So today, we’re looking at the ipad pro 2020. now. Is it a laptop or is it just an ipad? Can it replace your daily driver we’ll, find out in the upcoming review let’s go Music Music, apple’s new ipad pro isn’t, a major improvement over the 2018 model, but there has been big changes. Adding trackpad and mouse support, of course the ipad does a lot of things that a mac or pc doesn’t. You know with them adding pencil support, that’s leaps and bounds over the competition. The 2020 ipad pro is gorgeous and powerful, but i’d say if you can afford to spend this much on an apple device. You better off, go with a mac. Now let’s talk about pricing and design. As i looked into the 11 inch model of the ipad pro. I kept running into a few nicks and clicks here and there of its towering price. The absolute base model, which is 11 inch unit that comes with wi fi and 128 gigs of storage costs, 799 bucks, Music that’s the same as you could probably get a macbook air for that price, or maybe just a little bit more 9.99 it’s safe to say That the mouse and trackpad support is a game changer for people tracking the tablet in an office office context when you’re really busy typing on an attached keyboard. The more you raise your hand to the screen is a pain, it’s, even more of a pain to use of various oddball gestures.

To do things like split the screen or other various gestures paired with an apple magic trackpad, which i don’t have one. On the other hand, that create that’s a game changer, however, i use a trackpad on the magic keyboard to perform these same gestures such as browsing office, opening undocumented flicking to zoom or to pinch to zoom or drag and drop all those things work perfectly with the Trackpad on the magic keyboard, though i would have wished that app would have made the keyboard, the trackpad and just a tad wider or just a tad bigger to get those gestures a little bit more fluid. I do a lot of typing. I mean i used to hate typing on the ipad screen itself, because then you have to nitpick and touch each part of the screen specifically, but with the magic keyboard that the satisfaction of that down press and that spring back off the keyboard. The travel of the key is just superb it’s there, and for that i’m, really really grateful. That apple really thought this through before designing this magic keyboard to go with this beautiful device. Over the years, ipad apps have grown very cozy with cloud based storage services. You can hook most professional apps up to icloud google drive dropbox onedrive and also use ipad’s file app to upload and download files from those servers. For me, i have this 128 gig model and in that sense, storage can run out pretty fast.

If you’re doing a lot of work. I do a lot of drawing. I do a lot of designs. I use procreate a lot and i create big big files. Along with my ipad, i got a lazy one. Two terabyte storage hard drive to transfer off those files. So as soon as i realized that my storage is being consumed by a lot of large files, i simply port them over. I also do a lot of editing of videos on my device. I have to move those files using i use lumafusion, so i have to move those files over from the ipad to the external. If ever i need to go back to those files, they’re always there on my external, why ipad os is steadily improving its lack of good solution for multi application file usage still puts it behind the competition. I must be honest, though i haven’t really tested the cameras and based on the specs. The ipad pro has a 12 megapixel main rear camera and a 10 megapixel 0.5 x, wide wide angle, rear camera and a 7 megapixel front facing camera. While the main camera takes fine photos as good as an iphone 8, the ergonomics are obviously poor for taking photos with a 12 inch or 11 inch. Camera tablet and the main camera is primarily used, is probably to feed those augmented reality apps. It does have a lot of augmented reality. Stuff about the front facing camera is the same as before: seven megapixels and an f point: f: 2.

2, with added depth, information from the infrared or the ir face, recognition, camera hdr, portrait mode and 4k video recording are all available. Music are all available all available. It’S. Terrific for video calling facetime and which most people are using so much today, the ipad pro carries one single port and that’s a usbc, although apple’s official keyboard carries a second usbc port that has charge pass through or charged through. Whilst you plug in the keyboard, you charge the tablet simultaneously, the apple pencil is charged at the top section of the keyboard magnetically, so it pretty much snaps into place and charges. Therefore, battery life i got about seven hours tops of streaming at full brightness over wi fi, which is good for an ipad apple generally assumes you’ll use the device at half brightness, which can almost double the battery life. Think of it as a 11 to 12 hours of that level, i’m i’m a little bit disappointed in the 18 watt charger that comes with the ipad, so it took 2 hours and 40 minutes roughly 2 hours, 30 minutes thereabout to reach a full charge. The good news is that the ipad pro has a usbc power delivery and will work faster with charges such as even the finally guys let’s talk about the pros and the economies of the ipad pro 2020. on the pro side. It’S lightning fast, has a beautiful screen. Speedy air, rendering and high quality cameras have to give it that.

However, on the con side it’s expensive, the 12.9 inch model is pretty uncomfortable to hold in the hands it’s pretty large, even though i have the 11 inch model so guys we’ve come to the end of another video. Thank you for tuning in thank you for watching. Thank you for liking. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for leaving a comment down below. Tell me what you want to see more of, and just before you go. We have a surprise. We have a giveaway we’ve hit our 100 subscribers home and, as a result of that, we i just want to thank you guys just want to throw back something to you by subscribing for staying loyal, even though i haven’t posted consistently in a while, and i promise That this will change. I will begin to post more videos so that you can tune in and just enjoy the content. However, we’re giving away a 30 amazon gift card, i will leave the information in the description below as to how you can enter this giveaway. So guys, just like subscribe share with your friends. Leave a comment down below.