Welcome to my youtube channel anyway. Welcome to my 2021 ipad pro gaming test today, we’re going to be throwing some graphically intense titles at the m1 chip inside this beast to see how it pushes them or how these games run. We have asphalt 9 pubg mobile wonderbox, divinity original sin, 2 ocean horn, 2, warface shadowgun legends, of course, minecraft and call of freaking duty, dude um, so yeah let’s just jump into things here, first up with asphalt, 9, and let me make sure that all of my Angles are recording here and i got ta like move out of the way, so you can actually see what i’m playing and kind of turn the volume down just a tad um. So here we are in asphalt. 9. I got this dope red z4 that i can race so and real. Quick here are the sound and display settings we have 60fps enabled and i don’t think there’s any other options to make the graphics look better. So with that said, let’s get into some gameplay here. Yeah, this game always looks so amazing and i think it’s running at 60fps pretty consistently i’m, not seeing any frame drops or anything um. I just love the way that the car is lit and all the colors and everything um i don’t think i’m, particularly good at this, although it’s not really like free form or, like i don’t know, like what’s what’s, the word like sandbox, you can’t, really like move Around where you want you just sort of tap the screen, but i mean graphically speaking this game is a masterpiece, so um there you have it there’s this game, the m1 ipad pro runs.

It really really well and uh. Yeah let’s move on to the next title. Here, pubg mobile, another touch, uh control game and, if you know asphalt, 9 can be played with a controller. Let me know you know i’m, not much of a tablet, gamer so i’m, a little out of my element, although i did make sure to play these games before. I make a fool of myself on the internet um, but i probably still will so it doesn’t matter. So, as you can see, we’re downloading some stuff here to play this game yeah, i found that the m1 chip really does load games a lot, a bit quicker compared to the 2021 or the 2020 and 2018 models, which is nice. I mean some games are pretty big um, so let’s go to the settings here. It took me like five minutes to figure out where settings is. I don’t play this game. Often so let’s look at the graphics settings i have ultra hd enabled uhd is not a thing yet, unfortunately um. What else do i have realistic as a style? I also have water reflections on. I don’t have any color blind modes on. I have shadows on frame rate, i have ultra turned on so okay, we might be seeing 120 frames or 90 frames. I don’t know we’ll see um whatever it is, we’ll see how smooth it is, and now we are jumping with my adidas backpack. Okay, i just want to reach the ground here, so i can see how nice the graphics are.

Let’S try to go by that water, maybe possibly yeah. I love the sunlight. Hitting the building here and frame rate seems pretty consistent. Um probably capped at 60.. This doesn’t look like anything higher than 90, but that’s fine with me, please! No! I just want to see some water. I just want to see some water. I just want some water. Let me see if i’m gon na kill this mod come on come on come on up here. Come on. I got you come on. Yeah yeah, yeah that’s. What you get Music! I didn’t expect the last i thought i was gon na die and i have to start over, but we’re gon na see some water we’re going to guys we are. We are gon na. No, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No we’re gon na do this! We’Re gon na see some water. I i just! I just want to see some water. Oh, please, stop! I’M. Sorry mom! I got to see some water water time, water time. Hey i can’t talk right now: i’m playing a game. Just i’ll i’ll be right. Back i’ll i’ll! Call you back! Okay, love you! What are you here? Mom i’m recording a video um one? Oh, is there some water? Okay? Let me let me get back to you. Please why yeah pretty much bye? We found some water people, water it’s right here.

We did it it’s all i wanted to see, and it looks pretty nice look at the water, it’s shining, heck, yeah. All right, let’s shoot this uh thing right here: okay, that is uh pub g mobile for you, we saw some water great next up. Let’S play wonder box. This is a really interesting game, it’s from apple arcade uh, and i love the way it looks like. I love the way like the mechanics are so i’ll show you how that is in a minute um. I just started playing um. I don’t think i’m gon na be like playing this consistently, but i do like it i’m, like i’m, not much of a gamer as it is. This game is also controller compatible, and i love the way you change your perspective. So here we are in this little room um, so we can go out here and jump around and stuff also it’s, very detailed, there’s different lighting. Very colorful um definitely takes advantage of the hardware in here, and here we are in this outside scene. Look at how the lighting changes um. I can jump. Oh no! Oh! Oh! Oh, okay, ooh, ooh, there’s, someone behind me! Oh no! Oh! No! Oh! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh! Oh! This is a boss. This is a boss. This is a boss. This is a boss. This is the boss. Well, okay, so i’ll try fighting him again. Oh i killed him wasn’t that a boss, i don’t, think so.

Maybe it was oh, so right trigger zooms you in oh look at that. So this is a very close up view um and then left trigger zooms you out, oh that’s, so cool. So you can sort of like see if your enemies are around and zoom back in yeah, very cinematic game love, the lighting love the colors, and here we go. I got the. What is it called the heart of adventure or something? You got the heart of adventure? Yeah, that was fun um and i think it definitely showcases the power of the m1 chip. Next up, we got divinity original sin 2. This is a whole pc console game that was ported over. This came out in 2018. I think and yeah. This is really hype. You can actually play multiplayer like co, op split screen. I can’t do that here because i’m, only one guy with one controller, but regardless this is a very cool looking game and, although i’m not the type to play this we’re going to play story mode, single player. So here we are in game and i think this title really does answer. The question you know is ipad pro with the m1 chip console level. I think so i mean just like look at the lighting. Look at the wood look at how much detail there is and i’m some sort of undead character that has to hide his face or something like that. This game is way too detailed for me, like i’m, not gon na.

Remember all the lore and stuff uh. Nor am i gon na, you know actively play it, but it’s a great demo of what this hardware is capable of pushing. I mean this game just looks amazing, like i said, it’s a whole, you know pc console title so yeah. I think that if games are ported over like this, you could you know, label the ipad pro as console level and the m1 ship is probably powerful enough to run a lot of the modern games that we know and love. Hopefully, battlefield 6 or whatever comes out. That would be the coolest thing if ea did that, but this gives me hope here that you know we’re going to see some big aaa titles. Maybe you’re not triple a, but you know like graphically intense titles at the very least that we’re accustomed to seeing with more powerful, nvidia or amd hardware. Or you know the processors within the xbox and playstation series consoles, but anyway, i’m not going to continue playing. Because i really don’t know how to, but, if you’ve been waiting for this title specifically or titles like this it’s really exciting, to see something like this being ran on an ipad smoothly at that next up, we got ocean horn 2.. I played this last year with the ipad pro 2020. it’s, also an apple arcade game, and i really love how it looks so we’ll load in here. So here we are oh jesus, oh so i killed something there’s some water happening over here, uh yeah seems to be running pretty smoothly um.

I might see some stutter here and there, but understandably so this game looks really intense to you know, run so yeah i’m. Having a great gaming experience here with ocean horn 2., i think it’s running at 30 fps, so my unoptimized comments might be wrong, but uh yeah it’s, pretty similar to what i remember with my 2020 ipad pro and, like i said once developers start to you know, Make their apps and games uh take advantage of the m1 chip. We should see even better performance but i’m pretty sure i’m, just not used to 30 fps. That sounds so snobby, but i swear to god: i’m, not lying. I don’t game too often and when i do, i like to play fps titles with like really high frame rate uh. So you know just saying just putting that out there and speaking of fps shooters. We have a game called warface, which is touch controls only sadly, but i like the graphics, um and yeah it’s sort of a cod battlefield look alike. I guess so. We will try to play a game here without the menu and tutorial getting in the way. So yeah this game is really smooth. It might even be running at more than 60 fps. Maybe not i don’t know got killed. Bailey look at the lighting on the concrete floor. Look at the detail in these wooden crates right here and the guns. I wish this game had controller support, because i would unironically play this um, so if the developers are watching, please add controller support.

So if you play this game, it runs beautifully on the m1 chip. The graphics look amazing and actually let me check and see what kind of graphic settings i have here, i’m going to leave the match. Quality settings are very high, so i turn that on immediately, maybe it’s not set at that by default. So keep that in mind, but with the m1 chip you really shouldn’t be afraid to crank up the graphics in any game that you’re playing here so let’s move on to the next one. Next up, we got shadowgun legends, another game, that’s, very detailed, another fps at that i love fps games, although i’m, not like amazing at them. So here we are. Let me check the graphics settings, so ultra high detail and 60fps is enabled so far very smooth. Look at the ground look how detailed it is as i’m being killed. Um oh hi you’re supposed to be dead. Oh that’s, a friend oh and i forgot i’m gon na kill this boss. Here, like bullets, are gon na. Do anything. Oh man, ah man, oh we’re, gon na kill it we’re gon na kill it we’re gon na kill it it’s dead, yeah, um, fun, game, amazing, looking graphics on the ipad, pretty smooth frame rate, a few drops and stutters here and there uh, but yeah completed let’s. Go to the next game! Next up we got this indie sort of underground game called minecraft, i’m, not sure if you ever heard of it uh but i’m gon na play it here, uh, so we’re gon na load it up play, create a new world, create we’re going to make a creative World, so we can fly around turn off achievements.

Great let’s see how fast this takes building terrain and we’re. Here. Look at that wow, of course, super super smooth flying around um. We got a village here and, of course, like any minecraft player. What do you do in a village you blow it up, so great great content here, guys obviously um. I don’t condone blowing up actual villages but minecraft villages. You know it’s always fun to do that, not for the villagers. I kind of feel bad but um. You know oh well, i can’t tell you how many times i did this oh oops, i i did this like a million times when i was 12 years old, so it’s nice to get back to the uh grind here of blowing up villages, it’s exploding effortlessly. I always found that exploding tnt demonstrates the power of your processor. So if it handles it better, you know it’s a powerful processor, so the m1 chip is doing just that. Oh no, he passed away. Oh and let’s uh have the grand finale here. Let’S explode this house let’s pack, it full of tnt. Oh no, no, no! No, no i’m stuck up well being super close to the explosion. Didn’T really do anything so that’s cool um. You know what i actually want to do. One more thing: let’s go to the nether. Why is this? This is taking way too long: i’m just used to keyboard and mouse i’m, a pc gamer, guys i’m part of the pc i’m partying, a pc masquerade uh there.

We go all right, generating world we’re building terrain and we are in oh there we go here’s a gas, and here we are the nether running beautifully rendering beautifully. We have some quartz over there. Another activity i’d love to do is go to the nether and mine. Some xp or just mine in the court, so i can build with it and i can get a lot of xp super quick and i think, to no one’s surprise, it’s running really well on the m1 ipad and with that said, let’s move on to our final Game and finally we’re gon na play some cod dude, so let’s open up this app. So we have low medium, high and very high graphics, as well as low to max frame rate with max frame rate. You can only choose high or up to high graphic quality and i think i’m going to go with that configuration because fps shooters you want to have like the highest frame rate possible. So you don’t die. So you cannotice more and stuff so anyway, we’re going to enable that i also have realistic on right. Here we are, the lighting on this gun looks very nice and the frame rate looks very high as well. Ah man, okay, one more kill, that’s, definitely not a bot, definitely not a bat. Look at the water yeah anyway, um the water looks really really nice very realistic. We have really nice lighting on the tiles here, um yeah, oh, no! No! No! No! No! I’M! Coming for you that’s offensive, you don’t shoot people that’s mean got you yeah.

Everything looks really nice. The lighting looks very nice. The water looks very nice and i’m sure it look even nicer with very high settings, but i would rather choose to have higher frame rate than higher settings. I always do that in any pc fps games that i play where’d you go pretty lately. Let me see hello, my wife, where are you going uh? No, no! Please don’t shoot with me. I do not have my ak 47 on me right now. No, no it’s, not fair. Where did you go? Should we shoot these have to be bots there’s, no way? There’S no way that they’re this bad or i’m, this good get down sniper. Headband don’t worry, oh, my god, speaking of which i want snipe. I watch night night, damn damn yeah, oh that’s, okay, yep! I accept my fate and that is um that’s. It guys it is now 12 33 at night my mom called me as i was shooting this and was like, where the hell are you, because i said i was coming home, so uh i’m gon na edit this and go home and hopefully go to sleep at A decent hour, oh and, of course i forgot to check – we are down to 48 from the initial 76 at the beginning of the test. So down like what is that, like 27 28, something like that, i can’t do math in my head, um, which is impressive for about an hour or so of intense or graphically intense gaming.

You know high settings at around 65 percent brightness, so yeah. The m1 chip is not only powerful but also pretty power efficient as well. My camera’s overheating, so i will end this here. Thank you for watching a shout out by the way to my boy canoopsy. He made these amazing wallpapers on his brand new site, um canoopsy.media, so i will leave a link to this particular wallpaper. In the video description i had like the lighting uh planned out and a certain way to sort of. I guess complement this beautiful wallpaper and uh yeah other than that.