I know this is cliched but its, not you its me youre still good at you know some things, please listen, but this just does more for me. Right now, im john sorry, its how i feel ive changed. I can be better used with an external monitor Music. One more chance. Thank you. You wont regret this. I love you Music, so my lick lets call it relationship with the ipad has been complicated. I think when it first came out, like everybody im like thats, a big phone, i dont need that and then, when they forked the os and got ipad os like this is it. This is finally the path to make the ipad be a pc replacement, and then i bet it was just a giant phone os with a different name, but now that apples taking the wraps off ipad os 16, this years wwdc im more excited about the ipad than I have ever been as were finally starting to see it transition to its full potential. Its like you can see it like youre. Looking at your kid. Finally, do that thing you knew they could always do, but is it finally there or are we still waiting for the m2 ipad pro to finally take us to that next level, Music, so big caveat here, ipad, os 16 is not out to general public. Yet, as of the making of this video – and i do think, i need to bring up and talk about the new changes that are coming to ipad os, the ipad os 16 and ultimately, how thats going to affect this particular m1 ipad pro.

So when it comes to the ipad at least to me its always been the story of software not living up to just the ball or hardware, that is there, but with ipad os 16 sort of makes me look at how i interact with it very differently and Sort of how ive used interacted with the m1 ipad pro this entire year has been more or less same as i used every other ipad didnt matter. Really what processor was in it? I used it to answer emails and write emails. I write scripts and notes on it and videos and facetime with friends and family, but primarily its a media consumption device thats, mostly what im using it for them, laying in bed watching obi, wan or the boys. Whatever else i want to watch on youtube to kind of wind at the end of the day, and while its been amazing for all of those things, its never really been what i think it always wanted to be. What apple tried to make it be. More of a computer, so apple announced stage manager, which gives sort of a little more of a traditional mac os feel, and so they also added more support for external monitors, although even just the idea of like docking an ipad to a monitor still seems just internally. Weird to me, but i do think that were finally getting much closer to the software leading up to the hardware and because the fact that theres an m1 chip inside of this thing, its nuts, the ipad, was never slow the year before and it wasnt slow.

The year before that, but apple keeps upgrading the internals at least making me believe, theyll. Let us do more with it and i kind of feel like theyre finally starting to take positive steps towards that previous years. It was just like speed for speed sake. The ipad never seemed slow, but now its 80 times faster youre like okay, twitter, launches fast on it or youtube launches quickly or you know, obi wan looks great, but i would have looked on the exact same stuff on a two year old ipad pro and listen. Even with the rumors of this m2 ipad pro coming, magsafe charging glass back whatever else they do sort of the upgrades theyre going to flash in front of you at the keynote theres, nothing that this m1 ipad pro wont be able to do to run from ipad Os 16, that the m2 ipad pro will be able to do just from a software standpoint, especially if youre taking ipad os 16 out of the equation right now, because, technically its not out yet we have with ipad os 15. um the m1 ipad pro as it Stands right now is almost too powerful for its own good but thats, not to say its perfect, even if were adding in ipad os 16 to the conversation Music, all right so thats, the the future um, but since the m1 ipad pro came in all honesty, i Have noticed almost no difference from the previous generation ipad pro on how i used it everything i do works just the same im, not that impressed that, when im on a facetime call – and i move the camera moves with me – its thats fine, i dont generally think About it, uh im also not using my ipad as a replacement for apc sort of things like files, app and sort of a lot of apps that i use are still better like as of now in a desktop environment.

So, im still very much using both for different purposes. When i need to reply to emails, when you do some more work stuff, its fine and it works. But for the most part i dont know as much of a difference save for watching hdr content on the mini led display. That is very noticeable and looks very incredible. But again, the last year screen was still pretty good. Battery life is still a bit incredible. For me, i still love the way. This thing feels the way it performs. I think software is holding it back from its max potential, but i guess i cant be mad at it. I knew what it was and what it did when i bought it and for those things, especially on the consumption side of stuff, i mean the ipad is still just an absolute beast of a computer so hold on. Let me just check my my sleep from last night, its pretty good. I was only up three times for me: thats a win so like before i had kids. I was somebody who always had sleep issues and i just wanted to sleep just like i feel rested. Like selfishly just to feel better now that i have a family now that i have kids and people are relying on me, i take my health a lot more seriously than i did before and being able to have empirical data about. My health from auraring has fundamentally changed my approach to a lot of things, really something thats been on my finger for, i feel like two years uh.

This is ordering specifically, it is the aura ring generation three at this point, its become ubiquitous, at least for me and a lot of creators. I use it for sleep tracking im somebody whos been stupid, vocal about having insomnia and being able to get data. On my sleep has been absolutely incredible, something else to see how long i was awake. What my deep sleep was has been awesome to see and have and ive talked about that a lot in videos, but fathers day is coming up. You might be thinking gifts to get to get your dad, or maybe your dad and want to drop. Some hints for what your wife and kids should get you battery life is awesome. The ring is awesome. It is probably my favorite piece of tech that i have bought or owned really over the past five years. It has really changed my behavior and a lot of ways changed my life. So if you want to learn more about worrying check it out, make it a killer, fathers day gift or something for yourself ill, put all the links down below im still on the hill that im bummed, it doesnt have pro apps. You know things like final cut and motion, but i get that im, probably in my own head on that that most people probably dont care arent, making their livelihood on video editing apps. But personally i would still love for that to be there, although in all honesty, now im not holding my breath for it.

For me, proapps is a new like high res display, like im gon na, be out there with my umbrella, saying its gon na rain today and were gon na get it this year in one year, its gon na rain im gon na look like a genius. So i do still think its coming, but just head scratchers to win so one thing that has changed a little bit over the year that i started using uh, the ipad more with is actually xcloud, so im sort of using it to sort of do cloud gaming On as a display for that, thats been awesome being able to take my xbox games with me anywhere, i am, is still incredible and seems like the future, and in no way is that unique uh to the m1 ipad, but its well ive changed how ive used The ipad im using it more, i love that thats, a thing that sort of gets me so excited for technology, but using the ipad is just a window to the internet. It is still as good still is great, and this past update the m1 update is still kind of forgettable. Ipad 16 is obviously going to evolve, as as it gets better and as their betas come out, features get released, and i imagine when the m2 ipad comes. Will probably see more features get added, but i dont think even with the current version of ipad os 169. It is a pc replacement for a lot of people, but for those that can live within its constraints that just need to reply to emails watching videos dont need a full fleshed out sort of file system.

Then yeah, i think, for for college students or professionals who just want to be able to take something light and easy with them on the go. It still works for that, but its also still a far cry from a desktop os Music. So i mean honestly, my opinions from when it first came out are still pretty valid today, its great at what it does battery life is still awesome like i havent dropped it or anything to have to worry about durability, or anything like that. Um its held up great its held up well its as fast now as it was when i first got it its great its an ipad like you know, exactly what youre getting and thus far there have been no surprises uh when it comes to the ipad. So if you want a device that is not going to overwhelm you with uh crazy pro features, but its going to do the things that it does really incredibly well, the m1 ipad pro is still an awesome choice. If youre the kind of person thats like ooh. Damn rumors seem pretty juicy. I want mag save charging. I want to see what comes next. I want to see if m2 brings pro apps maybe exclusively to it, then at this point just wait or find a great discount on an m1 ipad pro. I love it.