Do you guys remember the first tablets, the linus right top from 1987, or maybe the grid pad which launched two years later and was primarily only adopted by the us government? Okay, maybe you dont. Neither do i i wasnt alive during that time, but these devices were some of the first true stepping stones that eventually led us to apples. True, first tablet: if you can call it a tablet, which was the message pad the message pad aimed to create a new category of device that didnt replace the pc but offered a sort of sidekick pda. Then, eventually, microsoft made their first tablet, computer in 2000 and then 10 years later, with many different iterations and companies taking their own shots at making a tablet. We end up in todays age, where we have these tablets, which are a little bit more technologically advanced than what we had back in the 80s 90s and early 2000s. Now, in the past three or four years, the ipad has pretty much dominated the pro tablet category, where it sits in between the iphone and the macbook, and you hear the question being thrown around a lot is whether or not you can replace your computer with just An ipad i treat this as a standalone device where it doesnt necessarily replace my computer, its sort of like an alternative creative device. It can replace your computer for a lot of people, but then a lot of people absolutely cannot use this as a full time device replacement, spoiler alert.

My thoughts on this topic havent really changed over the years. I really like the ipad pro so its no surprise that i do have one and use one every single day, but i have a macbook just like i have a pc, but this device is really unique in the way you use it and the way its just So portable and so quick the thing about it, though that kind of changed the game was when apple finally put the m1 in here now it unlocked it in a lot of ways, but then, at the same time we still have a lot of restrictions because of Ipad os, but lets talk about the last year. One of the first impressions you get with an ipad pro is how it feels in the hand, especially with the smaller 11 inch. The balance and weight feel really good in the hand. The m1 model also stayed essentially the same with design choices, so its boxy has slim enough bezels, where you dont, find yourself accidentally touching the screen, and overall, even in the larger 12.9 inch form factor its excellent. It doesnt feel like youre, pushing the lines of just carrying a monitor around. They are both still reasonable sizes, for whatever you plan on doing whether its watching movies, videos, gaming productivity, multitasking, its a solid size and its up to you, whether you want the 11 inch or the 12.9 inch. I have both of them and, i think, honestly, its personal decision, the larger 12.

9 inch model does have the liquid retina xdr display thats powered by mini led, which is awesome screen. Unfortunately, if you get the 11 inch model, you dont get that updated screen its unfortunate, but the 11 inch form factor is pretty awesome either way. The screen on the ipad pro has been really good. Even if you go back to the 2018 model, which is still in my daily rotation and rocking 120 hertz, and that ipad still hasnt slowed down enough for my use case, where i felt the need to upgrade so. The m1 was a huge leap in performance. We get a full fledged desktop grade chip, we get the upgraded ram capabilities and this thing backlogs apps for what feels like forever. That being said, though, is it that much crazier in day to day usage versus an older 2018 ipad, for example? I really cant tell the difference when it comes to just normal stuff. Now, maybe, if youre getting towards layers – and you need the extra ram, i think you can or if you just need the overall capabilities of the lidar sensor. It might be worth upgrading too. That being said, ipad os 15 was probably not what we all anticipated as a full, fledged overhaul of ipad os and it was sort of like the normal ipad os updates. We kind of get it did clean up. Multitasking, it bumped up the ram consumption limit on apps, so you can now take advantage of the upgraded ram on these guys, which is nice, the cleaned up, multitasking and given, when you pair with it lightning fast, ui, plus 120 hertz theres.

A reason why this feels so good to use and theres a couple things ive noticed that i would personally love to see in the future number one is camera placement, so pretty much. Every third party keyboard or even the magic keyboard places the ipad in landscape mode. When youre using it, which means anytime im using the front, face camera for either facetime or video chats, since the camera is on the side, even with center stage reframing, you, you kind of appear to be looking off into a thousand yard stare. Even the new samsung galaxy tab has its camera in a pretty solid spot and apple even has an indicator that lets. You know when youre covering the camera, so they did expect people to accidentally cover this when theyre holding it in landscape mode. Also, the upgraded thunderbolt capabilities are really nice for the usb c port on the bottom. Because of that m1 chip, you can now get up to 40 gigs per second for importing photos or videos, its really nice. The external display support is okay. The aspect ratio unfortunately kills me where, in 16×9 monitors there are black bars on the side, so its kind of always been that way. I feel like i dont, really use the ipad with external displays that much its more often the opposite, where i use the ipad as an external display for a mac in sidekick mode, it would be nice if, in the future they kind of fix this up.

A little bit, but for right now, external display support is okay. Now covering speakers no surprise, they are awesome. Plenty loud, rich, clean, sound and apple has been nailing audio on their devices for a while. So this isnt a surprise and the overall accessory game with the ipad pro as youve seen. If you watch a ton of videos out there, there is a ton of stuff to custom, tailor this ipad for your personal experience, whether you want to use a pencil if youre an artist or you want to use a keyboard if youre a writer theres a lot Of different alternatives – and you can pick a lot of things for your custom – needs okay, so quickly covering the magic keyboard which i dont have on hand right now, but i do use occasionally when you have it in laptop mode. Unfortunately, it is a bit strangely balanced when you have it on your lap and ultimately quite expensive at 350. It would be cool if, in the future it activated a sort of pro mode like samsungs decks, but right now its uh just a keyboard. So if you like that party on and go get one so okay, we have a device that is so overwhelmingly powerful and exciting to use but at the same time very complicated to judge it sort of walks. The line between whats considered a typical computer and breaks the flow of when you want to jump off a laptop and do something a bit more exciting.

What separates the ipad from being a glorified iphone is ultimately ipad. Os ipad os has gotten a bit more refined over the years, but at the same time is the limiting factor that the ipad pro has always had like im not going to go ahead and talk about how we need final cut pro or we need these specific Apps its kind of a bigger picture, i think a lot of people need larger, desktop great applications for this to actually be able to replace their workflow as their main device more desktop grade. Apps and os flexibility equals more functional usage of power on the ipad pro its very unique, and i feel, like its always been its own category for pretty clear reasons. Apple is digging out their own tablet category to keep it free from eating into their macbook sales and the overall creative aspect and unique capabilities make it really great to use, especially for those that can adapt their workflows, whether its 3d modelers artists or just basic office Work there are limitations there, but if you can use this as your full time device or even as a side device, its a great device and ipad os has made strives to make things feel better, but at the same time hasnt made. It feel that much less limited, hey everyones needs are different and some people find that they can do everything they need just with an ipad pro and others cant, whether its missing an app like blender, for example, your mileage may vary now, when does apple.

Finally, unleash the power of the m1 and m2 in the future. When do things get interesting, maybe when other competitors step their game up and eat away at apples shares in the high end tablet category like if samson begins to turn up the heat as a solid competitor in the market. But even then i feel like its going to be a while before we see full fledged desktop, create applications on the ipad, not to mention the complexity. Now that there is with picking a device, whether its in the macbook lineup or in the ipad lineup. Because things have gotten even more complicated, i feel like in a lot of cases, the macbook air is going to check a lot of boxes for most people and then those who need the extra juice can pick up a macbook pro. But now you have the ipad air, which really isnt that much different than the ipad pro and their pricing is very similar as well, so its wacky, all i can tell you, is hopefully ipad was 15 laid down the foundation for ipad os 16s overhaul and maybe Turn the ipad pro into a true laptop killer. I doubt it all i can tell you: is this guy exists in my usage as an awesome, mobile device, thats refreshing to kick back on, watch videos on and occasionally do some work with it. While i leave the heavier stuff to the macbook or the pc, and the new models are really good, but dont overlook some of the older models that, at the same time, can save you a pretty penny and are still crushing through a bunch of tasks without skipping A beat what i can leave you with is a quote by steve jobs.

If you dont cannibalize yourself, someone else will lets see what the future holds for the ipad, and let me know how you use your ipad or whether or not you cant in the comments down below id, definitely be interested in seeing your personal experience. Thank you guys.