com and you find an iPad Pro 12.9 inches for 500 bucks. Now imagine youre, smart theoretical! Of course you understand that there are things on this planet that are expensive houses, cars, women and Apple products. So when it comes to a 500 iPad Pro youre skeptic – and you should be now – I found this last year in 2021 and Ive been using it since the end of 2021 all the way through 2022. This is a refurbished 2019 iPad Pro and Ive been using. It day in and day out, for my classes during semester and at night time in bed, I mean Ive, had it all positions top down on the side, even on my back, I got them all as far as accessories Ive been using are concerned. Aside from the iPad Ive been using the third generation magic floating keyboard, I thought it was was really cool and Ive been using the latest Apple pen as well or the pencil. I think they call it an apple pencil and while this tablet 2019 is compatible with all of these latest uh peripheries, there are still quite a few pain points that Im going to be going over. So in todays, one year later, review of a refurbished iPad Pro were going to be looking into the body how the body came to me and how much more damage its taken, but were gon na focus on a much more experiential Story, Time sort of approach.

So, Im not going to talk about specs too much were going to look at experience, lets go and before we get started, make sure to smash that subscribe button because it really helps grow. A small Channel like this one also hit the like button. If you like this video and hit the dislike, if you dislike it – and let me know in the comment section below how I can improve, it – really helps me out well, some of your feedback is taken into account. I promise okay lets go to start off. Lets. Go around the body of this device and Ive got to say for the most support. I generally have it in my magic floating keyboard Im just going to call it a floating keyboard from now on, so I generally keep it in here when Im throwing it. In my backpack or in some of my classes, but in classes like, for example, math, this is sliding around the table like this will be out. Itll be sliding around, as I take notes with the apple pencil, because, obviously you know Im not gon na Im, not gon na. Do that Im not doing it and Im gon na talk about the apps that I use in just a little bit, especially on the iPad thats from 2019 now in 2023, but in other classes like, for example, economics, Ive got it on the case, and you know Im taking notes basically using the keyboard so with all that sort of activity on The Daily you know taking it out using it on the table, putting it back into my case, throwing it in my backpack, throwing it in my car driving it back and forth through Campus among the entire year of having used this almost every single day, there is no new damage.

Let me show you Im gon na start off, not with the iPad, but with this portfolio case thing: okay, because I really hate the material. You might already know this. This material is like this soft sort of polyurethane. I dont really know what that means, but basically itll pick up every single stain and Im pretty sure my up uh top down camera is capturing some of those stains. You can see that in the light this thing gets dirty, quick, especially when youre using it in public areas like a university yeah. This is going to be a germ, magnet and Im. Not about that. So, every time I get home, I wipe it down as far as damage, though actual damage, none on the portfolio case again, this is me throwing it in my backpack with a bunch of other spiral notebooks. This is me taking it out rolling it around tables in different classes. No damage here on the iPad theres, a few damages that occurred when I actually purchased this device. So Im Gon na Leave the link to the refurbished iPad Pro that I used in the description below it is more expensive now for some reason, but its also not going to be the same. So I dont know if the seller is the same. I dont know if its the same warehouse or even if its the same product, because again these are all like used items that someone traded into a pawn shop or something the dude wiped it down and called it refurbished.

So what you get is going to defer every time you buy it, except for mine. The damages were on the corner, so youre going to be able to see that you see that Nick right on the edge right there. That was originally there. So there is a Nick on that corner its quite a substantial Nick as well its like you know, taking a little bit of metal really off of the device other than that Nick theres. Just a few like little scratches around the charging port because thats something thats, you know plugged into a lot USBC, of course, so thats a good thing, no real damage or scratches. On the back of the iPad, I mean its not new. You can tell its not new theres a little bit of scratching here and there, but generally the aluminum looks pretty good the screen. As far as the display is concerned, Ive got to say there was this crack on the top right corner. So I dont know if you guys are going to be able to see that yeah its really hard to show little Nicks in the glass all the way on the edges, so theyre not getting into the display theyre, not actually protruding in any way at what youre. Looking at theyre, literally less than a millimeter and theyre on the edges, so thats the physical damage on the device. As far as pixels are concerned, there was no missing pixel when I first purchased the device and theres no missing pixels to this day.

So, as far as how has it held up physically, I have zero complaints. Its been phenomenal weve talked about the floating case. Weve talked about the display and the physical build. There is, though, a problem – and I dont know if its due to the 2019 version – and maybe the new versions dont have this, but it has to do with the apple pencil. This is the big frustration, so this is the big frustration I have with this tablet. Imagine Im sitting in numbers class and my professor is going at the speed of light writing equations with letters okay, somethings going on all I know is I got ta copy everything thats happening on the board on to my tablet and thats the problem, because when I Try to go fast when I, you know, try to write, notes down and Im using notability Ill talk about the apps in a bit, but as Im writing things down, sometimes it just stops picking up the pen, it just stops. Writing it. Just doesnt pick up where the pencil is and theres no more writing on the tablet and thats really annoying, I mean imagine you know youre in your flow youre, trying to concentrate on whats going on youre writing things down and when you look down at what youve Written theres, nothing there! Imagine that, and usually what I would do is like most people. You know that that happened. You start writing harder like, like you see that right when, when I first started it wasnt picking up anything, but you kind of get really frustrated and you really put down the pencil thats what I would do and never fixed it.

Okay, the only Quick Fix. So, okay, there was a long fix too, but the Quick Fix was to take the pen, put it on the side, connect it so that it picks it up. The apple pencil is there and then take it off off again, but again the the professors like already out the door. The class is over and you got to get everything down. Hes like erased. Half the board, you you get what I mean youre kind of behind. Now and youve lost your concentration, youve lost your train of thought. You cant sue Apple for doing that, so you lose okay, you lose. The long fix would be having to literally close out my notes, app, reopen the notes, app and find you know again go through the folder for all my different classes, go to the chapter, go to the lecture number and reopen that, and that would generally fix the Issue its never come to the point where it just stops working flat out, so it generally always fixes itself either with the quick fix or the long fix, but its still something thats really really annoying. Now, why do I even bring this like tiny little problem up? Why am I even talking to you guys about this its because it happened every week twice a week in my account class and get this. I only have two Cal classes a week literally this this thing would just lose reception, at least once every single Cal class.

I had, and it kind of became a thing where, even before I started taking notes, I was like all right here we go, and I know this is going to lose connection and Im gon na have to redo the whole thing so like I was just waiting For that to happen so its its not where like, if youre, writing things slowly and you know youre going through things and thats, why, I think its fine for artists for artists, a refurbished iPad with a 2019 excuse me iPad with the apple pencil youll have no Prop youll have no problem because youre not generally going insane, but in classes where your professor is like moving at the speed of light, you got to be keeping up and I think thats, where the problem arises, is when youre trying to keep up youre. Writing a lot of things very fast thats, where this will lose that reception. Okay, okay, lets talk about apps, Music. Thank you: Music, Music! Thank you: Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign Music. Thank you, okay. So we talked about all the issues: Ive had registering the S Pen with the iPad Pro. We also talked about some of the apps I use on my daily basis, and we also talked about the body of the device, the screen, the floating case and the S Pen, how Ive been using on The Daily and how its held up the battery the battery.

We got to talk about the battery its at 61 right now. Ive got nothing to say about the battery. To be honest, its been absolutely great now on some days there would be times where Im not taking the iPad Pro to class, because I might not have math class that day or I might just have my MacBook M2 MacBook Pro in my backpack Im just like Lets just take that to class today, and so on days where I took the MacBook versus the days that I took the iPad Pro. I noticed zero difference when it comes to battery usage and what that means is that the battery is perfectly fine over the year. I havent noticed any substantial decrease in the battery life, so it still holds on to the charge charge really well and it charges up really fast as well Im using a OnePlus 9 super fast charger. So that is a very, very fast charger that I use for this, because it is USBC. Thank God. As far as battery is concerned, I have no complaints about the battery. The battery is really good and it charges up quite fast as well. The display were talking 12.9 inches, so its vibrant, its an Apple display, its the retina, its a vibrant display, theres, no problem there, theres no issues or glitches Ive never actually had an instance where the screen glitched or there was any kind of streak or anything like That, like Ive, had with Samsung tablets relaxing a lot Im, not saying anything here, Im just saying: Ive had those issues with Android, but I dont have them here.

Okay, on this unknown operating system lets just say so: no glitches, absolutely no problem. The display. Now the chipset in this we lets talk about text a little its a four chip processor. I believe its the same as the S7 Fe, the Samsung tab, s7fe and while both of them are using very similar chipsets, I do find multitasking on this easier. But you got to give the s7fe credit, because that thing has decks and that just takes multitasking to the next level. The most you can do on this is open two apps, and so for me, that means having YouTube open on one side playing some video watching. One Piece Naruto whatever it might be and having my notes or notion app open on the other half and going about my notes. That way, and in doing so there have been zero issues or any kind of glitches or slow downs, or anything like that. So, even though its a fortune processor from 2019, no issues when it comes to that day to day usage, okay, so whats the verdict – okay, 500 bucks, literally cheaper than I dont – know, 500 Burgers. I guess whats the verdict. Well, look! If you really really want to push this tablet and Im, not talking about artists, okay, Im talking about youre, taking notes like crazy, youre and and youre using a proper Apple pen as well. So its not like some third party pen from Logitech youre gon na find its limitations when you try to find them, youll find its limitations and speed and how many apps you can run at 13.

Chrome tabs its okay, but any more than 13 youre gon na start feeling it. You know youre gon na. If you have 13 canvas tabs, open, youre gon na feel that, so, when you go out to look for its limitations, you will find them. But has it disappointed me to the fact to the point where I need to like restart the device, or I need to stop everything Im doing and like kind of redo, some sort of uh troubleshoot? Absolutely not. You know Ive had problems with this, but the thing is that it usually solves in just a few seconds, so I you got to keep in mind 500 bucks 2019 older processor, but that doesnt necessarily mean its a bad product, its actually my daily driver. As far as my productivity is concerned, as far as my day to day usage is concerned, it hasnt impacted my productivity at all in a negative way. Its its all its all been positive, Ive got to say its all been positive. Those little things that come up are nuisances that havent, really, you know, been a blockade to my productivity. So if youre, looking at the iPad Pro and youre, considering buying the iPad Pro – and you see it refurbished for literally like a quarter of the price – it is 2019, but your usage isnt going to be insane its gon na be similar to mine. This is going to be so much better for you just because Im not afraid of dropping it to be honest, Im, not afraid of spilling on it or just being super careful.

I mean I like it. I like keeping it clean and nice in the latest peripherals and the its awesome that theyre all supported Im, getting everything I need to get out of the device as well. So save yourself a lot of money and get yourself a refurbished iPad Pro, but theres a disclaimer everyones experience is going to be a little different because these products are not the same from every seller. Now I am going to leave the link down below because I was able to find the link. The price did hike up from my guy, but you can still find really cheap ones online and like around town as well on eBay, especially you got ta. Obviously, look at the sellers reputation. You got to look at previous reviews. There are going to be scary reviews, but generally you can just send the product back and get a another one sent to you. I didnt have to do that. This was my first try and it really knocked it out right on the first go. There were, like I mentioned earlier, a few Nicks, a few scratches a few bruises. You know around town, nothing that hurt the Aesthetics or that heard the productivity. Oh yeah. I forgot to talk about camera. The camera. Yes, fam, look! Stop. I havent seen a UFO over the past year. That would prompt me to whip out my tablet and start recording. But point is Im not recording with an iPad Pro Im, not doing any video recording on this and Im not doing any kind of photography on my iPad Pro I might do Zoom calls.

In fact I did in class. Do a few Zoom calls when a teacher couldnt make it to class the verdict? No problem, no one gives a damn how good you look on Zoom, okay. So if youre again a college student and youre just trying to get through class, you, the microphone, picks up. Your voice, the camera, shows that youre awake thats. All you need to do. Thats all you need. I really dont want the camera to be. You know 4K, when Im doing Zoom calls to be honest. Ladies and gentlemen, thats everything I had down so make sure to smash that subscribe button, because it really helps grow. Small Channel like this one. Thank you so so much for being here and hit the like button. If you like this video hit the dislike, if you dislike it, let me know in the comment section below how I can improve. It really helps me out.