As always, we will start with the design of our tablet: Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite on the back.. I can tell you that it is quite similar to a design approach used for the first sentiment of a building sitting dealt with non slip. Hand in terms of where the rear cover to our Matte Plastic Building in our used that framework, we see the structure of aluminum camera. My reward is not again slightly protruding manner, chassis structure next to it in front of us, started off, as is with them. Let me also point out that it has an angular structure with sharp lines, while the power button and speakers are located on the top of our tablet. On the side, we see dual speakers on the bottom part given to the volume controllers and the type c charging port is positioned here and the thickness and weight part is 6.85 millimeters, thick. rities and turns 511 gram weight in front of us. Obviously we meet the overall design structure as well as easy on us, both Elida quite stylish tablet. Now we move to the screen portion where 11 inch, 1600 x, 2560 QHD resolution, HD 10 and Dolby Vision supported ips with LCD panels. Fine quality screen in front of us turns Xiaomi Pad 5 in falling pixel density per inch 275 level, but the pixel density of your screen size and the phone compared to a little when we think we use holding more distant, definitely refresh rate of the screen is Not at a level to turn our eyes in both the menu is 120Hz, as well as when using apps very fluent in series.

We also feels comfortably. This display offers a beautiful visual experience, especially dolby Vision, supported content in is also in a very high level of visual quality offered by the screens we play movie or watching the game. Next to it can give you an experience, obviously Pad 5 in the screen of the disadvantage that iPS LCD g, But in general usage this screen does not upset us at all.. Xiaomi has used a very high quality ips panel here, and our screen to body ratio is a good 82, so it does not disrupt the visual integrity of the frames when using the screen., I found the Xiaomi Pad 5 very successful in terms of screen and design Of our tablet., When we move to the camera side, we have a 13 megapixel F2.0 HDR supported single camera system on the back.. This camera can offer us the photo quality. We expect from a tablet where you can capture the moment as long as we do not go into the details of the photos in environments where the light is sufficient.. When we look at our front camera a nice camera with 8 megapixel, f2.0 diaphragm and full HD 30fps, video shooting is used.. Obviously this camera will easily work in an online meeting or online lessons.. Our device is powered by a Snapdragon 860 processor with 7 nm architecture.. Since, without your getting this processor, 6GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage is accompanied by one session with a poco x3 pro as gaming performance can play the same, I can say: is the highest chart that pubg the game have offered us Ultra HD at 40.

Fps at and smooth graphics, we receive the 60 fps support device. Also, our also there is a continuous manner with the two hours we played pubg. I can tell you also provide a smooth gaming experience. Fps ups and downs do not encounter hardly, But especially right upper section where the processor, due to the plastic back of your eyelid for heating is really a bit. More. Warming can say that the call of duty performance that also offer mobile We can play in high graphics at 60 fps, which is quite enough.. I can say that the Xiaomi Pad 5 is a truly game device. It is a very logical option, especially for mobile gamers.. Besides, with the PC Mode that Xiaomi has brought by connecting the mouse, you can run many applications like a laptop at the same time and comfortably. When we run chrome and YouTube at the same time, with a game like genshin impact. That requires high hardware power. We can easily use all three applications without the slightest slowdown or freezing on your device.. Besides, it is really easy and useful in terms of interface design. Although the applications are mobile, versions. charging really an important advantage. Friends particular lack the desktop mode, as were many of privatization. Ipads in Xiaomi Pad 5 is a step I can say ahead, are enjoying now quickly, while seeing a battery of here 8720 milliamperes. When we switch to the battery side to be able to run the applications we want to seamlessly at the same time, On the other hand, 33 watts support is offered to us, but a 22.

5 watt adapter comes out of our box content and with this adapter we Can fully charge our tablet in around 2 hours and 10 minutes You will receive the battery especially screen 60 hz to this device is also able to remove the two day comforts that folks would say the battery on the current Pad 5. You certainly will not upset the speaker is in part. Your device 4 with speakers given to the system as conformity and the sound intensity of sound, is quite enough. These speakers from a tablet In the software part Xiaomi Pad 5, has Android 11 and Miui 12.5 interface, while wifi, 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 technology are included in the wireless connections as a security option. Xiaomi, Pad 5 only has face recognition, but compared to other Android devices., faster and more stable and face recognition system. What it is, I would say, of course, low light environments. Sometimes we do a brief assessment can be situations such as difficult to perceive our face. Xiaomi Pad 5, especially when you consider the laptop mode in which the display battery and has submitted the iPad 9. Generation. S can say a man in front Of course, the iPad that 9 processor software has many pluses such as quality. But I think sharing the most logical tablet: Xiaomi Pad 5, So you Xiaomi these prices Pad 5 ml or iPad 9.. In the comments, your opinion with me, some would buy you generation that can be currently price in the Android side And do nt forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel and turn on notifications to support me and be notified of our new videos.