Talk about it and let you know how i feel about spending my money on getting this, the ipad pro 12.9 inch, and this and this let’s talk about it. Now, as i was unboxing, i was quite surprised to realize that the magic keyboard package was almost as heavy as the ipad packaging, but we’ll talk more about that, so keep watching, but yeah. I went all out and i got the full squad now. Some of my friends asked me: why did you get the pen sill and i was like? Well, if you get yourself the ipad pro 12.9 inch, 512 gigs variant, and then you get yourself. The magic keyboard you’ve often got some spare change, left and that’s. When you get the bed so, but what i was really thinking is, how am i gon na get my money’s worth of experience from this laptop aspiring product and well. I do have a lot more to use before i can get to that, but i really think i may have gotten myself something that i don’t really need. There are a few things that came off instantly and let’s talk about that from a design perspective and to be very honest, it’s just as i’d expect it to be premium. Super high quality, finish and really lightweight for a 12.9 inch tablet, but even the galaxy tab. S7 or s7 plus, which is nearly half the price, pretty much nails. All of that. So why the extra money well it’s the little things the stability of the design, it doesn’t feel like it’s, going to fall or the tablet would slip even while typing it just doesn’t move it gives you the confidence to use without any sort of you know, worrying Thoughts and you can focus on work, so yeah the magnetic strength of the tablet and even with the pencil i mean it’s, just it’s really great now remember.

I said that the keyboard package was heavy well it’s, not just heavy it’s. Also really expensive. I mean you can get some fully functional android tablets for the price of that keyboard, but it’s again the little things – and here goes – i already spoke about the magnetic hold and just how stable the entire setup is so that’s. Definitely a big one and the keyboard is a big reason for that. Secondly, they’ve introduced a charging point over here with the keyboard. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t care and you would just charge the tablet the normal way, but what apple tried to do was hey. If you’re sitting on the left edge of the table, then you can just charge from here and if you’re on the right edge, then charge directly into the tablet and that keeps your setup really neat and tidy next. This is an auto backlit keyboard, so it senses when it’s too dark around you and will automatically light up the keys. There are also these tiny soft paddings at the hinge that protect the edge of the ipad from any kind of scuffing. Every time you fold it back up or down and just the whole typing experience, the tactility it’s, just not very different from a 13.3 inch, ultrabook it’s really comfortable, and i can totally see myself enjoying typing on this and that’s. How you get yourself a 300 dollars worth of keyboard? Probably it is the most expensive keyboard that i’ve bought and i would buy in years to come now, along with the price.

There are a few things that i did not like about the keyboard it’s really difficult to open this in the first shot and with a pencil that could be magnetically stuck, it actually gets even trickier. The tilt of this thing is a little limiting. I mean i really wish it tilted more, so you know if i want to use this as a tablet in a more comfortable manner or just write better like more naturally, without having to bend my wrist too much. I can’t do that. I have to unhook it from the magic keyboard now this pencil. This is definitely not for me. It’S too, fancy it’s excellent. I mean you know the weight distribution the way it feels in your hand, the material and, of course, the way it just glides on the screen to write or to draw it’s super smooth. Now there are apps like procreate uh, where you know this pencil. If you use it, it turns you into a superhero like the kind of stuff you can do. But if you take this pencil out of the context of an app it can’t do much by itself in the ipad os environment, but then for artists who are professionally into sketching or doodling or illustrations for those guys. This i mean the ipad with the pencil. Is a no brainer there’s, nothing like it, not in the android world for sure now so far, i’ve only talked about the ipad pro with the keyboard and the pencil, but the ipad pro is for a lot of other things right.

The display and the performance on this thing is phenomenal, as it should be for the price. The screen is crazy, bright, super crisp and videos on this display look out of the world, and what really makes this even better is the sound output on the ipad pro. I mean i’m, not gon na put a microphone and you know make you sure, because it’s really an experience that you need Music, but i did it anyway and there’s still no justice. I can do to how good this sounds. You know the the volume, the clarity and even the base the depth in that sound output is amazing. I mean i always thought the galaxy tab, s7 and the tab seven plus were really good. You know with their dolby atmos and quad speakers. This beats it hands down, but you know the last few days i have pushed myself to use the ipad over my macbook pro or my desktop, and just to see how much of my routine work can be done on the ipad and, of course i will report All of that to you in another video so make sure you subscribe, stay tuned and i’ll get that information out to you. But if i already have a macbook pro in a really high performance, desktop there’s, really not much for me to do on this ipad pro, especially when i don’t even use the pencil. This is really just a premium 2021 version of a two in one macbook pro and do note.

Not all professional software would work the same as they work on a macbook pro i mean this is not geared for high end super professional work, for example, i use sketch on the macbook pro for a couple of ux projects. I can’t do that on this. Sketch will not work the way it does on that, but, as i said, i’m gon na give this a shot. I’M gon na try and use this as much as i can for entire time and see how much of my regular, laptop or desktop work can actually be ported on this and we’ll talk about that in a separate video. Now, if you guys have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section.