0 bluetooth controller, now that’s a mouthful to say, but this is going to be a fun one. I love how this looks i kind of like how it feels and i’ll give you guys my overall impression at the end of this video, so let’s get right into this. If you guys like this video, please hit the like button subscribe to this channel. More hardware reviews are coming for cloud gaming, so if that’s something you’re interested in stay tuned for this channel let’s get into this. So to start off, i just want to let you guys know: there’s no plugin via usbc here. This is just a sync with your bluetooth connection, with your control on your smartphone, i have to say the battery life, for this controller is really impressive. I was able to get about 9 hours with my first playthrough. With this i would say, that’s pretty impressive. Now one of my biggest gripes with the batteries how you charge it. This takes the normal usb wiring now the usb type c wire. So you got to make sure that you have one those old usb wires sent around all right. So let’s start off by the design, and i have to say man. This is flipping awesome, like anyone. I showed this off today like what in the world is this controller grip right? So these two colors for this, this camo, like color. I really didn’t like that, and then this this one now, as you can see here, it is all fire and ice it’s, so cool and the bummer about this – those that they don’t give you like an option to get a black control of that something you want, Or like a clear white one, you have to pick these two extreme colors, the camo and this, but i wouldn’t say hands down.

I prefer this over the camera just when it comes to look and, as you can see here, states that this is upgraded now. The main difference between this and the s which i already showcased on this channel, is that this is supposed to have wireless 5.0 bluetooth supposed to connect better with your smartphone or your tablet, and also they’re advertising. This now the tablet and now showcase. What a tablet looks like on this bad boy, so again the design i love the colors, i have to say, though they said that they slimmed down the fit that’s, something that they’re kind of advertising. They’Re saying that the fit is a little bit slim, but it feels the same with the s and i’ll be doing a side to side comparison, uh video with this and that so stay tuned for that, if there’s something interested in. But when i covered the s, i was saying that when i played with the original one with that, i kind of got cramps right playing again trying to move from the trigger button. Placement is just a little off in this right. If you’re playing with this and i’ll showcase some games playing here in a bit but trying to get from this from analog to your x, uh y b and a i mean, do this so many times you feel the cramps. So when it comes to design again, i love the way this looks, but i still feel like the button placement is still all off and it’s, not my preferred button placement, but again i’ll showcase that in a bit when it comes to gameplay but yeah, so you Go to the back, and it has that pega logo in here, and this is how you lock it in and you unlock it.

So if you want to expand it, you do this and then it also pulls to even expand more to fit like larger tablets. So to lock it once you have your phone in here. You just push this in you hear that click. That means it’s locked all right, so let’s showcase this right here. So these three different there’s actually four and i’m gon na. Let you guys hear the click, so this one here is two, this three and these four, so the this four cents here, but they’re supposed to cover three things. So this is your traditional bluetooth here. This is, if you want to pair with ios, and then this is, if you want to use this controller, to play android games. This is how you do it here, and i have to tell you this is such a pain to sync and i’ll. Show you guys that in a bit, but again the design overall, i think it’s, okay, just i’m, not a big fan of the button placement here, all right! So here it goes. This is 11.2 ish tablet and you’ll see it fits it pretty. Well, so again, if you’re looking for a good controller for your tablet, this might not be a bad choice for you as well, but yeah this is. It fits pretty well again it’s pretty solid, pretty stable, all right so at first when i was trying to pair this, i had some major difficulties because i didn’t know that you have to have it here, and this is an all purpose controller.

So if you do it like this, that means that you can use this bluetooth to play an engine that supports bluetooth. So if you’re trying to play in pc, you can actually use this controller to play on pc, but you definitely have to make sure they have it here. So i thought because i had an android device. I had to have it on android all right. So again, very inconsistent. I had to actually pause the video, so i tried to connect. It think connect tried it again, flicking the button and what you want to do is you want to make sure that it’s blinking on this side so now let’s, try and connect it again. This is um my biggest gripe with this and i’ll get to this. In a bit, so let’s try and connect this pair it now you should see this should be able to work with google steady again. It detects it and boom we write it. So i would have to say something that i really enjoy about. This control is that when it comes to latency, i think because it’s bluetooth 5.0, you really don’t experience any lag latency with this with the s i kind of did. This is pretty fluid pretty smooth and you guys will see with some gameplay here, it’s pretty pretty accurate when it comes to respawn time and yeah. This is a good way to game, fellas good way to game, but yeah. So this is resident evil running on the google stadia platform, and you can see this runs and works pretty well for sure.

Alright. So something else to consider is when you’re playing this with google stadia the menu button. Here does nothing so when you’re trying to hit the menu for it to open up the google stadium menu, so you can, you know, add friends to communicate with your friends. This does nothing so as of right now i haven’t found a button or a way to do that. This is the start and select. So these are not it so again, if you’re trying to communicate with your friends through the google stadia menu, um there’s, no way to access it that i know of so far with this controller grip. So this might be an issue if you’re, trying to like link with friends from your friends list on google stated to play game switch. Alright, so let’s get into some halo test this out so far, again, hardly any latency issues with this. But again you see that movement from this to this is just the placement, i think, is what roots it, but yeah it’s it’s, definitely playable man, definitely playable all right. So here we are. This is g for us now checking out some real company all right here. We go let’s see if we can get some headshots but yeah when they, but you see you guys see like the the move from my fingers just trying to hit that b. Uh it’s it’s, tough, not gon na, lie all right, fellas, so that’s the ipega pg9083b wireless controller, and i have to say this controller is awesome when it comes to latency right.

This controller connects really well via bluetooth and because it’s again bluetooth, 5.0. The connection is pretty pretty solid. You don’t get any latency playing with this. I had issues with the s with latency and i’m, not experiencing that at all here with this control, so kudos them for that. But again, my biggest issue has to be with the button placements again, so my biggest grip has to be with the button placement trying to navigate from the analog to the x, a y and b it’s just too big of a gap and the crafty fingers. I wish they can move it a little high and put it right here, and i think that would have been perfect and again. I don’t know what’s going on with this up swing with the l r buttons, but again trying to go from r2 to r1 it’s. Just a trip and it’s kind of uncomfortable, the more you do it, the more your fingers cramp up um. The other thing i do want to compare about the gripes of this is the size. Now this is a big boy. You might not see it through this video but check this out when i put it next to something like the razer kichi right again, the razakichi can almost fit in here i mean look at this: it like almost eats it up right and then let’s, compare it To the backbone – and you can see the difference in size here compared to the backbone let’s put it up here so again, this is just a huge controller, especially like if you’re trying to travel with it right, let’s, compare it to the game, sir and you’ll see It’S huge right so size is another thing to take into consideration if you’re looking for something slim, something portable as this is not it, but also something to throw in there because it’s bluetooth, you can also play with an ios device as well.

Alright fellas! Thank you guys for watching. If you guys, like this hit the like button subscribe to this channel, we have more tech reviews coming for cloud gaming and also comparison for cloud gaming.