If this can be your laptop or not, i’m going to be reviewing this from a perspective of it being a laptop rather than just an ipad, because with the use of a magic keyboard or an accessory like it, it really can be a laptop for a lot Of people, but for some it just might not be enough. I will also talk about students since i’m, a recent college graduate and if i think they could use this as their only device for college. An extremely important thing to note is the price of this device. Now this is a one thousand two hundred dollar setup, with the magic keyboard you’re getting to the price of around an m1 macbook pro or macbook air. One of the first things, you’ll notice with the ipad pro paired with the magic keyboard, is the premium build and feel it does have some weight to it, but it’s still extremely portable. I think the boxy design of the ipad with the uniform bezel and face id is just a fantastic design overall, but unlike what you get on a lot of laptops, the ports only give you one usb type c. The magic keyboard gives you an additional one. Just for charging the display is a 1668 p, 120 hertz display it’s an lcd but it’s still a good looking display. I can tell the difference between oled and lcd. With that said, i don’t have many complaints about the display. Overall, i think apple did a pretty good job and it does get plenty bright at about 600 nits.

So, if you’re, comparing this to many laptop options, display is top notch here because of the speaker system, it’s top in its class, where you won’t, find a better speaker system in non apple, comparable products and listening to anything, you want that’s just that much better and Because we do have a touchscreen, you can take notes and everything on here which i’ve done works well with the apple pencil, but then again that’s an added cost. To this. I do want to say that i’ve used this ipad pro as my main editing device and using lumafusion on here and everything i haven’t had much of a problem. Lumafusion is quite easy to get used to it’s, not as extensive or comprehensive as final cut, but i think a lot of people at least beginning youtubers, like myself, would be fine with lumafusion. Another essential aspect to a computing device is its battery life and i’m happy to report that the ipad pro’s battery life is just phenomenal. I don’t have to charge it most days and with my previous macbooks in the past, i definitely had to they drained a lot quicker now. The m1 macbooks do have extremely good battery life. They kind of have a similar battery life to the ipad, which makes sense because their cpus are both built on an arm architecture, but even with the magic keyboard draining battery you get phenomenal battery life and in the box you do get an 18 watt fast charger.

For this okay, now let’s move on to the cameras – and i bet you’re saying to yourself: oh wait adam, who cares about the cameras in their laptop and that would be a fair point: we’re not going to focus on the rear cameras, we’re going to focus on The front one, the one that you’d be using for video conferencing. It is a 7 megapixel front facing camera that does shoot in 1080p, unlike what you have on the m1 macbook pros and macbooks in the past that shoot in 720p it’s, definitely better than most cameras. In any of the laptops, you’ll find, and it will be more than okay for your video conferencing needs. The ipad pro is powered by the a12z, with six gigabytes of ram and although it’s not as powerful as m1 it’s. One of the reasons i switched over from the macbook pro in the past to get this kind of power. This thing truly is a beast and we’ll see even better versions in the future. Every task is extremely quick and fluid and because of the 120 hertz display, everything feels just so smooth now a lot of students – and you know, people in general like to game on their laptop and it’s worth considering the ipad pro for this, because no it doesn’t Have the game selection of let’s say a windows laptop? You get mobile games with the ipad pro and you can use controllers on many of these and make a good gaming experience.

But no, you do not have the kind of library that you could in a comparable windows laptop. I think if gaming is your number one priority, then the ipad pro probably would not be a better option than a windows laptop here. But with that said, there is a lot of mobile games coming and the interest in mobile gaming is rising, so the ipad pro could be a good place for many people like how gaming isn’t the same on most laptops. The operating system is also not the same. So here we have ipad os right and we all know that ipad os really is a reskinned ios, with a few more features such as smart selection being able to use external drives an updated vinyl management system and just more features overall. But the extra features of ipad os still do not make it a desktop grade. Operating system and that’s likely on purpose apple is separating the two. For a reason. There are times that the ipad just functions more like an iphone than it does a macbook, and that can be frustrating for some people. So with all that said, what are the things that are missing on the ipad pro or complaints i had while using it as a sole laptop replacement? Now, first, although i said the file management system was improved, especially in comparison to ios, it’s still not desktop grade. Just like the operating system, the file management system works fine for the most part, but it can be a little finicky it’s, just not up to par with what you get in mac, os or windows.

Multitasking on the ipad pro also seems a little limited there’s. A very set way that you can multitask you can’t edit windows and put them where you want and work based off of that. You can only have a certain amount of windows at a time and, although you can get used to it, it’s just not as intuitive as it would be on mac, os or windows. Also, although the browser is supposed to be the desktop version and that’s what’s supposed to default to on safari it just always isn’t the case, i think we’ve all had those times we’re on phones and we’re, trying to click something and because maybe a website’s a little Older or something it just doesn’t work and the ipad functions in that same exact way, given it’s very similar to ios. So i have had some difficulties with that in the past, where i’ve had to find another computing device to use, because this just wouldn’t work. For me, in addition to websites, applications also are built a little differently, so we don’t get x86 applications or even the applications we’re seeing pushed over to m1. Although there are applications that are specifically for ipad, a lot of them are still like ios based and they just don’t work as well as you’d hope, like zoom, for example, it’s very sad that it really feels like an iphone app on here. Now, if you want to take notes on your ipad and also watch a zoom while having your camera on it, just can’t do that and there’s just other apps like these we’re getting mobile apps rather than desktop apps and that’s.

Just the nature of this kind of thing, so in conclusion, the ipad is a very nice computing device and it’s improving every single year. The ipad is very enjoyable to use in general, for many reasons like i talked about with content consumption and the 120 hertz with gaming in some cases, but for the current price of the ipad pro, i would have to suggest that all students either go out and Get a similar windows laptop pricewise or get the m1 macbook air or macbook pro with that said, there are people who are very light users and who might enjoy the experience of the ipad more due to its simplicity and for those people. Maybe this would be great or if you want a secondary computing device, that works really well the ipad’s great for that as well, but it still is hard for me to recommend, as your only computing device just given how good the m1 macbook air is especially. So. Thank you all so much for watching.