5 inch that reboots the customer said that sometimes she turns the ipad on and it reboots after five minutes or restarts after 10 minutes or after 15 minutes and sometimes as soon as she turns The ipad on 5 6 10 seconds the ipad restarts now. This is a very common problem with the ipad pro’s 10.5 inch it’s, also a problem with the 9.7 inch, but i’ve seen it a lot on the 10.5 inch i’ve done a couple of videos on the very same issue, so we’re gon na do a physical inspection On the board to see if the problem on this one is similar to the ones that we have done on youtube before, i did maybe like two or three videos on the rebooting issue on this model ipad, and we do not know if the same holds true For this ipad, we already took the screen out and we’re going to go ahead and inspect the board to see if there’s anything obvious. What i want to do is inspect every part of the board and we’re going to make sure that those coils are solid, because for some reason, when this particular tablet drops those calls they break or they get loose on one of the videos we worked on an Ipad with the same issue, and we found three or four missing: coils i’m – not only testing the calls but i’m also checking all components on the board to see if there’s anything obvious.

What we want to do is grab the component, the calls and just see if they move. I would say this is solid. Solid. Oh, oh, wait! A minute! Look at this! Look at this! Look at that coil wow. What the so that’s the problem! That is the problem see the call is broken from the legs. Look at the legs, they’re still stuck on the board here, that’s the problem with these tablets, especially the 10.5 inch model. Now, the first time i worked on such an issue, i was doing physical inspection on the board and i came across few loose coils and i was wondering why are those coils loose? I replaced them and tried the tablet and that solved the rebooting issue. So now anytime, we get a problem like this. The first thing i do is inspect the coils to make sure they are all solid and nothing is missing. We’Re going to hit up this area, so we can get rid of the legs and we’re gon na remove the second leg here now. I’M, almost 80 90 sure that this will fix our problem based on my prior experience, working on those tablets. So let’s hope that by changing this coil, the tablet will stop rebooting and that’s enough solder. We have a donor board here and we’re gon na extract the component from the donor board and i’m using a narrow nozzle. So we can focus heat only on that component. This is not the narrowest nozzle that we have but it’s a good fit for this inductor and let’s go back to the customer’s board and we’re going to solder it right here and the job is done.

The coil is soldered down in place very solid and it’s. More solid than any coil on that board very nice right now. I do not see anything else that is loose or broken so i’m. Gon na assume that this will fix the problem now the way we’re gon na test. This is after we assemble it. We put the screen on we’re gon na play a youtube video that’s about an hour long and we’re, going to put the volume slightly up. We cannot keep looking at the screen to see if it’s going to restart. So we just listen and if hour passes by and tablet does not restart, it means that the problem is fixed, so i’m, going to give this to big boss to resemble and test and i’ll. Let you know how it went. Maybe i’ll put a timer, maybe i’ll put a google timer, so i can show you the timer and how long that tablet has been on all right. I’Ll be back, okay, so great news. The tablet has been running for one hour and 43 minutes. This is google’s stopwatch and if the tablet rebooted or restarted, then the counter would be reset and the browser would be closed, but the coil did fix the problem. Just like i expected so that’s it.