You can use it on your ios smartphone android smartphone, a tablet, a smart tv, a p3, an ns or a windows pc now it’s connect and play and um we’re, going to get into how you pair this thing because i’m going to show you guys step by Step how to pair it with your android device we’re going to do the unboxing everything like that. But you know this thing will have two different three different modes, extended mode where you could put it on a tablet or an um. You know i’m saying an ipad and it’s compatible with the apple software, as well as the android software single mode, where you can charge the phone and play the game at the same time, and you can also uh have a normal gamepad mode, where you have both Both controllers one here so what’s pretty cool, is because they have this button on the back, which allows you to slip out the controlling and put the single side on there. So we’re gon na go ahead and um. Take a look at the box contents and everything with that nature, but um right off the gun. What i noticed was that it was super easy to pair. All you had to do was connect it to the application that they tell you in the bluetooth um. They tell you this in the user manual, but one of the things you’re gon na need to download is this app called shooting, plus v3 and uh.

This app will allow you to you know, map all the buttons really easily it’s, really simple, but there’s three there’s. Four different gaming methods on here, so it depends on what device you’re using now. If you wanted to insert a usb and enter the wired mode, hold the right button down with the home button for the standard android mode, you would hold the home button and up at the same time, for the v3 mode which lets you map all the buttons. You would hold the right and the home button which we’re going to get into right. Let me just go back to this page 2460, which is a really good price, so it has the detachable and replaceable joy pad store that you would go to, and you can see that uh all the details right here, super long, extended, i’m gon na see if It fits on the 10.4 inch as well as the cell phone right here, so let’s go ahead and cut this uh. This top part open all right. There we go so i cut that out now we can slide this portion out very easily all right. So this is what we’re actually greeted with all right, so this is shooting, plus v3 i’m going to go ahead and install that that looks like a mapping, um application, that’s how you would map all the buttons. What comes inside of this box? We get this huge joy, con joy, pod, joy, controller, gamepad and you can see wow yeah.

This will fit an ipad. Definitely now what’s cool is with this piece. You can actually charge your device through this little thing, so we get your your charging mechanism, which is type c here so when you’re in the application, it’s going to look like this for the shooting plus v3 it when you’re in direct pairing mode. So, in order to get to direct pairing mode, what you have to do is long hold the home button and the right button at the same time, so you long hold those two buttons and then you see it hit the search button right. There long hold it again, so what you want to do is um long hold it on pubg and um. What you want to do is download the home and write um uh, basically uh the the layout that they made. So once you download that you wan na make sure you choose, it make sure you download home and write it and now just go long, hold it again and hit download game and it’s going to take you to the game and then just hit play so let’s Go ahead and see if this will let’s try these the trigger and the zoom works as well. Duck works, jump works and laying down works as well. So we got all the buttons Music, so i got one kill. Oh he had the shoddy. I almost had him right there. Ah, what did i do? Music? I was pressing the wrong button.

I was trying to press jump and um. Oh damn, actually it’s playing pretty decent right now, it’s playing pretty good. I could get used to this a little bit. If i mess around with it enough, i could definitely get used. This got him. Okay. That was good. That was good, there’s somebody coming around. Let me meet him in the front. Oh he he caught me. He caught me right there so yeah. This is playing good. I’M gon na play another game, real, quick. I think that we have fortnite on here as well. We also have call of duty mobile as well, and you can see it’s very responsive so that that’s crazy right there so download the home and write buttons. And now we, what you would have to do is long hold the game and then go into edit preset and then press ok is uh, hit the trigger button right here at the top right. Let me see this one and i can make that uh the shoot button or the action button and then x, i’ll make this the window thing and then all right cool, so let’s see how this i’m going to hit save right now and so now that’s, the The hit button – this is the map still, so i want to change that. So what i would do is hit y and then i can make y turn into this button with playing pretty smoothly. So far, all you have to do is hit this button right there and then you can choose the trigger, which is right here and slide it right across into the front of there and then hit save that’s jump, destroy the objective, unpair disconnect and then now you Can go into this device right here and stop and scan and then hit pair so now it’s going to enter the standard pairing mode when you hit the home and um up button at the same time.

So now, once we’re into that, we can go into a game that supports standard gaming like gear club let’s hit that one automatically certain games like 2k gear club there’s other games that have that as well. So you could just. I could change the view right here. Music, so this is crazy. This is absolutely sick. I had first place, but i had that little that’s, a short crash Music, Music, yeah that’s, absolutely sick. So this is pretty crazy, james, wolf right now, um! So far, everything looks really nice on here. The graphics. Look! Really good Music let’s try to get some food real, quick, Music, hmm, Music, everything’s moving really nicely on here. Let’S see there’s some food over here, so this is like really good. Gameplay racing games, things of that nature pull down. So you have to press this and pull down, and that comes out. You have direct mode. Some mtk phones cannot be used and are not compatible with let’s go back, so it gives you a list of games that you can play from this this thing here and it has pub g there. It also does have a few other games, fortnite stuff right here. Um, you could either use the controller in in standard mode or you could use it uh. You know with the v3 mode or you. If you wanted to use ios, you could use it with the home and left option and then, if you wanted to use it with something else with a wired connection, it would be down and home, but uh.

This thing is pretty cool after using it. For a few different games, but let me know what you guys think about the ipega 9167. I definitely like how you could uh take this one out and switch it with with different ones as well. It comes with a bunch of other accessories in the box to play around with so you have that secondary joy con, so you could charge it when it’s charging, you can hook this one up and you can hook up the audio adapter, which would actually go right Here on the side um this way, let me put it in your headphone jack, while it’s in your phone like that, and then this guy would go. You just slide this guy in like this, but the opposite way here it is, and then you could actually charge your phone from this direction, so just a ton of features. If you want to turn it off, you hold the home button and it turns off like that.