7 inch marked the first time the iPad Pro was offered in a smaller size, while still sporting, the same powerful, internals and Innovative features, as the original and larger 12.9 inch iPad Pro released the year before and six years later. Here we are in 2022, where you can find a used example for only a mind, blowing 120 dollars, and so could this seemingly aging tablet actually be a darn good. Bargain lets find out, starting with the design and by the way, timestamps are in the description. If youd like to see something specific so starting off with the design, the iPad Pro 9.7 is pretty run of the mill for an iPad. We get the home button, bezels and metal back. So definitely nothing we havent seen before, and this was a normal iPad design for its time. In fact, Apple still sells a very similar looking iPad, the 9th generation base model and because of that, this design isnt completely dead. Just yet plus outdated doesnt mean ugly, and this is definitely still a relatively Sleek looking device device and all the colors were a good selection, being silver gold, space, gray and rose gold plus the actual body of this iPad is still remarkably thin and Light by todays Standards weighing in at 437 grams and being just 6.1 millimeters thick, therefore carrying it around by hand or storing it in a backpack, is going to be no issue at all. It takes up basically no space and weighs very little now.

The bezels on the front are definitely the least appealing aspect about this design being a lot thicker than we used to on all our modern devices from our laptops to phones, tablets, TVs, even car infotainment displays. Although for the error, this was perfectly normal. So its not a fault in the design, but rather something that just didnt age that well. In fact, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro that came the following year, shrunk down these bezels significantly making for something that was as close to as all screen as possible. But while still retaining that home button – and this was a much more immersive display than the 9.7 inch pro but the bezels arent a deal breaker by any means theres tons of things about about this iPad that outweigh this very minor inconvenience. But coming back to that home button, the one on here is packed with Touch ID, so youll be able to unlock it. Using your fingerprint, which Ive said many times, is, in my humble opinion, far superior and far more convenient than face ID. However, this is only first gen touch ID, so youll have to hold your finger on there for a solid second, not just brush past it like on the much faster Touch ID were used to nowadays, but again, thats extremely minor, and it beats putting in your passcode Any day now, at the bottom, we have our lightning Port, along with the speakers, and these speakers are actually a quad setup, theres an additional two on the top for stereo sound, and this is really useful when, for example, in movies, where you can hear the sound All around you, or in a game where you can hear the direction in which footsteps are coming, it just makes things that much more immersive and three dimensional and the actual quality of the speakers.

Doesnt disappoint either theyre pretty darn good for a tablet. Oh, and we also have the SMART connector on the side for attaching keyboard cases, which is very useful if youre, someone who types documents, because its super easy to connect up a keyboard, it just snaps on and off very simple and very satisfying. All in all, though, pretty good design its super portable due to its thin and light nature, it looks fine but not mind blowing and the only area where its getting pretty dated is in the bezels. But now lets talk about whats in the middle of those bezels. The display the display on here is still pretty done good and for 99 of people, its going to be more than fine, its a 9.7 inch LCD Retina Display with a resolution of 2048 by 1536, along with a pixel density of 264 pixels per inch. This equates to a pretty razor sharp panel, theres, no visible pixels and everything youre viewing is going to look terrific and even if the 9.7 inch size isnt the most immersive, especially due to the bezels its big enough to see what youre doing quite comfortably, although it Doesnt get too bright, peeking out at just 500 nits. So if youre in a sunny outdoor area, youll probably have trouble seeing what youre doing but indoors its totally fine plus, this panel is stuck at just a 60 hertz refresh rate, unlike its modern iPad, Pro counterparts, which can go up to 120 hertz or 120 frames Per second giving you a much more battery experience when swiping and scrolling around, although this is no essential feature and the lack of 120 hertz wasnt uncommon.

For the time I mean it was basically unheard of back then in the world of mobile technology and the first smartphone to have it wouldnt even come until the following year. So thats fair enough that this iPad doesnt have it and you know 60 hertz – is pretty much the default were all used to so its not below average. At all. Now this display does support the first generation apple pencil, which is great for artists or students who like to handwrite their notes. I personally use the apple pencil for note, taking and maths with my iPad Air, 3. and thats one of my favorite things about the whole iPad. I can store all of my maths and handwritten notes, digitally and carry them around anywhere in one convenient location instead of lugging around a ton of books. But the only downside to this is that you have to charge the pencil through the lightning Port. It doesnt just clip onto the side and charge magnetically like the second gen pencils on lighter iPads, and this can be a bit cumbersome. This kind of thing just doesnt feel like something Apple would do it feels more like a last minute afterthought, but you know, apart from that, the apple pencil is really nice to have on here and its really beneficial for lots and lots of people to be able To use it for such a low price point but in a nutshell, pretty darn good display on here for six years and no matter who you are pro or not its going to do great.

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7, with that chipset on steroids is even better. Now dont get me wrong its not going to hold a candle to the performance of more modern day iPads and you definitely wont be designing aircraft with it but for day to day light tasks like watching YouTube, browsing the web, drawing typing documents and non intensive games Performance on here is still mainly smooth and lag free, although every now and then there will be that little bit of lag or maybe a glitch normal for a tablet. This old in the big picture, though, definitely impressive for its age, and I wouldnt even consider calling it slow so yeah. If youre only going to be doing the basics, then performance, it should still be fine, although, if youre looking for a powerhouse on a budget, then this is unfortunately not it and now moving on to the cameras. The ones on here still do a pretty decent job. Apparently, being very similar to The lenses on the iPhone 6s on the real, we have a 12 megapixel main sensor and Flash and then on the front theres a 5 megapixel selfie camera, while not too many people use their iPads as their main cameras, the rear shooter. On here can still perform pretty well in the right lighting conditions, obviously nowhere near what modern, iPads or iPhones can do, but still fine for the occasional shot. Should you need it and definitely good enough for things like scanning documents. Now the selfie camera is pretty much.

The same situation still performing decently enough for things like video calling, but nothing above and beyond, and compared to the selfie cameras on todays devices. It can seem quite primitive, but for things like face timing, it does the job just fine. In addition, this iPad can also record video in up to 4K at 30 frames per second and its still pretty good, although not absolutely terrific, just kind of average, so not too much to write home here about, but again not many people use iPad cameras for photography, Especially for recording 4K video, so talking about all the nitty gritty camera stuff in these iPad, videos is probably a waste of time when people care more about things like the display and the performance. So from now on, Im just going to touch lightly on the cameras in future iPad reviews. But in a nutshell, this setup is fine for video calling scanning documents and maybe taking a photo of notes on the board, but for actual photography. Youd be much better off to use your smartphone unless your daily driving like an iPhone 3GS or something now in terms of the battery life. The iPad Pro 9.7 is still all right, although you know its pretty old at this point and its not going to blow anything out of the water. Its got a 7 306 milliamp hour cell and, of course, use is going to vary depending on how much the battery has degraded over the years and how heavy and long your use is.

But with light to moderate use and a decently healthy battery, you should still get through the day, but if the battery has been thrashed over the years or youre, a big power user or both youre not going to want to stray too far from a charger. Of course, it would be ideal to find a unit with a healthy battery. Then you wont have to worry about that, but even so its not going to last anywhere near as long as iPads today, although, if youre a light user, it should still be fine, and lastly, lets talk about the longevity AKA. How long this iPad will last into the future well Apple, usually gives their iPads around seven to eight years of software updates, which is just insane. I mean the iPad Air 2 that came out in 2014 got support all the way up until this September, and so considering that the iPad Pro 9.7 is using 7 year old Hardware from the 2015 12.9 inch iPad Pro. We can expect around maybe one to two years more of software updates, although at this point its really hard to say for sure, but the bottom line is that this tablet is getting pretty old and its not going to last very much longer on updates. Whats, interesting, though, is that the iPhone 6s, which has a very similar chipset lost, support this year, but the iPad 5th generation which came out in 2017 and has the same Apple A9 from the 6s, actually got another update.

So my thinking is that Apple will cut off support for the 5th gen iPad with the A9 next year and give the 9.7 inch pro with the a9x another year after that, after all, the iPad Air 2 with the Apple a8x chipset got a whole three more Years than the iPhone 6, which had just the A8 so weve seen this situation before and thats. What I think is going to happen with these A9 and a9x devices. Damn I went on a bit of a ramble there, but the bottom line is that you know its probably going to get around one to two years, more of updates. So if you dont plan to upgrade for quite some time, then definitely look at something newer, because this iPad, probably doesnt, have too much longer in terms of software support, and so with my review of the iPad Pro 9.7 inch in 2022. Now, out of the way lets talk about whether this is the right device for you well for the money, this is actually a pretty good package youre, getting a fully supported, fully fledged decently performing iPad with iOS 16 and apple pencil support all for 120. Of course, the only downside is that software support isnt going to be around for too much longer, maybe just another year or two, but even after the support is dropped. Youll still be able to use it for a few years more after that, before things start becoming incompatible, so its not a good long term solution, but hey if youre on a tight budget – and you just need something to get you by then honestly.

It really is worth a look if youre currently using one of these iPads its not absolutely essential to upgrade right now, but if you need more power or the battery life isnt doing so well anymore, it could be time to look at something newer, but you dont Have to just yet at least not until supporters dropped either September 2023 or even 2024, but well just have to wait and see theres, no definite answer until Apple announces it. But in a nutshell, this is a pretty darn good iPad for the price, its darn impressive. For a tablet from 2016, and if this is how good a six year old tablet is now then Im pretty Keen to see what the equivalent thing will be like in even just a few years. If you enjoyed this video or found it useful, please make sure you drop me a like And subscribe to text Brie for more reviews, insights and the occasional unboxing. Also my Instagram is at Tech double underscore spree and my Twitter is at Tech spree one. Thank you.