So a lot of you guys are wondering about the ipad pro and which one i’ve chosen. So i have chosen the 256 gigabytes and i believe, it’s the six gigabyte of ram as well. I just want to start off with the um a little bit of explanation of background on this ipad, so apple has claimed that this ipad will be a lot faster than the previous 3rd gen model, no review and unboxing. Unless we do the unboxing so let’s do some unboxing of this ipad. Pro alrighty let’s get started with the unboxing of this device right here. So, as you guys can see on the back here, this is the ipad pro 12.9 inch. Fourth generation wi fi edition and just some of the nice little facts here on the back of the device you guys can see here. This is the usbc. It comes with the power adapter and the ipad pro and the 256 gigabytes so let’s open it up and see what we got in here – wow, very, very big, so you guys probably can’t see on the actual video the size of this ipad. But if i compare this to my arm, bear mind you, i am six foot three it’s, almost the length of my entire forearm, so in here we have a nice ipad which we will talk. Oh wow, that is incredibly light. If you guys are stepping down off this coming on to this from a ipad first or second gen, you guys will see the difference right away.

It’S it’s, not even a pound, really it’s very light for its size and wow i’ll. Put this down for now see what else we got in this nice little mystery box here, so you guys can see here. We do have this nice little note package from apple from california with a startup guide. I am in canada at the moment, so this is going to be in english and french. I believe, if you are in the united states, you do get an english and spanish version, but right here you guys can see sent quite a few i’m, pretty sure they’ve included other languages as well. Doesn’T, look like it. We got a nice little startup guide. An explanation guide won’t be apple unless they give you my favorite apple stickers, completely sarcastic, of course, and nice little pamphlet here, for i don’t know what the hell. This is for to be honest with you, but is that it made the box feel like 30 times. Thicker yeah that’s it and then, of course you got yourself a nice little usbc charging cable to match with the max usbc charging, cable and a charging block. So let me clean all this up and we’ll start with the first setup. Okay, so i’ve turned all this on i’ve set all of this up, and you guys just just to give you an idea here of how small these bezels are. They are like insanely, small it’s, like the screens just jumping out at you.

You got these bezels here. You know like this is just the basic stuff i haven’t signed in yet i haven’t downloaded anything yet, as you guys can see nothing’s on here yet it’s, just the initial setup has been done and we’re going through here and this. This device is just like it’s unexplainable how nice the bezels are, and the overall feel it’s just so light. These are my initial thoughts on it. It’S just very light very nice feeling buttons too, although they could make the volume up and down rockers, just a little bit nicer. A little bit bigger would be nice just for more texture when i’m pressing the volume up and down, but overall the bezels on this are very nice. So now that we have the ipad open just a little bit of background, the display does offer a 2732 by 2048 pixel display on an ultra wide. This one right here, like i mentioned, is the 12.9 inch, so it does and that liquid retina display on it. As well, you can really see the pixels i’m going to try to get closer, so you guys can see how. Well just so. You can see how well the pixels on those 2 300 and 2700 pixels, how well of a display it actually provides, and as we go up in brightness too you’re, not losing any of the pixel color as well as no pixelation loss. If we go into these settings here, you guys can just see some of the new features as well.

So for this one, you have the tv provider button on the bottom, which is very cool, because if you have a subscription, for example here in canada, i have telus. If you have a subscription to telus you’d be able to stream your tv’s um local broadcasts on your ipad. If you’re going on to like a tv show, you want to watch and you don’t really feel like turning on the tv. This really helps because you can go into here and you can click on telus or whatever you have whatever movie provider tv provider you have in the states and watch it directly off of your ipad. Instead of going to your tv just for reference here, i have one of my videos loaded up with the exact same, listen to the sound into the computer. If you bought the part separately and built your own computer for myself, i had the same case for my computer for seven years. The sound is very crisp. The quality is very crisp as well as light, as i mentioned before, holding this up at an awkward angle. To film a youtube, video is very easy with how light this device is. I also got one of the accessories with it here i got myself a apple pencil which comes in its own, very nice box, in my opinion, very well packaged and in this box whoops. I just spilled all of the instructions all over the floor. It is no need because we are not going to be using those anyway, but it has nice weight to it.

The second i took it out of the box. I felt it it’s got some really nice, really nice, texture and really nice weight to. It feels like a real pencil and, as you guys can see here, just touching it to the ipad screen, which is now dying. We do not have any kind of movement on the ipad because you will need to connect the pencil itself. So, as you guys can see here, i am pairing my apple pencil and in order to do this, it’s very simple, all you’re doing is you’re sliding the pencil on its magnetic side here, the flat side to the side of your ipad and you’re, going to be Seeing a little no i’m going to do this again, so you guys can see let’s just continue here, we’ll just x out of this for now. Okay, so it just says again for you guys, so you can see when you do that you do see that little notification pop up with the percentage of the pencil itself and to use you just as simple as touching it here so i’m, going to open up The notes fire that up we’re going to continue, i don’t, have any cool programs, but just so you guys can see the functionality of the pencil keep in mind. This is me holding it at an awkward angle and i’m, no artist, but just to do a little scribble here. You guys can see that it’s very fluent with the ipad very easy to draw on the ipad and overall, very functional with the pencil all in all.

So far, i’ve been very impressed with the ipad. I think that it has a very vibrant display and it’s also very functional with the apple pencil. One thing to note about the ipad pro is you’re not going to be able to tell how bright the resolution is, but in person the liquid retina display is just it just pops at you and you’re you’re able to view content at what looks way higher than Hd display but it’s just the way, they’ve optimized the use of the display and the way they have optimized the use of the speakers as well on this device. It has been made for fantastic video. I have been watching youtube on this for the last week. I have been watching netflix on this for the last week and i have been playing apps and games on this, and nothing can compete. My iphone 11 pro, for example, it just does not compete to the vibrance and the functionality of the ipad 12. to the ipad. Pro the pro offers that nice, liquid retina display – and it has some great speed as well. I haven’t had any heat and also it’s very light to me. It feels like picking up a couple pages to put in the printer at work: it’s, not heavy at all. It’S not awkward to carry but, as you have seen in the past, with apple, they do make their devices very easy to crack. So if you do buy this ipad, i would recommend picking up a case the same day.

The other cool thing is: if you will get this, i would strongly recommend if you’re going to be doing any kind of drawing on this whatsoever, spend the extra 100 bucks and buy yourself an apple pencil, but other than that guys. This is all to my review. I have been very thrilled and very honored to be able to buy myself an apple ipad pro because it has been just phenomenal to use and the experience has been, unlike no other tablet, i’ve had in the past. The display itself, as i’ve mentioned many times now, is so vibrant and i can’t help but keep mentioning that, because my eyes are just drawn in every time to the color, as well as to the functionality of this device. So thanks again guys for checking out my video if you like my content, i’m, releasing new content like this every single two days for the next two weeks and if you guys want to see more of my content hit that subscribe button down below because for the Next, like i said two days for the next two weeks: i’m, releasing new content reviews unboxing what graphics card to buy. I don’t know if you’re into computers, if you’re into tech, but you should definitely smash that subscribe.