How was the graphics quality like because some of them they heard that the m1 ipad pro has a very great graphics quality on gaming impact that is almost comparable or even exceeding the pc version? So today we are going to do this comparison and just focus on the graphics quality and now the performance, as you can see here, i’ve turned on every possible graphics settings on pc and ipad pro m1 and let’s. Compare the screen recordings here is our first set of scene. I think the most apparent difference in this scene is that the shadows and the textures and all the models that are far away looks much better on pc and then, if you look a bit more closely, the corrector textures are also much sharper on pc. So another thing that you cannotice on this ipad pro is that the stuff will keep loading the objects like the stones and the trees right. They will keep loading as you move and it’s quite obvious that they’ll suddenly pop up from nowhere. Well, this is not so apparent on pc and here i’ll stop a while for you to have a better look at the rendering distance of the trees, the grass, the shadows and all the textures that are far away. You can tell that it’s, indeed much better on pc, comparing to them. Okay, our next set of scene is in inside of monk step, and i think this is much more apparent.

Just follow my arrows and check out the texture like the windmill or the roof of the horse. You can see that on ipad pro is just a blurry mess right. There is no model, no texture, nothing at all. Well, on pc, you get a ton of details, so it’s much much detailed Music. Next let’s compare this night scene at leeward city. I think it’s quite easy to tell that ipad pro is lacking a lot of the the lighting effects right. To be honest, i don’t know about the exact name, whether it’s volumetric light or it’s a reflection or something, but you can tell that on pc uh. The overall atmosphere is just more realistic and it’s more immersive. Well on the ipad. Pro is just a pretty dull. The light does not reflect it does not light up the street as the way it should. Okay, so that’s all the scenes. I wanted to show you in this comparison. We can see that indeed, the ipad pro mobile client of the game cannot compare with pc. In terms of graphics qualities, i think one thing to note is that the ipad pro m1 does have a very high resolution when it’s set to highest settings, but we can see that a lot of the graphics effects are missing. So a high resolution doesn’t necessarily mean a very good graphics. Okay, so i hope you enjoy the comparison, video and remember to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t.