Finally, my ipad is here i get to do my own unboxing after watching more than 10 to 15 ipad unboxing video, which is currently available on youtube today. This is ipad pro 11 inch third generation, 2021 version, which is 128 gig, and this is the wi fi version which has which ive got. I unboxed. This ipad pro comes with two variants: its released in my 221, one with 12.9 inch and the other one is 11 inch. So pro means professional and its definitely is. I personally prefer the lighter variant which is easy to carry and use while traveling. The major highlights of this tab is the apple mm chip which comes with an octa core gpu um, the liquid retina ips density display definitely 12.9 inches better. It has an xtr, but this is no less, which we will obviously see once we switch on the tab. I actually struggled to top this and actually had to skip few videos trying to open this box, and i got mine in space grey, because i always think this color is like super cool. Okay. Well quickly see what else is there um some documentations um, obviously its like comes by default? It has some apple stickers. I dont know who uses this disc, but then thats, fine, um this. This is a 20 watt, usb type c power, adapter supposed to be a super fast charging for all apple products. I use it for charging my iphone 11.

This is a type c cable uh, the first gen ipad pro actually came with a 2 meter cable, but this is really disappointing to see a 1 meter now. Ok, lets see how the ipad structure is to the volume up and down button. It has a apple pencil magnetic connector. It has like two speakers and two microphone on the top on the side. There is an additional microphone and below the additional two speakers and there is type c slot again in total. It has got like five microphones right. Oh its huge: actually, there are not an antennas, and this is uh for the keyboard. You can actually connect the folio on or the magic keyboard. You know, i think, its fair to say that a lot of tablet – users, right now, myself included – are paying too much attention to the brand new 12.9 inch ipad pro simply because it has the liquid retina xdr display, which is fantastic, of course, with contrast and hdr Brightness, and while this is exciting, i think we are forgetting about just how fantastic the 11 inch form factor is especially right, um with the implementation of m1, and it has a fantastic display and its just five point mm thin uh. The weight of this is like 468 grams, compared to 12.9 inch, which is like 629 grams. So this thing technically looks and feels a little better, a little more airy um a little more fun. You know you can toss it around.

I wouldnt do it. If i were you, but then yeah, this thing is just a lot more manageable, with respect to weight and thickness wise, and i mean it looks impossibly thin, so lets just set this up and come to the home page. It did not take much time for me to arrive at the home page with all the step by step setup process. Unlike other samsung tabs. It actually took quite some time to set it up, but this hardly took like 2 3 minutes, with all the face id setup and passcode um. Obviously, im setting this up as a new ipad, not moving my old data into this. We are almost there. I personally select dark mode, its a personal preference. Finally, here we are, the display is fantastic. I mean its, not xtr, but still its a fantastic display. I got couple of accessories as well. One is a esr case um we will just unbox it um and also a screen protector, which obviously will cover, after this section so apple nearly charges around like 80 dollars for the case, its like too costly right. So this case um is comparable in design um. It has a fox leather, which is like very soft. The color obviously stands out um the cutouts line up perfectly with the ipad. I like the added feature of the wraparound piece that actually secures the apple pencil um and its a magnetic holder right.