So in this video i will be going over my personal thoughts and personal use and things that have happened to the ipad pro. It lasts three years i’m using it as a tool. So now let’s go so starting off and let’s start with the positives. So the good things are that the performance hasn’t failed me it’s still as fast as, if not faster than the day. I bought it thanks to all the software updates. I’M. Really glad about that. Thank you apple. For still, you know, keeping all the ipads updated. I’M. Very happy about that, as i said so uh before the performance, hasn’t decreased whatsoever, it’s still the same, all the scores prove it so uh the screen is which got zero scratches it’s. I can’t really show it to you right now, because the script is on here, but it’s scratch resist, just like, as if i took it out of the box like it’s like it’s like brand new, the ipad itself, doesn’t really show anywhere in there. Even though it’s been used at all, no no big smile like big scratches on the back or anything like that. I haven’t experienced that whatsoever so yeah, so it does work the good things so starting off with the bad things and negative. Sadly, there are, there are quite a few, so as expected, a free old device has to be honest, the battery isn’t going to be the same. It doesn’t last as long as as it really should.

So when you pay over a thousand pounds for a device like this, you really wanted to you know. Last you quite a long time. However. Sadly, with uh me and bill trying to figure out exactly how much the battery life has decreased apple stays that the 2018 ipad pro model should still usually last 10 hours. Ahead of my 12.9 inch model, the battery life has decreased to about six seven hours, whereas the wheels 11 inch model, so the one of the smaller battery it lasts about five hours. So, with both of these costing pretty much over a thousand pounds, you could say, like you, can’t really do anything about it. Unless you want to replace the whole battery, which let’s be honest, you don’t want to do so. Yeah that’s the first negative so now moving on to the part of the ipad, which really brings us to computer accessories. So uh talking about accessories starting off the apple pencil, uh it’s been used daily uh. Obviously so it has been getting dirty over time due to its finish. Also, you can see some minor scratches under matte matte material, but over time that is, as expected. Also the defensive goal right here. It’S suddenly got some misalignment issues on the actual nib itself. However, your pencils don’t really have that so, as expected, it’s also been used for three years: it’s been bought with the ipad, so yeah, so that’s the apple pencil now moving on to the keyboard, the keyboard on the other end, the outside of it.

Sadly, apple is still using that same silicon sort of material. That rubbery finish so it has also like you – can see that’s being used daily, because it’s got a fair few questions. It gets greasy easily there’s got some small stains on it and also well has been experiencing suddenly some issues with the actual back peeling off slowly uh and that can lead to potentially the inside of the keyboard being damaged over time, which is really quite saturday accessory Because the keyboard is what about 170 pounds roughly around, so if you’re spending that much you know it should last you, but sadly the keyboard does show a fair bit of use not as much as the apple pencil, uh but yeah, so those are the accessories anyway. Thank you so much for watching all of you out there. Thank you very much for watching. We really do appreciate you watching uh, so i hope to be helped and maybe helped you buy an ipad which would be really great. So let us know if you have and uh you know we have our socials and our podcast down below so send us a dm on there.