Welcome to my Channel today were going to review the ipega 9083s, so the ipega 9083s, and what we have here is pretty much a telescopic controller that can actually allow you to fit something bigger than your traditional phone could be either a phone with a much larger Case or even an iPad or a tap Ace from Samsung uh, it extends a lot longer and it actually can take the weight of something as big as a tablet. I recently reviewed the Autobox gaming clip for the Xbox One controller and I can assure you that no tablet is going to fit on a mobile gaming clip. I also reviewed the Eraser Kishi V2, which is also a telescopic controller, but it will not extend long enough to fit a tablet and you will need to remove a thick phone case to make it connect to the USB type c input. So youll definitely be something larger and heres from the ipega becomes handy, and here you have it. It actually feels pretty light, despite its large size, its not going to fit in your pocket, though, but itll definitely fit fine in your backpack on the side. Here we have your different modes for Android and iOS. As for the d pad, it definitely feels really pretty rough, but youll be able to make it work. Uh. You got your home button right here, your select and start buttons. Also the analog stick. They definitely feel a little too loose for my taste and right on top.

You got your usual shoulder and Trigger buttons, uh, the they feel a little bit clicky the at least the shoulders. As for the triggers, they can get the job done. Uh there, the triggers are not clicky, but they are a little a little too loose and easy to push uh and, as you can see again, the usual telescopic feature here. You have your lock on this side that actually releases the left side to extend further. Once you lose it, let me just give you the one more shot back here so right now, its locked, you unlock it, release the hatch here and youre able to extend both sides allowing a large tablet or a phone with a large case to fit without any Issues – and here we have a Galaxy Tab – S6, its a pretty average medium sized tablet, uh ability measures uh around 10.5 inches Im, going to show you how simple it is to just put it in place on the ipega. Just uh pull one side in order to make it fit slightly oops accommodate the other side. I always recommend to make sure that you squeeze it a little tight and then move to the back and secure it in place and once thats saved. That should allow you to keep it in place, set up your Bluetooth connection settings and you should be good to go. Lets, try out some games on it and see how it feels and, as usual I like to test emulators and see how comfortable they actually feel.

Here you have the PPSSPP emulator from the Play, Store playing Tech and dark Resurrection for the PSP, and I got ta say it feels pretty good. The buttons are really responsive. I had tattoos on programming to make it work uh. Why dont we give it a shout to another emulator lets, try drastic for the Nintendo DS, and here you have no Super Mario Bros, its a Nintendo DS, which you can once again emulate via the DraStic emulator from the play store. If you notice, I was able to switch the tablet vertically, which kind of converts the tablet into a gigantic Nintendo DS and if youre a fan of the Nintendo 3DS. You can pretty much do the same thing by downloading the Citra emulator and pretty much just turn. The system and just play your games this way again it gives you a really big sense of nostalgia since youre, actually playing in the same mode that 3DS and Nintendo DS games. Uh were played back in the days. You also have the choice to flip the device sideways and pretty much just play the games in the traditional way, uh, not the way that they were intended to be made in the first place, but if youre more accustomed to having sideways and just play, uh horizontally. This way – and you know you also have that option as well – if that is your preference, now lets go over some games from the Play Store.

This is Modern. Combat 5. come on foreign still, dont have what it takes and must train harder. Foreign conclusion: the ipega 9083s, who is it for, if youre, the type of person who likes to game on your tablet or if you are the type of person who finds a little too tedious, having to remove the case from your phone to be able to plug It into one of those uh USB type c controllers and its just a little too much hassle for you to having to do that, but I think its definitely for you lets go over the pros and the cons. We have a pretty slick device uh. That is pretty much compatible with both IOS and Android. It has a Bluetooth connection, so you dont have to worry about. You know if its for either one or the other uh, and it also has a pretty decent price point, its currently uh ‘.99. You can find it cheaper if you shop around, but that is pretty much the standard price which is actually somewhat decent and not too far fetched. If we compare with those mobile controllers that we have out there nowadays, which price point is pretty basic uh at 99.99 uh, some of the cons, I would say, uh, it is a little bit oversized like I mentioned earlier, uh the deepest, not the greatest uh and Theres some opportunities with the analog stick. I did run into some issues, especially with first person games uh.

They do work, but I think that the sensitivity is gon na be adjusted uh other than that. Would I get it yes totally. If I do have a tablet – or if I do have you know one of those uh OtterBox large phone cases that its gon na take me three or five minutes to take it off Ill, definitely give the ipega 9083s a shot uh, but dont forget to leave Your feedback, let me see what you guys think about it. Uh thumbs up dont forget to give a like, and please subscribe and remember: Johnny Gadget Ill review the gadgets first, so you can choose to buy later.