We have a new ipaga, pgsw029 telescopic bluetooth gamepad for nintendo switch ninjas like you can see by something nintendo switch playstation 3 android smartphones tablets, uh. We can use it also with the tv boxes. If you want to do that and windows pc, so yes, it works with the nintendo switch console, which is super super cool. This is telescopic what that means it, except obviously it supports tablets. It supports tablets like sebas of 130 to 280 millimeters. That is cool. That is cool, so that’s, 28 centimeters we’ll see i’m gon na try to use a bit kind of larger uh tablet around 10 inches so and remember, the buying links will be the description. So let’s go firstly quickly with the quick, quick, quick quickly with the unboxing there. We go quick, unboxing, ninjas, we’re gon na get have here a cable, a charging cable all together for this gamepad let’s check it out this. Yes, unfortunately, it has a micro, usb, uh port, so a bit slower rate than example, with the types usb game pads. We have here some manuals: english and chinese, simple english in english and chinese, and here obviously it’s telling you how you’re going to pair it with the nintendo switch mode. You can see myself over there b plus home button and read mode, is y plus home button for two seconds to turn on the controller. At the same time, you use bluetooth on your device to pair pgsw029 uh, all together, p3 mode place.

It basically play playstation 3 mode is a plus home button and pc mode is l plus home buttons for two seconds to turn on the controller, you can obviously use the wired connection, l home for two seconds to turn on the controllers indicators flashes. You can just simply pause this video and check all these uh parameters and connection mode instructions just pause. This video guys anyway, let’s go back, and here is the cave. Here is the gamepad. Oh, i remember the old telescopic ipad gamepad from four years ago. I think so, four years ago, since i didn’t reviewed a telescopic gamepad from uh ipeka yeah, we have two different colors black and green color. Green color looks very cool and just it’s like a green uh, blue color combination, uh working current uh it’s, a 30 mh continuous use it’s around 10 hours. They say this is a 5 yeah. It has a 300 image pattern, just the distance, of course, for this charging time is around 2 and a half hours, and this is a bluetooth 3.0 connectivity which obviously it’s under eight meters distance. They say understand my mode. This gamepad can work in just up to uh 30 days. Oh my god check it out. Telescopic telescopic like it out. I think it can fit even a laptop here, whoa bro wow, with this almost what happened. That is crazy. How long this wow? That is so long that is so long, bro it’s very light.

This gamepad is very light. Obviously everything is here made from cheap, cheap plastic body. Here we have these customizable buttons in just plus minus uh play uh go back forward. We have plus and minus home button uh, obviously, the triggers uh x y b, a buttons and d pad, because if myself d pad is very silent, medium loudness for the x y, a b buttons triggers medium button, medium, loudness, l1 and r1 also medium loudness. So not bad all together. This is kind of medium, loud game, padding just of course you can also enable this one, so you can hold your gamepad all together, so this is simple that’s. It remember that this device does come also with the built in six axis. Gyroscope fine vision, assisted by uh, simultaneous uh, summationary file adjustment; uh, yes, six axis gyroscope, so it’s suitable for operating games on nintendo switch, playstation, android and computer pc beautiful anyway super long, retractable, cable for easy play with all kinds of equipment. Uh. Let me just see by the way, remember remember that, yes, what i love about it if you’re gon na fit somehow, if you’re gon na find some uh somebody will ask me, can i fit um? Let me just some use a device here. Can i fit example? If i can use uh let’s just see here, uh headphones, let me just show you right now: just you can do it. I think. Maybe you can somehow manage it.

If you also remove the case, let me try to remove the case. Sorry, if i’m allowed a little bit, but a lot of people are asking me of course, maybe some of you maybe have a bluetooth hand head headphones earphones, but let me just see here i think you’re gon na manage somehow to fit it here. It is here. I don’t know: can my camera show you here? It is the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack for poco x3 pro depends obviously of the tablet over the smartphone depends depends uh anyway, all together, beautiful wow. It feels 30s feels very, very rocky rocky, solid doesn’t feel that cheap. Regarding the telescopic handle here on the back check this out beautiful anyway, let’s go now immediately test it with a tablet. We’Re gon na just see how the tablet fits in with this telescopic gamepad here we’re going jazz check out. You probably are right now shocked too. What the heck look at this beast of the tablet which i’m having this is the honor v6 ninjas at 10, inch slightly more than 10 inches, so it fits very perfectly. I can even fit obviously even 12 inch tablet here with this one and newer versions. Of course, probably the older tablets – oh 12 inches have, they are even bigger, but new modern tablets have a thinner, bezel, so that’s why they are more compact compact for this gamepad uh works perfectly here. Let me just show you here i’m going to go here to the settings and you can see myself that is connected the pgsw029 perfectly here.

I don’t see the unfortunately i don’t see the battery percentage, but this is only you can use with the bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. So far that i know yeah and we’re going to play, firstly, we’re going to warm up this emulator, this sorry for this tablet with the ark survival evolved let’s. Do it what i love about it? Obviously, this bracket here it it’s just firmly – is firmly fixed. It can’t drop you it’s, locked on this side and it’s locked on bottom here and just you can see this stuff it’s locked here, so it can’t fall. Unless everything is just fails from your hands. The gamepad and the tablet let’s play ark. Survival evolved ark survival evolved on this massive tablet. Kirin 985 let’s check this out and just let’s check it out the skin pad. Will it work nicely here and boom voila, of course bro? Of course? Oh, my god, bro it also the telescopic telescopic gamepad it’s a must have for a massive tablets. Okay, 8 inch tablets. Okay, we don’t even have that much 8 inch tablets anymore, because phones are getting super big, almost 7 inches the new flagships and are almost seven inches. Big bro hold left trigger and move left stick to forward to sprint. Okay, Music! Will he sprint? If i hold it longer, it does he hit. He is printing right now, Music, beautiful great performance, great performance with this gamepad i don’t see so far any problems whatsoever, so we’re gon na move to next game.

Let’S go let’s, go real racing three here with the this gamepad with the tablet itself again. Another flawless experience here, Music. Remember that this uh gamepad ninjas has a gyroscope and also it has a dual vibrators liberation on right and on the left. This technology is advancing with the game passengers. These gamepads are very light. I don’t even know how they can fit all of that their vibration and also gyroscope all together everything Music, changing the camera, everything from a game patch i don’t need to touch the screen at all: Music, beautiful let’s, now move to asphalt 9 and using poco x3. Pro a smartphone right now using a smartphone with 6.7 inch screen, now check this out disable the outer touch, drive Applause, Music, wow, Music, great experience here also with the Music Applause smartphone nice let’s go the next game, great experience with the smartphone. Also, of course, you can return back this bracket. You don’t need to use it with the phone. It just still firmly fix it. The phone also firmly fix it, and also you can use it with the obviously, with the case it does have enough of space like cedar stuff over here. It does have enough space also on the bottom check it out. We have the looseness here also check out the camera bump of the coco x3. Pro let’s also have to mine that yourself, but again that’s the case. We’Ll cover also this Music. Okay, we’re gon na check also dead, trigger two ninjas right now here running on poco x3.

Pro this game also can run up to unlimited fps. You can see. The here fall is performance 120 fps with the poco x3 pro wow wow. Just wow Music awesome Music, i mean so i think this should be it. We tested a few different android games uh with this gamepad so far uh i don’t see any problems whatsoever. Remember that this gamepad also is supported. Let me just check also for you just for the end. We’Re gon na go also and check it in emulators let’s check this out. Gameplay check it out. Daemon ps2 pro with this gamepad works again just fine. That was amazing, bro. Ah, shame i wanted to make fidelity ko it. There awesome i’m gon na test, another emulator Music, Music let’s go test. Another game, we’re gon na go with the smackdown. Here, comes the pain check it out, come down, come down bro! Oh, what a crazy game beautiful there you go! Ppsspp emulator also works just fine with this gamepad Music beautiful anyway. So i hope you enjoyed in this full gaming review of this gamepad uh. Yes, you will have the buying links in the description and also my recommendation, which gamepads to buy in the future. Remember this is a micro usb, a charging uh gamepad here you can see the stuff here on the bottom left uh. This telescopic arm length is insane almost 30 centimeters in just 28 centimeters. It can it’s a lot of stuff can fit here.

A lot of stuff can fit with this one, and i can tell you a mini laptop can fit on it awesome and it does have a cheap uh. It does have a cheap feeling. It doesn’t even have rubbers here on the grip. I wish that it has some additional rubbers like ipeka, pg 1999 have uh but hey here. What we can do 50 bucks in just 50 bucks right now and then good uh. Probably the flashlight promotions are even a bit cheaper, so follow the links in the description.