dslr camera, but look at it from what we can see right now.

This is far far more advanced than i ever expected. The first generation implementation to be and im telling you now. This is the beginning of something huge when this tech improves using phones to make movies is gon na, be a complete, no brainer, theyre, cheaper theyre, so much smaller and theyre smarter, like shooting cinematic video. With this iphone, you already have the ability to refocus video after youve taken it. If i shoot out a focus, video on this camera im screwed plus this phone can use its ultrawide camera to anticipate when someone is about to walk into the frame of the main camera and get the focus ready for them. I dont know how well it works. Yet, but if this is as good as theyre making it look, this is very big news, plus im just glad that apple is experimenting. My single biggest complaint about the iphone 12 cameras was that yes, theyre polished, but theyre also just a bit boring compared to the competition. This goes a long way towards fixing that, but also every single one of these new iphone 13s has a feature called sensor. Shift stabilization, it means that instead of the lens moving to try and counteract your hand, movements its the camera sensor behind that lens doing the moving. We already saw this on the iphone 12 pro max last year and its not a dramatic improvement, but it edges the iphone closer to what id call human stabilization, by which i mean that you can already get phones like the vivo x60 pro plus, that have an Actual gimbal system inside their camera for footage so smooth that it looks like the cameras locked in position.

I dont think apple wants this. They actually like that little bit of motion theyre just trying to make it smoother, but theres, actually a slightly more fundamental hardware improvement. This time around, every single camera on every single one of these new iphone 13s has been upgraded so for the iphone 13 and 13 mini. You have a new main camera with a larger sensor that apparently lets in 47 more light and then also an upgraded ultra wide camera to, i guess: try and keep parity and put simply bigger sensors equals more light, equals better photos based on the sample photos. Apples, given, though i would say that it still feels like theres a big gap between the main camera and the ultrawide now heres, where the iphone 13 pros start to pull ahead. It really does feel like apple, is making sure that the pros feel pro this year, but then theyve kind of kept the normal iphone 13s as the more simple iterative upgrade for people who just dont care about their phone as much and who just upgrade mindlessly. Every time their contract runs out because, on the pro iphones, the zoom camera has been upgraded to three times optical zoom. The ultrawide now lets in a lot more light up to 92 percent theyre saying and then the main camera can apparently let in 2.2 times more light. I dont know how you can put an exact number on how much better a camera is, but these are huge huge claims and what makes them even more significant is that at the same time, theyve also equipped this new ultrawide with the ability to autofocus which allows It to double up as a close up macro camera, a macro camera that can get all the way up to two centimeters away from an object and one with all that extra light that the sensor now lets in for a lot of phones.

The macro camera is a separate lens altogether, so the fact that apple has just added basically a two in one on these phones almost gives these pros the equivalent of having a quad camera system theres. Also, apparently, the ability on these pros to create your own custom image preset for how you want your photos to look straight out of the camera, definitely need to test this. One myself, though, and finally, you might know that last years, iphone 12s could shoot photos in a format called pro raw. You see with normal iphone photos at the point of capture. A lot of the data in that shot is thrown away because most people dont need it, but by enabling pro raw photos do take up about eight times as much storage. But they allow you to keep that information, which means that in the future, if you ever wanted to come back and edit it, it will look good. Even if you go crazy with the image now. The reason that im telling you this is that, with the iphone 13 pro, you can also shoot in something called pro res, which is a very similar concept for videos. It is really cool like. I totally believe that smartphones will record movies in the near future, but it also will almost definitely kill your storage, its possible that they have somewhat optimized the files. But if we went off current industry standards, if you wanted 4k high quality, prores video, just 10 minutes would take up 100 gigabytes of storage or the entirety of a base.

Iphone 13 pro naturally mind you. This is probably why theyre giving you the option for one terabyte this year. All that said, there are a few things im concerned about. Okay, not you first of all is the entire iphones charging situation. For starters, no iphone 13s come with a charger im, not surprised when apple makes decisions theyre generally very purposeful, and they try to stick to them. But the added layer to this is that the only cable you get in the box is a usbc to lightning cable, which means that you also need a usbc charging brick to use it, which, unless you specifically bought an iphone 11 series phone, you probably wont have, But on top of that, it really feels like apple, is pushing this narrative that magsafe this snap on magnetic charging solution is the way forward, except that im really struggling to see the benefit, its slow at 15 watts of max power compared to the over 100 watts. That competitors are now releasing. It generates heat, because the simple fact that youre no longer connecting metal to metal directly means that a higher proportion of the energy is being wasted and, more fundamentally, its not even more convenient. If you fully buy into the magsafe ecosystem, then every time you want to charge, you have to take off your accessory and put it back on afterwards, plus youre, still tied to a cable, its not like this wireless charging suddenly means you can forget about wires.

It just makes that wired charging more indirect and then also. The second thing is this whole situation with comfort. Look. I can see why apple has gone with this whole flat design with their phones. It does look slick, but just speaking from experience, i strongly dislike how it feels and its looking very likely that, given the increased battery on all these iphone 13s theyre going to be just as sharp, but now even thicker and even heavier dont, get me wrong. The extra battery is great, but im just saying be warned because i dont expect well, particularly the 13 pro max to be particularly palm friendly, well find out very soon, though, all right, taking all of this into account, bearing in mind that no one has actually tested These in person, yet how do these new iphones sit versus the competition? Well, i think that the iphone 13 pros seem really competitive. The a15 chip 120 hertz refresh rates combined with apples optimizations all means that there is a good chance that you are looking at the new fastest phones on the market and, if apple can do that, whilst improving the battery life and making the camera fun again. Theyve pretty much tackled every major complaint that ive had with the iphone all in one go whilst actually making it cheaper in some regions. However, at the same time, i think that the normal iphone 13 and the iphone 13 mini are a bit less competitive, as well as the expected material differences between normal and pro not having 120 hertz is a huge deal for a flagship phone in almost 2022 and The fact that they miss out on a lot of the major camera upgrades too means that i could see myself telling people to either go android or just get the pro it kind of feels like with the pro iphones apple, is looking at the competition and theyre Trying to make something thats competitive and that matches their features, but for the normal iphone 13s.

It just feels, like apple, is banking, on the loyalty that they have to their brand as a reason to not push forward as much as they could. They even actually said that the reason theyve shuffled the cameras into this new diagonal position is to make the phones look different because you might not be able to tell otherwise, but ive got a few big comparisons coming up soon, which will give us more definitive answers. So if you did enjoy this, then do consider subscribing for those im, literally not going to finish editing this video till, like six in the morning to check out my dear apple video click here or to see the craziness. That is, the company tesla click here. My name is aaron.