Now. Let me know in the comments what you think of this microphone. You might hear a bit of rain in the background, but anyway, can this ipad pro be the ultimate gaming experience? Can it replace your pc? Can it replace your console well sort of no but i’ll. Tell you it’s a good substitute if you can’t get a console or a pc it’s a little bit more clunky yeah, so let’s explore this and, as you can see here, i’m playing here call of duty and you will see i absolutely destroyed, they absolutely have no Chance, i’m hooking it up with the ps5 controller. I’Ll show you how to do that at the end of the video it’s, basically pairing it up to the mac, but it’s exactly the same thing with the ipad, and is there actually anything else? You want to see with this ipad pro because um yeah i’m actually liking it at the moment. Now the thing about this ipad pro it has. This awesome display xdr, 1600 and it’s peak brightness mini led. It is an awesome display and it’s 120 hertz too. So mobile gaming doesn’t get any better playing on the actual native screen itself it’s like really good, but we want to go to the next level. Mobile gaming isn’t for everybody, so we’ve got to hook up the controller right and we want to output it to a monitor. Now this has thunderbolt 3, so i can output to a monitor easily.

Now i do have just a dongle here. I believe to get more options like hdr resolutions and stuff, like that, you need to use a thunderbolt display so thunderbolt to thunderbolt, but using this dongle here, all i can get is basically mirroring and yes, it is 60hz, so i’m playing on an lg oled display The display can do 120hz, but not with the ipad pro through this dongle and also i’m, going to connect it to a mini, led display. The best gaming display we’re talking about 32 inch, rog mini, led 1000 nit peak bright, is 144 hertz display and, of course, that is still running at 60 hertz because that’s all you can do so. Basically, you just connect that dongle and then connect the hdmi to whatever device to output, but we’re using the controller. Now and as you can see, i am absolutely destroying right. No one can touch me and that’s, mainly because of the controller most people are using. You know whatever ipad or even iphone, and they got no chance just using the controller and then with a big display as well. You’Re just gon na absolutely destroy him. Now some games won’t work with the controller like pubg. I don’t know why i couldn’t get that to work with the controller. Call of duty was fine. This racing game was fine as well, and that was a really good experience, and now it did take me a while to get used to 60 hertz again let’s face it.

We were all 60 hertz warriors once and if you’re a console gamer, you would know tv in 60 hertz anyway, but going from you know, 240 hertz back to 60. it’s like whoa, i feel like i was high or drunk or something yeah. No, i love the high refresh, but the thing is you can play on the native display and get 120 hertz and get that super smooth connected feeling i wouldn’t say it’s the most responsive display it is smooth, but i don’t think it’s like one millisecond or anything Like that that’s the native display i’m talking about you can see the mobile graphics, they obviously don’t look as good as pc or you know, console and you can see they’re. Actually, you know mobile graphics when you blow it up, but it looks bright, looks fine and the gaming experience is good it’s a little bit clunky because sometimes you’ve got to use the actual ipad to do stuff in the game and the controller won’t work and then You’Ve got to go back to the controller so yeah, so you always keep the ipad display on, because some menus will need you to touch the display, but it is a good experience. I got to say gaming wise of course, i’m talking about and you’ve got a full blown like computer here too right so like a console, you’re not going to be doing your email and stuff on a console. This thing is like a computer.

You can do your websurf and watch your content, all that sort of stuff. Now would i choose this over a pc or a console? No, i wouldn’t, but for mobile gaming. I think i’m going to take this with me. Instead of a gaming laptop. You know when i go away, because i can go play call of duty hook it up to a tv use the controller, absolutely destroy everybody or even just use the main display and use the controller too. So you know there are shortfalls of it. I guess now that you can’t buy those sort of things consoles and pcs. The price of this is like less than a graphics card anyway, so it’s a good value in that sort of way. When, especially when it’s your computer, it can be your main computer too. I will say when you plug it into the display the battery life drains quicker so i’m, going to actually try and hook it up to a thunderbolt dock i’ll, see if i can do that so it’s actually putting power into the ipad and then going out to The display so using the display out from the thunderbolt dock so anyway, i thought i’d just share this gaming experience with you. I can tell you one thing’s for sure no one’s going to touch you. You just have that controller you’re, just going to absolutely destroy everybody and i’m having fun at the end of the day that’s. What gaming is it’s fun, it’s, not the ultimate gaming experience, but for mobile gaming, and just you know to get a bit of fun.

You can even play with someone else.