, the newest version of ios for the ipad. So, okay, i did a video about ios, 15. First, lots of really cool features. Um facetime has share play built in now there’s. This live text feature in the gallery where you can select text wherever you want lots of really cool stuff. Definitely watch that video. If you haven’t already, then we also covered. We made a video showing ipad os 15.. Now this is one that has some expectations to it right so m1 ipad pro came out and it’s this crazy, powerful chip benchmarks over the 16 inch macbook pro 16 gigs of ram and a tablet we’re all looking at this, like okay, the ipad has reached yet Another ridiculous performance, peak and it’s just still an ipad. What are they going to do with this right? So this is before wwdc and i had a little montage in the video because i there’s a lot of us sort of talking about this like well. Maybe ipad os 15 is going to be. Finally, like unlocking some new features, some new power, some window management, something something to take advantage of, because the ipad’s crazy overpowered right. So it comes out it’s. The it’s announced the wwdc developer beta, i install it. We start using it it’s, basically, the same thing: it’s it’s very similar. It does have some pretty cool features. Again. It has all the same ios stuff. We were talking about live text, it’s got share, playing facetime it’s got the new maps, it’s all shiny and with all these little tiny trees and everything very cool performance is great.

I’Ve been using. It it’s actually a really stable beta the public beta now, but on ipad os, specifically there’s like three major new ui tweaks, and none of them for me really changed the way i use the ipad like i was. Maybe i got my hopes up a little too high for this. I think a lot of people did, we probably did, but they are pretty cool. The big one number one is: you can put widgets anywhere on the home screen now. Neat i’ve been doing that on android for like 10 years now, so that’s that’s great appreciate that apple uh, two it’s, the same multitasking fundamentals, but they’ve surfaced it now. With these three dots that appear at the top of the screen everywhere, you go it’s either full screen app, split, screen, app or slide over app yeah and before on the ipad. I actually really like this because i don’t really use slide over, like i just forget about that gesture and a lot of times if i’m thinking about doing split screen, i will remember how many gestures i have to do to do it and i’ll just just walk Like never mind, i’ll just go back and forth. I’Ll go back and forth that’s fine um, but the fact that these three dots pop up everywhere now every time you’re in an app, makes me a power user more likely to go in and split screen because it’s just always a tap away and now real quick.

If i remember so, i wasn’t here last week when you guys filmed all this, so i didn’t get to see most of it working. But if i remember correctly from wwdc, were they dots or it was almost like a little menu right? That kind of showed what it’s doing so like the screen was like a oh, you tap the top first tap the dots it expands shows you that okay, okay and then you pick one which i remember that menu being like. Oh yeah people are going to use this way more because they can they remember what it can do, instead of having to know the gestures from it. Yeah that’s that’s like the best. That is basically why i love it, because you remember that you can do it all the time, so i do split screen a little more often than i used to um, but the last thing is quick notes, which is it’s literally just an apple notes feature i Don’T i didn’t use apple notes, either very much i use pocket. I use other note taking apps, i use tik tik uh. Google keep doesn’t matter now with apple notes. You can swipe up from the corner at any point in ipad, os and it’ll. Give you a quick note and you can just write something down and save it kind of like you could. If you’re on the lock screen in samsung, i was going to bring that it’s a samsung note it’s.

I actually used to use that pretty often like between, like getting ready to go to the grocery store and like walking through the parking lot. I’Ll just be like oh yeah, and just whip out the that was the only thing i used the pen for so good. It was really nice, it was. It was almost like that one thing like oh i’m, not a big stylist guy, but there is this one really useful feature that was huge for me yeah. So this feels kind of like the same thing. If you have a pen – or you could also just do this with the keyboard yeah – you just swipe it from the corner, you get a quick note, you type whatever down you swipe it away. You just saved it to quick notes, easy the nice little bit. Is it will actually talk to other things on the screen underneath it, so this is kind of like a ui thing, i think craig’s, probably pretty responsible for um which basically like, if you’re in a browser, and you pop up a quick note. You can just add that link right into the quick note and then write something you can highlight something on the page and when you come back to that quick note later and click on the link it’ll bring. You back highlight the same thing on the page, so you’re now a little more plugged into the ui a little more like interactive.

With your notes, i guess which i liked. I thought that was good. Can you share those quick notes, good question um, i believe so that would be huge, i’m thinking right now, like okay, i want to share this recipe with something i found it on this blog or whatever, and for those of you who look up recipes online, it Is like a you have to read a novel about why they love this recipe so much and then you get to the ingredients and then you get to how to make it. And and if you like cooking a lot, you generally take a base recipe and you make changes to it. So i would love to link highlight past the sob story that they made on why they enjoy making macaroni and cheese. I would just like to share with somebody with a couple notes i put like you know. Maybe this was too much milk, maybe this wasn’t enough cheese. I like using this type of pasta and send that whole note to somebody that would be amazing. You can share individual notes: okay, so that’s, including all the like highlights, and everything that part i wan na i’m gon na double check that i think that would be really cool. That would be really awesome kind of the same way. How, if you took a screenshot on a samsung phone and immediately annotated the screenshot, you could send that annotated screenshot to somebody that was cool because you had the stylist and you could just start drawing on stuff and send that drawing with your circles and your notes.

Um with these quick links and these plugins and hotkeys i don’t know if all of that will translate, but i know it’s useful even for yourself for saving things. Oh yeah, i would still love it yeah, so i you know it’s not the revolutionary. It changes the way i use the ipad type software update, maybe some of us we’re getting our hopes up for, but i don’t want to let my expectations be the thief of my joy. I want. I want to just enjoy ipad os for what it is and for the couple people like me, who are maybe teetering on on just getting rid of the macbook entirely i’m. Just going to tell you it’s not going to push you over the edge there’s, nothing like extra here for the file system or for window management. That’S gon na really make you go okay. Now i can get rid of the macbook now i don’t have to have two things in my backpack um, so the ipad maintains its position as a secondary computer to me and that’s fine. I don’t really mind that um but yeah. I i think, there’s a lot of people who are waiting for like maybe something a little more, that we didn’t quite get here’s the here’s the other side of that just to say you know, maybe i don’t know if this is devil’s advocate, but this software that I’M, reviewing now on a thousand dollar ipad pro with an m1 chip that i was hoping for.

Some extra power features for this ipad os is going to be on every ipad right. I think we mentioned this on an earlier episode, but like the 329 ipad for education, like the ipad airs, every single other one of these ipads is going to have the three dots. The quick notes, all these better features from ipad os and ios 15., and they all just got that much better yeah. So, while the thousand dollar ipad, with m1 disappointingly doesn’t, get pushed over the edge of cannibalizing macbook sales, i i can’t say that doesn’t shock me, because all the other ipods ipads get better too and that’s just kind of where they live in between iphones and macbooks. It sounds like i’m, just conceding the ipad being not great. I wanted to ask that question. Do you think there ever comes a point which is funny because they made all the ads like what is a computer, but are they ever going to over overtake the macbook? I think, as long or like even be uh even be at the point where, like people are choosing between those two and like it is doing enough to kind of be at the macbook level, because i’ve heard arguments on both sides. Yes, there are definitely people now that are choosing between the two, maybe between a macbook air and an ipad pro with a keyboard case or whatever, and i think it just it really is very dependent on workflow.

This sounds like a cop out answer, but like for a lot of people, the ipad will do everything you want it to do i’m. Saying ipad. Os is not the reason it now does everything you want to do. It already did everything you wanted it to do. Just a little more easily okay, let me rephrase the question a little bit. Okay, if you were because, like i, can see a lot of people doing that who maybe haven’t grown up on laptops as long do you think there is anyone who has a macbook or macbook pro that is going to be like my next device is strictly ipad? Does that make that a little tougher? Yes, because of all the things you are used to on that, i think one i was watching linus. I believe – and he was kind of making this argument that i he doesn’t think it will ever quite do that and one of those is like just file transfers and stuff like that, is so much different and – and i couldn’t believe it, but he says if i Transfer a file unless i sit there and watch the thing tick, the whole time i have to go like do something. Do something and then go back. I never get any confirmation that it finished filing. So i have to go check myself and that, just like you wait for it to appear yeah, yeah that’s, the type of thing. So i think there are a lot of things like that.

That apple could do to make the computer user be more comfortable. Only using an ipad but in general – and i don’t i kind of want to be wrong here, but i think as long as apple sells, a computer yep their what’s. A computer thing is really just advertising they’re not going to overlap the computers. They also sell yeah because they’re cannibalizing their own sales in that sense, so why would they yeah they didn’t get to be a two trillion dollar company by oops we’re, not that good at business we accidentally cannibalize their own sales, like they’re, pretty good at this stuff. I mean they did kind of maybe this isn’t the best example, but they did kind of do it with ipod. How so what’s the iphone yeah, like ones remember, even that, like random ipod they threw out like two years ago, was like we bought it and we’re instantly like why on earth? Would anybody buy this? I it is kind of different. I think i think it got cannibalized by the times we live in, like the fact that has an ipod built into it. It completely 100 overlapped and people would buy the ipod if they just wanted a cheaper version and didn’t need the phone features where like. If people are choosing between an ipad and a computer it’s, not so simple, where you’re just like yo do i want the keyboard or not like it’s it’s, a very software workflow problem that you just have to commit to uh but yeah.

I think the ipad, the ipod was a victim of of the time. Do you think there’s a specific accessory the ipad where, if they like perfectly nailed, it could be that final leap over and like let’s imagine this would be the leap where apple would basically kind of like decide to stop selling macbooks and sell only ipads. I feel like it’s keyboard yeah. For me i was going to say the balance of it if they made a keyboard that really balanced, as well as a macbook does, which is really hard, because the ipad weighs a lot more than the screen of this laptop. Exactly but if they could pull that off if they made like some sort of a surface like magnet, prong thing, and now you have like a four pound laptop, but it’s weighted perfectly. I at that point i could stop using my macbook okay, but i i knew we need final cut. Uh yeah i don’t personally edit on the laptop, but i would love to see pro apps on the ipad pro um. That being said, yeah i’m. I don’t see that happening anytime. I don’t either because it would sacrifice portability, so it would have to be some crazy invention in the future that somehow pulls that off with still making yeah even third party companies aren’t making that it’s. Like such an engineering. I think the ipad weighs 1.6 pounds the ipad pro, and so, if you want it to wait in a way where you it can just sit like a normal laptop, the bass has to weigh at least 1.

6 pounds which it does by the way, the ipad. I think is 1.5 and the the base of the magic keyboard is 1.6 and it’s already like kind of teetering – and i put it on my lap and it just falls right over i’d – need something to be like 2.5 pounds and now you’re talking like twice the Weight of an actual macbook for what a touch screen for ios like for this weird, no yeah, i i can’t imagine this what it looks like and i’m excited to see if it ever happens. What that, like new new technology, is that allows it to to reach that level? Maybe one day the ipad pro is like super thin and light, i think that’s. What would have to be the the ipad basically has to be as light as a computer screen.