Now i mean specifically not near about 10 months, but ive been using for a very long time in this video im going to talk about how ive been using the ipad daily. For this past 10 months and how i feel about the progress that is happening in the current ipad os ecosystem and how you guys can utilize the ipad as best as you can so lets, stop talking and lets get right into it. Okay, so lets talk about the hardware first, so to this day i really love this design, its very contemporary and modern, and i truly believe this ipad will still look good in next couple years. The body is not heavy at all and i still think the 11 inch is the perfect size to carry all over the place wherever you want to go. Having the thunderbolt port on ipad is pretty cool but im gon na be honest. I dont transfer a large files to my ipad, so its not typically useful. For me, i always ended up using airdrops for live files and everything so for you. It might be useful, but for me and my typical usage thunderbolt its not that big of a deal also, if you want to mirror your tablet by using external display, it will still not use the full aspect ratios of your second monitor. So just letting you know it will not be a full screen, so that might be kind of frustrating as well Music on the 11 inch model, one of the most boring update was lets be honest, was the display, since the 12.

9 inch model was using a brand New mini led technology to its display, but the 11 inch was still using the same lcd panel that has been used to the older models since 2018.. However, this lcd 120hz panel is still looking really good and i havent had any problem whatsoever. The colors are accurate. Its bright enough and the 120hz promotion display is just fantastic. Speaking of a awesome screen. Todays video is brought to you by the one, and only paper like this matte finish screen protector from paper like will make your apple pencil experience to the next level by making it feel like youre writing on a sheet of paper rather than a piece of glass. Also theyve recently released a new product, which is this apple, pencil grip set and this functional cleaning kit, and i have to say this grip – is super useful, especially for students, because we have to write for a long period of time. And this will reduce your stress on your fingers, so i highly recommend this. This cleaning kit is extremely useful because it has this like small case, so you can literally toss in your bag and it will not damage the product and it will not damage the cloth around this cleaning kit. Thank you paper like so much for sponsoring this video. If you guys are curious, please hit the link in the description below, so you guys can check it out and i have to say these products are genuinely awesome all right back to the video.

For my typical day in the day usage i havent really used the camera or specifically the main camera at all, but the main cameras, both the wide and ultra wise, are really good, and the lidar sensor will help you with the ar stuff. So, if youre into like real estate or if you do a bunch of like augmented reality type of project, i do think the main camera and the lidar sensor will help you a lot Music. For my day to day usage, i heavily rely on the selfie camera. This selfie camera does have 12 megapixel and its super ultra wide, and i absolutely love it when im, having like a video meeting or giving people a wow effect when im using the center stage feature on zoom or facetime and stuff. So i really heavily rely on this camera and i absolutely love it for my typical usage, i found myself using ipad more like a tool than the entertainment device, so i use applications such as notion, goodness, 5 apple notes and lets say maybe lightroom funny story. The last time i used this tablet to watch a movie was the way back on the plane to japan from the states. So that was like seven months ago, and that was a long time ago, but yeah thats. How long time ago was also, i really do enjoy reading kindle on this tablet as well, but that has nothing to do with the performance.

I honestly dont really care about the smoothness of the screen when im casually using an ipad, because even in 60hz, the ipad os or ios in general, the animation is super smooth and you dont really feel the difference between promotion and the normal. You know 60hz screen. However, you can definitely feel the difference when youre drawing something down or taking notes with the apple pencil like thats, how smooth it is. It literally feels like a paper and pencil thats how fast the response time is, and i cannot get away from this promotion. You know treats its just so good its so smooth the battery performance of this 11 inch pro model is just good, its totally fine, its a one day battery life. I can usually hit around eight to nine hours if im just doing an advent task or note taking on this tablet. However, playing video games editing videos or blessing audio when youre watching jojos bizarre adventure, because if youre watching other animes, your total psychopath, you can hit around four to five hours of screen on time easily. I truly think that one of the reason why people not fully moving to tablet is because this battery life its just not a super long battery life throughout the day. You cannot hit overnight hours maximum. In my experience, and if you see other you know, m1 model laptops such as macbook air, macbook, pro 13 inches or even the m1 pro m1 max 14 inches 60 inches can hit a very long battery life.

You know experience throughout the day, but ipads just cant its just impossible for this thin form factor to pack a huge battery in it. So it is kind of celevy type of situation. But if you heavily concerning about the battery life throughout your day and youre, not really in a situation that you can charge your laptop thats, very rare in 2022, but if youre in that situation, i do not recommend this tablet. Just letting you know the battery life is not the greatest. I use the base model m1 macbook air. From my you know normal 95 and im telling you that pc can last you for decades. Like that thing will last you a whole day, maybe in a day and a half easily and im super surprised about that. So, just letting you know that if the battery life is super important, you should go with the macbook after i use this ipad as a student and as a full time employee. I am pretty confident that most of the tasks you want to do on your pc can be done by ipad. Ipad. Os is getting more and more competent professional level applications both on the creative side and the educational side. Every single day, if i was a freshman in uni once again ill, probably get an ipad rather than pc, because with the tablet you can use as a handwriting notebook and you can also type stuff down for your essay or undergrad thesis.

And you can even make presentation on, and i know, buying a keyboard and apple pencil with the ipad can be bit pricey, maybe more than pc. But when it comes to university, i think thats, like the ear that people will trying to find out what they really want to do, and i feel like ipad is the best way to experience both of the educational side and the creative side. Because on the pc you will have less restriction, lets be honest, but if you want to buy some like professional, creative applications or just like creative apps in general, it can be pretty expensive or you have to join this like expensive, subscription adobe. However, in the ipad os most of the very high quality you know, creative applications such as procreate affinity photo and lumafusion and stuff are relatively way cheaper than buying stuff on pc, and most of them are not even subscription based as well. So if you want to try something out, that is creative but at the same time youre trying to get your college degree. I think ipad can be your choice. Also. I totally forgot to mention this, but if you already have a mac or imac or macbook or whatever, you can use the universal control system. If you want to get an ipad, if you especially dont, want to buy a magic keyboard or any type of like keyboard and mouse accessory for the tablet, so universal control, if you already have a mac, i highly recommend you to try it its super cool and It helped me a lot when it comes to like budget, because i dont really want to buy a magic keyboard as well its pretty expensive.

So if youre curious, please try it its pretty cool, but anyway guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys, like this video, please hit the like button and ill leave two of my favorite ipad pro videos right here and my most recent video right here in my channel right here anyway, guys. I hope you guys have a great day.