. Now this is the M2 version of the iPad and theres not much difference with this iPad in the last generation iPad. So most definitely uh this isnt, something that uh last years, M1 iPads. If you got the M1 dont, even think about updating youre, not gaining any much more in performance that youre not gaining anything extra from a display type of Technology uh. So the same experience you have with uh the last one and even before the M1, if youre still got the a15 and 14 and theyre servicing you well then uh. This is something where I could look at it. If you um, if youre you know, maybe three generations back, you want to refresh you want something thats a little bit more modern as far as the build. If you have one of the air models or something like that, then yeah, you know, think about getting this, and even if you can find an M1 save yourself some money and get the M1 now as far as uh the functionality of this tablet, it basically depends On what do you use a tablet for now me being somewhat of a creative person on YouTube? I tend to confine more reasons to use this tablet. I can use it as an editing tool. I can use it as a way to uh. Just add to my workflow as a secondary display when I use it with my regular Mac Mini or my MacBook, so um, you may share some of the same reasons why I may want it, but at the same time I think your average consumer, basically just like To have something thats a little bit more compact than a actual laptop.

So with that in mind, if youre just doing doing basic um lets say browsing some YouTube listening to music, then you know theres not that much of a reason for you to want to spend this extra cash for something thats expensive. You can pretty much go for one of the uh, lesser iPads, the air or one of the more uh cheaper versions and pretty much get the same experience now. What I find very unique about this iPad is that um teamed up with the Hub that I have here. It can be used as a actual, I dont want to say a replacement for a laptop, but it can come pretty close to actually replacing my MacBook Air um, especially if you do not want to Lug around your MacBook depending on. If you have a uh, the 16 inch version of the MacBook, the 14 inch MacBook Pro isnt too much of a problem to carry around uh in comparison to my Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, Plus the thing that separates Me, Maybe using this one. As far as my workflow is uh, the fact that its the ecosystem and the actual apps itself run a little bit better with the Apple uh. With this iPad, Pro 11. uh, one of my biggest problems has always been with Android tablets. Is the fact that a lot of times they that the app Developers really dont, you know, try to take the time to make a tablet version of their app.

So youre pretty much getting mobile apps on a very big display and in some cases it does not pan out uh as well as it does when youre using that same app on a phone. So with that in mind, I I like, I said I love my tab – S8 Plus, but at the same time, uh me having a lot of Apple products, MacBooks and uh and IMAX, and what have you and Mac uh Mac Minis and what have you I can Work, the iPad into my workflow much easier than I can a uh Samsung tablet. So with that in mind, like I said the first week with this, has been a uh interesting week. Uh, I do use it when it comes to creating videos like this and creating my thumbnails more so than I do with the a Galaxy Tab. 8 plus. So with that in mind, if youre in the Apple ecosystem, if youre, Maybe three generations behind – and you want to spend that extra money and take that what I call Big Flex – I prefer the 11 Pro over the 12.9 iPad Pro uh that I, this just seems Like a much better uh fit as far as just carrying around and something that, if you want to use without um, attaching it to some type of Hub or what have you works out much better as far as just day to day activities and getting you know Getting those daily tasks done so again Ill leave the link to uh this iPad Pro uh down below this is the M2 version, 256 gigabyte variant that I do have and if youre interested in it hit my link down below and pick yourself up, one but uh For the most part, that pretty much does it with my first week uh, I guess Ill say I really enjoy it.