Thanks to the seamless communication between devices, the tablet can become a portable mobile computer by adding magic keyboard, but its also an expensive option and can be more than unique. Perfect for iOS users works with accessories to function as a PC. Many features for Creative professionals versus expensive. There may be more than you need. You have to buy the keyboard separately, Lenovo duet, 5, Chromebook view on Amazon view in Lenovo, USA view invest by more entry level options for students and mobile office workers. The Lenovo Chromebook duet 5 is a good option as a secondary computer that you should take with you on the go its not as powerful as the iPad Pro and its specs arent solid. But it gives you seamless access to Google Apps stores, everything in the cloud and offers features thats good for its price. In addition, it becomes a tablet by removing the keyboard to make screen Splitters tablets, everything stored in the cloud, easy access to Google Play apps and not as powerful as drive against the screen is not that high resolution not many add on features. It is a handy mobile device that should be next to a tablet, a laptop and a smartphone, but a laptop and tablet hybrid therein lies the real convenience. Looking at the iPad Pro and Lenovo Chromebook duet 5, both might fit into this category. The iPad Pro is a tablet that can transform into a portable computer with optional accessories, while the Lenovo Chromebook duet 5 is a Chromebook that can turn into a tablet both have their advantages, but they are very different devices that will suit very different users.

Ipad Pro and Lenovo Chromebook duet 5 form factor why you can trust Android Central are expert, reviewers, spend hours testing and comparing products and services, so you can choose the best one for you learn more about how we test it before deciding which of these devices meets Your needs, the first thing to consider is the form factor. The iPad Pro as mentioned is, first and foremost a tablet. It comes in two sizes, either 11 inches or 12.9 inches, both being a liquid retina xdr LED backlit multi touch display with a resolution of 2388 by 1668 by adding the optional magic keyboard and Smart Keyboard folio, which must be purchased separately. It can turn into a counterfeit laptop, featuring features such as a one: zero, zero, zero, zero, zero zero to one contrast: ratio on the 12.9 inch model, a fingerprint resistant coating, anti reflective material and compact design. Ipad Pro is a stylish and elegant tablet and mobile computer hybrid device. In addition to adding the next generation of apple pencil, you can experience drawing note taking and more with a pen to paper. Like experience, the new hover experience lets you hold the pencil 12 millimeters above the screen to trigger a response. The gorgeous display is complemented by four speaker, sound and five studio, quality microphones finished in space, gray or silver. It comes in storage capacities of 128, 256 or 512 gigabytes as well as 20 terabytes of storage capacities with USBC charging via 20w charger.

You can also connect an external display with the Thunderbolt port. The Lenovo Chromebook duet 5 is a Chromebook with a fully removable 13 inch OLED touchscreen. So you can turn it into a tablet if needed. Unlike the iPad Pro, it comes with a keyboard. So you get everything you need out of the box. The resolution is slightly less at 1920×1080, but this is still quite convenient for most tasks. It is also certified as an iCare display by Swiss inspection and testing service provider SGS and verifies that it emits 70, less blue light to help reduce eye strain. The Lenovo Chromebook duet 5 has a neat magnetic support stand, so you can support it at any angle or even stick it in your fridge, while cooking to watch videos or stay on top of a conference call with four stereo speakers and two microphones, the Chromebook duet. 5 also offers stylus support via the optional Lenovo active pen, its also lightweight at 1.5 pounds making it ideal for travel. This Chromebook and storm gray comes with storage options of up to 256 gigabytes, but, given that most of your content will be stored in Google Drive in the cloud, this should be more than enough to support apps and a certain list of restricted files. Both are versatile tablet and computer hybrids, but when we get down to nitty gritty, it is clear that they are for very different users. Ipad Pro and Lenovo Chromebook duet 5.

lets review the features before we get into how these two devices work lets look at how they compare in terms of features swipe to scroll horizontally iPad Pro Lenovo Chromebook duet, 5 screen size 11 inch 12.9 inch 13 inch screen Type liquid retina xdr LED OLED screen resolution 2388 by 1668, 1920×1080 processor, Apple M2 Chip, Qualcomm, Snapdragon, 7c, Ram, 8 gigabytes, 16 gigabytes, 4, gigabytes, 8 gigabytes, color, silver, space, gray, storm gray, operating system, iPad, OS Chrome, OS battery life all day 15 hour, storage, 128 gigabytes, 256 gigabytes 512 gigabytes, one terabyte 2, terabytes, 64 gigabytes, 128, gigabytes, 256, gigabytes cameras, 12, MP, wide 10 MP Ultra wide 8mp, fhd, rear 5mp, fixed Focus, CMOS front 5G support. Yes, no speaker 4. Speaker 4. Speaker works with keyboard. Yes, yes, works with stylus. Yes, yes, connectivity, Thunderbolt, usb4, USBC, 2x, USB C 3.2, gen 1 Dimensions 9.74 by 7.02 by 0.23, inch 11.04, 8.46 by 0.25 in 12.04, by 7.35 by 0.28 in weight 1.04 pounds 1.51 pounds 1.5 pounds. These two mobile devices are not markedly different in their technical characteristics, but by digging deeper you can get an idea of what sets them apart: iPad Pro and Lenovo Chromebook, duet, 5 usability and use. So how do these two devices work? The Apple iPad Pro is a feature rich tablet designed for intensive work in gaming, such as high resolution, video streaming drawing word, processing and even creative tasks like photo and video editing.

In fact, you can easily do all of the above. At the same time, without skipping a tablet beat thats, because with the M2 Chip you get Lightning Fast Response times fast operation and efficiency, as well as graphics performance. This makes multitasking a breeze. It also has a 5G option. So, with an optional plan, you can connect almost anywhere even without Wi Fi. There are tons of features that will appeal to mobile workers who want to bring something lighter with them. For example, its a feature called the stage manager, which is part of iPad OS 16 and automatically arranges apps and windows, to make it easier to navigate between apps and windows with center stage and FaceTime. You can ensure that you remain the central focal point of the stone wherever you move, which is perfect for collaborators and business video meetings with full screen, support and desktop grade apps. You can use the iPad Pro as a secondary business computer, although its technically just a tablet, keep in mind, however, that youll have to spend more on optional accessories, like apple pencil and magic keyboard. This increases rapidly, given the already expensive cost of the device with Wi Fi 6E support. You get faster work with fast downloads and access to files. Ipad OS 16 also includes fun and useful features like live text and image, search and different ways to interact with photos and videos and free form that lets you collaborate with others using a flexible canvas, so you can see share and collaborate in one place.

You can get tons of storage if you opt for the two terabytes version, but it will still contribute significantly to that price. For a more comparable experience with the Lenovo Chromebook duet 5, you can choose to store files in the cloud VI Cloud, but still this will cost extra for a monthly or yearly subscription. The Lenovo Chromebook duet 5, meanwhile focuses Less on the creative side and more on remote work. You will get a good Qualcomm, Snapdragon processor and it starts at 4 gigabytes of memory, which can leave a lot to be desired. For those who tend to open tons of windows at the same time and enjoy multitasking continue with the 8 gigabytes memory, upgrade for a more comparable experience era Wagoner from Android Central calls, the Lenovo Chromebook duet 5. The first Chrome removable youll actually want to write about. In its review, the Lenovo Chromebook duet 5 also mentions it as the perfect tablet for the future of Chrome OS, but while its good for everyday Computing, it admits its not designed to handle heavy workloads with up to 256 gigabytes of storage. The top of the line model will leave you plenty of space to store files.