It has a beautiful design, but how does it actually perform lets find out? So the first thing to notice is that the ipivo ducam is small, a fraction of the size of the last visualizer. I looked at the avervision u50 when you open the box. Youll find the do cam itself inside a padded cover about the size of a pencil case held together with an elastic band. The quality of the cover could be better, but it should protect the dewcam from all, but the hardest of, knocks and given that most visualizers are supplied without covers its a welcome addition, as you can see here, setup is very straightforward. Just lift the arm by pulling in the camera, lift, handle and then raise the body away from the base like so once. Youve unraveled, the built in usb cable plug it into your computer and youre ready to go. The dewcam has only one button which is pressed when you want to flip the image when moving between document camera and webcam mode, without it youd appear upside down in the zoom call teams meeting with the likes theres no built in microphone and no lights to eliminate Your subject before we see it in action heres a quick rundown of some of the technical details. The duocams camera has an impressive resolution of 8 megapixels, meaning it can output images up to 3264 by 2448 pixels. The minimum focus distance. As far as i could work out was around six and a half centimeters, which means you can get in nice and close to your subject without blurring the image it can: output up to 30 frames per second and has a maximum capture area of 354 by 266.

Millimeters, which is somewhere between an a4 and an e3 sheet of paper it weighs in at just 355 grams, which, together with its small size, will make it ultra portable, and it should set you back about 129. If you want to use your do. Cam with third party software, like zoom teams, meeting or the camera app, then its best to first install ipvo, cam control so that you can lock in the exposure and white balance settings as well as focusing mode. I like to use the manual focus when making notes on a piece of paper so that the writing is always nice and sharp, rather than the visualizer, focusing in my hand, so with cam control installed in your computer. You can expect a clear, focused image like the one you see here. The do cam really comes into its own when using its own dedicated software visualizer from ipvo. Again, i chose to use manual focus and again everything was crisp and clear as youd expect, given its 8 megapixel sensor, the software allows you to take snapshots as well as videos adding annotations as you go. It also allows you to stream live to youtube, although this isnt a feature ive tested and id, probably use different software such as obs to do this anyway. The visualizer software also allows you to take slow motion. Videos as well as time lapse, recording and stop motion. Recording which ive decided to try it, i dont imagine its a feature that id use very much when teaching either in class or online, but some people will find it useful as well as a lot of fun.

This is me trying to recreate the scene from a popular knights, sitcom im sure you can guess which one and to make it more realistic. I decided to up the production values for greater effect. Another feature you might have a use for is text to speech. Lets see how it gets on reading my new favorite book on robot sumo, the right wheel for your robot, though wheeled robots, are most commonly used and in good wheels is often a difficult tar dot sk for the beginning, and even the expert robot builder, you can Also magnify part of the subject: youre viewing, which could come in handy when you want to zoom in on a selected part of it, youre, also able to highlight part of the image or mask all, but a single line which might be handy. When reading a book magazine or document, finally, you can scan qr codes or barcodes or select part of a document in order to scan it and output, your selection as a pdf document, so the software that comes with the docam, certainly isnt shortened, features now im, always Keen to see how good a job the bundle software does with recording as you might want to use it to produce your own youtube videos heres, a recording i made with do cam and visualizer app and pc ive got voltage, is 10 volts thats across a resistor Current in the circuit is two amps using one solar using one solid ir rearranging by dividing both sides by i i get r is equal to v over.

I, which is ten over two, is five. I ohms so were certainly not getting 30 frames per second and the audio quality isnt great, making it sound like im, speeding up and slowing down for better results. Id use the obs app remembering to adjust your image with ipvos cam control. First lets see the results. This time so im going to say that the voltage across the resistor 10 volts lets see the current in the circuit. What we go for well go for 2 amps and therefore weve then got to use. Ohms law v is equal to ir in order to work at the resistance, so basically what ill do is ill take this equation divide both now. Remember that the do cam doesnt have a built in microphone, so your audio might not be of the same quality im using the rode, video micro on a mac, and i set the ducam to manual focus using cam control. The visualizer app is very impressive. Then, although i did experience problems when trying to record with it causing the app to crash, sometimes there is a workaround using obs. If you need to make recordings, and hopefully the issue with the visualizer app will be sorted soon. What youre seeing on screen now is me testing the minimum focus distance of the do cam, which you found to be around about six and a half centimeters. This allows you to get in close to your subject without having to resort to using the digital zoom, and you can see here how easy it is to add annotations.

In conclusion, then, the ipvcom is a beautifully designed highly portable visualizer thats, quick to set up theres. No built in microphone which might put off some people and no built in lights, although the image quality was very good without them for use with third party software, youll want to use the cam control software to first adjust the image and select the best focusing mode. So that the do cam isnt focus hunting, the visualizer app was great, apart from the record function on pc at least, but using obs allowed me to produce good quality videos overall. Theres, certainly enough positives to make me want to try it out when teaching after the summer holidays. Hopefully by that time, the little niggles in the software will be ironed out and ill produce. Another video to show how i get on. If you found this video helpful, then please give it a thumbs up.